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REDVision Technology provides software for investment advisors, financial planners, agents and investors for tracking investments in different Mutual Funds in India. REDVision Technology is a leading company in such field which are providing Software solutions.

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RED Vision Financial Planning Software

  1. 1. An ISO 9001:2008 Certified CompanyRegistered Office:Navneet Plaza, Old Palasia, 313,Indore 452001 (M.P) INDIA+91 731 40 26004+91 930 29 80808E-mail : query@redvisiontech.comWebsite :
  2. 2. REDVision Computer Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a diversified IT solutions companyoffering world class B2B application services since 2006 to help organizationexceed its technological expectations in India. Our competencies lie in EnterpriseResource Planning (ERP) Development and Maintenance.We offers a mature and seasoned team for implementing ideas in real business.The teams exposure in software implementation, Product ranges starts fromWealth Management ERP system which is currently used by more than 340 CFPsand MF Advisors across 75 cities in India who are providing professional advisoryservices to 92000 satisfied Online Portfolio users across the globe, which makesWealth eoffice one of the India’s largest Online wealth management softwareproviders, other product ranges from financial website development, Financialtickers & Financial Planning software. With diverse implementation exposures,REDVision Technologies has good grasp over Financial Domain & Technologiesand quality implementations are mandatory for us.
  3. 3. REDVision Financial Products
  4. 4.  Created with International practical Approach especially for “Indian”Clients. Consulted by Team of CFPs, CAs, MBAs, having combine WorkExperience of more than 100 years. More focus on simplicity with comprehensiveness to addressclient’s need. Huge plan storage capacity because you may review plan of a singleclient 100 times in next 10 years. It’s Online: Access from anywhere any time, no geographicallimitation. Unique 6 Methods for Life Insurance Need Calculation. Self Developed ‘PERP Method’ to calculate exact amount ofmonthly pension at the time of retirement. Retirement Corpus utilization table to make clients comprehend thepost retirement cash flow scenario. Ample space to add products suggestions and recommendationsin the plan. PDF Conversion & storage facility.
  5. 5. Financial Planning SoftwareAdd more detailsTabs for filling FP DataUnique “PERP Method” toCalculate accurate Pensionamount.6 Methods for LifeInsurance Sum assuredAmount CalculationSave & Submit to GeneratePrimary Financial Plan
  6. 6. Primary FinancialPlanWe are on Front Pageof Financial Plan.A Primary Financial Plansome thing like DiagnosisReport for a Doctor.Now the Financial Planner’swork starts here, you canadd recommendations,Suggestions & solutions forimprovement in financialhealth and on differentGoals, Will Creation, AssetAllocation, Life Insurance,Health Insurance, RetirementPlanning etc.Table of ContentsIt will help you and yourclients to view the areascovered in the financial plan.Define FeeStructureThis is a part of “Letter ofUnderstanding”, It isalways recommended toagree with a client on afee structure in variousheads and signed it up toavoid any confusion infuture.The Fee structure isgenerated along with“Letter of Understanding”,it will be saved withFinancial plan, So thatyou can view or reviewany time in future.
  7. 7. Suggest a Will.This page will be addedwhen you click on thecheck box in the personalinformation under head“Suggest a Will”.Income &ExpensesThis is one sight view ofclient’s entire monthlyincome and expenseswith pie chart. When youhave to suggest onexpense cutting it isalways better to have aexpenses distributed viewfor better understanding.Asset Liability &NetworthYour Doctor always askabout what drugs you arealready taking beforeprescribing new one, sameway you must analyzecurrent asset allocation andtill what extend these assetcan help clients inachievement of goals.
  8. 8. Liabilities &Liabilities &Networth AnalysisNetworth AnalysisLiabilities Analysis sheetgive a brief overview onEMI out flow, totaloutstanding, rate of loanand liability holder which isuseful in taking variousdecisions regarding priorityin loan repayment.The Net Worth Shows HowMuch Money Would be leftif Everything Owned wasconverted into cash andused to pay off all debts.Ratio AnalysisRatio AnalysisRatio Analysis helps you infinding symptoms ofFinancial Disease, so thatyou can take correctiveactions on time to improvein the same.Ratio Analysis includes1. Reserve/SurplusRatio2. Saving to SurplusRatio3. Debt to Income Ratio4. Liquid to NetworthRatio5. Solvency Ratio6. Debt Asset RatioAsset AllocationAsset AllocationAnalysisAnalysisAsset Allocation analysisforms the foundation of anyfinancial plan. In fact,determining the right mix ofstocks, bonds, cash andother asset classes may beyour one of the mostimportant investmentdecisions.Before reaching anyconcrete decision it is mustto analyze what clientalready owned, FP Samuraiprovide analysis on AssetAllocation, Return Efficiencylevel, Expected ReturnDelivery, Asset LiquidityLevel.
