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Fox Web Creations | Kansas City Web Design


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Fox Web Creations was founded in 2004 with operations located in Kansas City, Missouri. We are a full service marketing and web design firm including Web design and Web development, graphic design, Mobile Web Design, eCommerce solutions, and search engine marketing geared to help any size business create a plan to succeed.

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Fox Web Creations | Kansas City Web Design

  1. 1. Innovative Web Design and Marketing
  2. 2. ABOUT US Fox Web Creations was founded in 2004 with operations located in Kansas City. We are a full service marketing and web design & web development firm including e-commerce solutions, branding, video production and search engine marketing, geared to help any size business create a plan to succeed.
  3. 3. CUSTOMER SUCCESS Fox Web Creations is dedicated to the success of all of our clients. Our continually focused purpose is to deliver the best design solutions to help each and every client we partner with achieve their individual business goals. Our talented team will work with you personally to find the most effective solutions to meet your goals. By keeping an open dialogue and fresh 'in-touch' perspective, Fox Web Creations will make your site thrive.
  4. 4. Our Business Process Phase One: Strategy and theme Includes the initial web site design and structure, assembling existing materials and theme refinement Phase Two: Collection, Programming and Testing Includes the web site structure implementation, html, database programming, graphics optimization, contact and survey form design, live testing, debugging. Phase Three: Implementation and Marketing Includes the websites' meta-tag development, search engine submission, category-specific list site submissions, review and three months web site maintenance.
  5. 5. Web and Marketing Services  Web Design  Custom Web Development  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  E-commerce  Content Management System  Graphic Design and Branding  Video Production  Flash and Multimedia Animation Design  Blog Design  Social Networking Strategy
  6. 6. eCommerce Solutions Yes! eCommerce websites have become extremely important to the internet business world, and their importance will only continue to increase. Recent sales figures demonstrate the importance of having a solution for consumers to make purchases through a company’s website. Fox Web Creations works with other companies like PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover to make sure all payments are made promptly and accurately into your accounts, so you can focus on the most important job of all — running your business!
  7. 7. Mobile / Responsive Web Design Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a type of Web Design that optimizes the navigation and viewing experience of web pages across a wide range of devices (i.e. smartphones, tablets, and computers). Websites designed with RWD will look different on a smartphone than they will on a computer screen. This is because the coding recognizes the screen resolution of each separate device and renders graphics and layout appropriately.
  8. 8. Content Management System (CMS) A Content Management System (CMS) is a tool that is used to manage the content (text and images) on a website. It also helps make managing website content easier by allowing you to publish content without requiring technical knowledge of HTML, FTP or Web page authoring tools. The Web-based publishing feature allows individuals to use a template or set of templates approved by the organization, as well as wizards and other tools to create or modify your website content.
  9. 9. Communication Tools Client Relations Management System This system allows for easy and consistent communication, as well as a database for all project information. Keeping all your sensitive and important information safe, secure, and easily accessible. Real Time Tracking and Analysis This specialized and unique program will allow you to view accurate and detailed information on your live website 24-7 so you can make important decisions accordingly
  10. 10. PORTFOLIO KKFI (Radio Station) Triton Advisory Services City of Independence World Trade Center Kansas City Health Data Specialists - HDS Key West Technology Open House San Francisco Click here to see full portfolio
  11. 11. We Will Provide What You Need Fox Web Creations is a close-knit group of professional experts in the fields of Web Design and Marketing. We have all the tools necessary to provide you with exactly what you need. By choosing to partner with Fox Web Creations, you are making a choice to receive unparalleled design and programming services as well as innovative marketing solutions.
  12. 12. Why Fox Web is the Best Choice For an important project like this one, choosing the right team is essential. Our Fox Web Creations staff members are always friendly and professional. We make ourselves as available as possible via a range of specialized tools, so we can make sure that everything is progressing up to your standards. Fox Web Creations will always provide our clients with the excellence you deserve and that we are proud to provide for you.
  13. 13. Thank you for the opportunity you've given us to come and speak with you today! We hope you have enjoyed our presentation. Please direct any additional questions to: or by calling us at (816) 479-5904 We are always pleased to hear from you, and happy to assist in any way! Thank you again for your time.