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Wealth eoffice demo presentation


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Wealth eoffice is a one of the popular wealth management web based Software for financial planners & Wealth management Institutions, having more than 72000 online portfolio users, developed by ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company under advisory/consultation of Wealth managers/ CFPs/ CAs/Financial Advisors having combine work experience of more than 100 years. Please find attached Presentation for the same.

Wealth E-Office is a complete Wealth Management Support System integrating all Products like
All Mutual Funds, Equity, All Life Insurance, All General Insurance, Equity, Post Office, All Fixed Deposit, KVP, RBI Bond in a single Software.

Key Features of Software & Benefits:

1. Not only Mutual Fund Management but All financial products in a single portfolio, helps to become a true "Wealth Manager".
2. Software that have capacity of handling AUM of 3000 Cr & 1 Lakh plus Clients for IFA.
3. Online Portfolio Login to every client to check net worth online.
4. Automatic SMS of Mutual Fund Valuations, LI & GI Renewals, PO & FD Maturities on Client's Mobile.
5. 100% online, access from anywhere, any time.
6. Inbuilt 'Business Expansion Module' which generates leads from existing clients.

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Wealth eoffice demo presentation

  1. 1. REDVision Computer Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a diversified IT solutions companyoffering world class B2B application services since 2006 to help organizationexceed its technological expectations in India & Abroad. Our competencies lie inEnterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Development and Maintenance.We offers a mature and seasoned team for implementing ideas in real business.The teams exposure in software implementation, Product ranges starts fromWealth Management ERP system which is currently used by more than 340 CFPsand MF Advisors across 75 cities in India who are providing professional advisoryservices to 92000 satisfied Online Portfolio users across the globe, which makesWealth eoffice one of the India’s largest Online wealth management softwareproviders, other product ranges from financial website development, Financialtickers & Financial Planning software. With diverse implementation exposures,REDVision Technologies has good grasp over Financial Domain & Technologiesand quality implementations are mandatory for us.
  2. 2. REDVision Financial Products
  3. 3. Control Panel ViewWhy REDVision eoffice? • First Software in India builds according to ‘No Entry Load’ scenario.• Wealth Management with Financial Planning Model keeps you ahead ofcompetition.• Ideal for Fee based Advisory model to increase earnings.• Multiple products in a single portfolio, makes you a true ‘WealthManager’.•This software have capacity to handle AUM of Rs.3000 Cr & more than1Lakh Clients.• Each client gets separate wealth account login to check net worth online.• Auto SMS/Email Funds Valuation, Insurance, FD & Postal Maturity &
  4. 4. Individual Wealth ReportProducts covered in Wealth Management Systemo Mutual Fundso Equityo Life Insurance ( All Companies)o General Insurance ( Includes Health & Vehicle )o Post Office, Bank FD Report on SMS/Email Wealtho Bonds and Debentureo NSC, KVP, PPF, MIS, RBI Relief Bonds
  5. 5. MF Extended Wealth Report Strategic Advantage of eoffice. Information = Opportunity Now you know:-•How much Bank FD, KVP, Bonds, PO, LI, GI, MF, Equity, Health Insuranceclient have from other Advisors.• You know when these products are getting mature•With the help of this information you can suggest better alternative youoffer. Business Logic:- More Cross Sell = Bigger Market Share
  6. 6. Family Wealth ReportFamily Member’s Portfolio When you User Friendly Reports Navigation click on Show Family Wealth Report is one view wealth summary of every member in a family, its shows the individual portfolio details when you click on show button.
  7. 7. MF Customer Satisfaction Determines Business Success Customer Perceived Expected Satisfaction Services Services Customer ExpectationsSome Fact about Customer Behavior are Normally Not Very High66% Customers are lost primarily due to indifference in Services BUT…Your Job is to Surprise Them14% Customers are lost due to dissatisfaction Customer’s “WOW” Level is :- “Doing96% Customers don’t complain… they choose another advisor.The customers whoWhat They Haven’t even imagined”!!! feel poorly served will tell between 8 and 16 people about theirnegative experience.A WOW customer introduce you with at least 3 new customers.A new customer acquisition is ten times more expensive than to keep a current customer.- Bain & Company Research