  9. 9. Life InsuranceLife InsuranceAnalysisAnalysisA financial plan shouldcover all areas of yourfinancial needs and shouldresult in the achievement ofyour goals. The scopeshould cover areas such asrisk management andinsurance techniques thatwould protect your goalsagainst any unforeseencalamity.We Provide 6 Methodsof Life Insurance NeedCalculation which givesyou scope to protectIncome, outstandingloans, Goals &Expenses etc.Life InsuranceLife InsuranceRecommendationsRecommendationsLife Insurance needCalculation is likediagnosing the patient andfinding the deficiencies, butmain part of solution is tosuggest the medicines, insame way life insuranceanalysis will calculate thesum assurance amount butin Recommendation sectionyou can suggest thescheme name, type, sumassured, yearly Premiumand tenure, also you canadd multiple policies andreason to suggest the policyin the last.Health InsuranceHealth InsuranceAnalysisAnalysisHealth Insurance is one ofthe important factor offinancial planning for yourclient. In the recent survey,it shows that India has thehighest number of diabetespatients in the world.This section not onlyprovide the healthinsurance need detailsbut also give you panelto add policy detailsand recommendationwhich will be savedpermanently in yourdesk.
  10. 10. Asset AllocationAsset AllocationRecommendationsRecommendationsResearch has shown thatchoosing right asset classhas highest impact onreturns, FP Samurai gave ufeatured recommendationpanel which comparecurrent asset allocation withbuy/sell Action.Contingency FundContingency FundArrangementArrangementHere FP Samurai makesdifference of creating acontingency fundarrangement separate forhusband & wife (if both areearnings) according tohousehold monthly livingexpenses.Goal Plan AnalysisGoal Plan AnalysisandandRecommendationsRecommendationsGoal Planning section givea separate roadmap of youreach goal with Advisor’sRecommendations, Goalplanning also includes “ThisGoal has BeenPROTECTED” Seal if thegoal is insured by Client.Goal Planning IncludesGoal Planning Includesfollowing Goals:following Goals:- Child Education- Child Marriage- Retirement Planning- House & Car Planning- Holiday Planning- Self Education & otherGoalsRetirement PlanningRetirement PlanningWith Post Retirement CashWith Post Retirement CashFlow and RecommendationsFlow and RecommendationsRetirement is a very importantGoal in Financial Planning,Client wants a fool-proofpension plan with cash flowstatement till the end of life.Retirement PlanningRetirement PlanningIncludes:Includes:- Find how much pensionrequired with the help of PERPMethod.- Gives a corpus needed to forma retirement kitty.- Gives Complete retirementamount utilization cash flow thatwill be near to zero at the end oflife.* Image is fade due to lack of space,please go for live demo for actual look& feel.Important DisclosureImportant DisclosureThis section is necessaryimportant disclosures, youcan insert/edit/delete yourspoints also.You can also GenerateFinancial Plan in PDF Formatby clicking on “GenerateFinal Report” in the last ofthe page.Financial PlanFinancial PlanStorageStorageSoftware has storage areawith unlimited capacity whichcan save all Financial Plans ofclients from First plan to eachreview and there is one clickemail sending panel which willsend an well drafted email toyour client with attachedFinancial Plan in PDF Format.
  11. 11. Q: Is my data secure?A: Yes, the Linux server which is being used is SSL Secure & Certified by Cyber SecurityCompanies like:With these certification the Data is more secure even more then your PC.Q: How I will Get After Sales Support?A: Wealth eoffice is 100% Web based System, Queries Execute Directly From Server, So most ofthe time client will not have any problem but in case if Client have any Problem it Can be RectifyWithout Any Physical Visit.Q: I work from office as well as from home, can I work from both places?A: Wealth eoffice gives you freedom to work from any part of the world, the only thing which isrequired is a system with internet.Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)
  12. 12. RED Vision Computer Technologies Pvt. Ltd.( An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company )Registered Office:313, Navneet PlazaOld Palasia,Indore 452001 (M.P) INDIA+91 731 40 26004+91 930 29 80808E-mail : query@redvisiontech.comWebsite : www.redvisiontech.comContact Us
  13. 13. This Presentation is intellectual property of Red Vision Technologies. Thetext of this presentation may contain information, which is proprietary and/orconfidential or privileged in nature belonging to Red Vision Technologies.The authorized recipient of this presentation are not allowed toforward/distribute it by any medium without approval/ permission of RedVision Technologies authorized person. The recipient if not the addresseeshould not use this presentation if erroneously received and access to thispresentation by anyone other than the addressee is unauthorized. Therecipient if not the intended addressee should delete the message. Therecipient acknowledges that Red Vision Technologies may be unable toexercise control or ensure or guarantee the integrity of the text of thepresentation and the text is not warranted as to completeness and accuracyand is subject to change without notice.DISCLAIMER