  8. 8. MF
  9. 9. MF
  10. 10. MF
  11. 11. Wealth Eoffice Uploads CAMS, Karvy, Sundaram, DWS and Franklin Templeton Transactions Automatically from Registrar on daily basis without any manual intervention. How this system works? Cams Server Uploaded at 7.00AM Daily Transaction Files Karvy Sundaram DWS Franklin Templeton Automatic Update at Your Office Get Freedom from Daily Manual File Uploading, Give more time to Clients instead!!!
  12. 12. LI Life Insurance ManagementFollowing Features Included in Life Insurance Management Module Enter New Policy Get Due List For LI Policies Paid Premium details of Policies Update Or Delete Policies Entered Previously Get LI Transaction details of each client Get List For LI Holders
  13. 13. GI General Insurance Policy Holding Report General Insurance ManagementFollowing Features Included in General Insurance Management Module Enter New Policy Get Due List For GI Policies Enter Policy Renewal details Update Or Delete Policies Entered Previously
  14. 14. FD Fixed Deposit Investment Report FD/ Bond ManagementFollowing Features Included in FD/Bond Management Module Enter New FD/Bond FD Maturity List View/Update Or Delete FD Details FD/ Bond Holder List
  15. 15. PO Post Office Investment Report Post Office ManagementFollowing Features Included in Post Office Management Module Enter New PO Business Postal Maturity List View/Update Or Delete Postal Details Postal Investor List
  16. 16. EQ Direct Equity Holding Report Direct Equity Management Following Features Included in Direct Equity Management Module Enter Bought Equity Details Enter Sold Equity DetailsE Equity Holding Report Equity Transaction Report Delete Equity Transaction
  17. 17.  Created with International practical Approach especially for “Indian”Clients. More focus on simplicity with comprehensiveness to addressclient’s need. Consulted by Team of CFPs, CAs, MBAs, having combine WorkExperience of more than 100 years. Huge plan storage capacity because you may review plan of a singleclient 100 times in next 10 years. It’s Online: Access from anywhere any time, no geographicallimitation. Unique 6 Methods for Life Insurance Need Calculation. Ample space to add products suggestions and recommendationsin the plan. Retirement Corpus utilization table to make clients comprehend thepost retirement cash flow scenario. Self Developed ‘PERP Method’ to calculate exact amount ofmonthly pension at the time of retirement. PDF Conversion & storage facility.
  18. 18. Financial Planning Software Save & Submit to GenerateTabs forPrimaryFP Data Plan filling Financial 6 Methods for Life Insurance Sum assured Amount Calculation Unique “PERP Method” to Calculate accurate Pension amount. Add more details
  19. 19. Table of Financial Primary Contents Define Fee Structure PlanThis is a part of “LetterIt will help you and yourWe are on Front Pageof Understanding”, It isclients to view the areasof Financial Plan.always recommendedcovered in the financialto agree with a clientA Primary Financial Planplan.on a fee structure insome thing like Diagnosisvarious heads andReport for a Doctor.signed it up to avoidNow the Financialany confusion inPlanner’s work starts here, can addrecommendations,Suggestions & solutionsThe Fee structure isfor improvement in withgenerated alongfinancial health and on“Letter ofdifferent Goals, Will willUnderstanding”, itCreation, with Financialbe saved Asset Allocation,Life Insurance, Healthplan, So that you canInsurance, Retirementview or review any timePlanning future.
  20. 20. Suggest a Will. & Asset Liability Income & Expenses NetworthThis page will be addedThis is one sight viewYour Doctor always askwhen you click on theof client’s entire you areabout what drugscheck box in themonthlytaking beforealready income andpersonal informationexpenses with pieprescribing new one,under head “Suggest achart. way you mustsame When you haveWill”.to suggest on expenseanalyze current assetcutting it is alwaysallocation and till whatbetter to haveasset canextend these aexpenses distributedhelp clients inview for better goals.achievement ofunderstanding.
  21. 21. Asset Allocation Ratio Analysis Liabilities &Networth Analysis AnalysisAsset Analysis helps youRatio Allocation analysisLiabilities Analysis sheetforms the symptoms ofin finding foundation ofgivefinancial plan. In onany a brief overview thatFinancial Disease, so fact,EMI out flow,the right mix totaldetermining correctiveyou can takeoutstanding, rate cashof stocks, bonds, of loanactions on time toand liability holder whichand other assetsame.improve in the classesis useful in taking variousmay be your one of theRatio Analysisdecisions regardingmost importantincludespriority in loaninvestment decisions.1. Reserve/Surplusrepayment.RatioBefore reaching anyThe Net Worth Shows2. Saving Money it isHow Much to Surplusconcrete decision WouldRatioto analyze whatmustbe left if Everythingclient already owned,Owned was convertedFP3. Debt to IncomeSamurai and used to payinto cashprovide analysisRatioon Asset Allocation,off Liquid to Networth4. all debts.Return Efficiency level,RatioExpected Return Delivery,5. Solvency RatioAsset Liquidity Level.6. Debt Asset Ratio
  22. 22. Health Insurance Life Insurance AnalysisRecommendations AnalysisHealth Insurance is oneA financial plan shouldLife Insurance needof the important factor ofcover all areaslikeyourCalculation is offinancial planning forfinancial needs patientdiagnosing the andyour client. In the recentshould result in theand finding thesurvey, it shows thatachievement but maindeficiencies, of yourIndia has the highestgoals. The scope shouldpart of solution is tonumber of diabetescover areas such as riskinsuggest the medicines,patients in the andsame way life insuranceinsurance techniques thatanalysis will calculate theThis assurancenot goalswouldsection your onlysum protect amountprovide the healthagainst any unforeseenbut in Recommendationinsurance can suggestcalamity. needsection youdetails butname, givethe Provide also type,We scheme 6 Methodsyou panel toyearlysum assured, addof Life Insurancepolicy details and alsoPremium and tenure,Need Calculationrecommendationwhich givesmultipleyou can add you scopewhich will be savedpolicies and reason toto protect Income,permanently in youroutstanding loans, thesuggest the policy indesk.last.Goals & Expenses etc.
  23. 23. Retirement Planning Goal Plan Analysis Asset Allocation Financial Plan Important With Post Storage Recommendations Disclosure Cash and RetirementFlo w and Recommendations Recommendations Recommendations Research has shown thatRetirement is a very This sectionrightsection Goal Planning Software hasis necessary choosing storage area asset classimportant Goal in Financial give a separate roadmap with unlimitedimpact on important disclosures, you has highest capacityPlanning, Client wants a fool- which caneach goal with of your save all Financial can insert/edit/delete gave returns, FP Samuraiproof pension plan with cash Advisor’s Plans points also. yours of clients from First u featuredflow statement till the end of Recommendations, Goal plan to each review panel recommendation andlife. planning also includes there is one click email You can compare current which also GenerateRetirement Planning will sendingGoal has Been buy/ “This panel which asset allocation with Financial Plan in PDFIncludes: well drafted email PROTECTED” Seal if the send an sell Action. Format by clicking on togoal is insured by Client.- Find how muchwith attached your client pension “Generate the help of PERP Final Report” Contingency Fundrequired with Financial Plan in PDFMethod. Arrangement in the last of the page. Format. Planning Goal Here FP Samurai makes Includes following- Gives a corpus needed to difference of creating aformGoals: a retirement kitty. contingency fund - Child Education arrangement separate for- Gives Complete retirement - Child Marriageamount utilization cash both husband & wife (if flow - Retirement Planningthat are earnings) according will be near to zero at theend - House & Car Planning of life. to household monthly - Holiday Planning* Image is fade due to lack of living, Self Education & other - please go for live demo foractual look & feel. Goals
  24. 24. What will happen when… Your Client investing Rs.100000 for daughter’s marriage & want to switch to Bond fund when the amount grow to Rs.200000 anytime in next 5 Years, How you will remind him. Automatic SMS & Email System Your client want to redeem money when he will get profit of 20%. Your client want you to remind him when the NAV of a fund reach to Rs.15. Trigger by Achievement for a particular Many client didn’t know that they have completed 3 Years in Tax Saving Funds (ELSS). investment Do you remember Jan 2008 when your clients were getting huge profits but you couldn’t book it. Set Triggers/ Alerts on SMS Set Profit Set Target Booking Date Trigger Set NAV Trigger Target Trigger
  25. 25. Automatic SMS & Email System• Birthday & Anniversary Wish to Clients.• Life Insurance policy Maturity Reminders.• General Insurance Policy Renewal Reminders.• FD/ PO/ Bond/ Debenture Maturity Reminders.• Set Monthly Schedule of MF/ Wealth Report on SMS/Email. Inform Your Clients at Speed of Light. Reduce business expenses & service time. “You have to do Competition, only when you are similar to others”
  26. 26. Automatic Lead Generation From Your Clients Get New Customers, Without Any Hard Work Online Reference System You +5 +25 +125 + 625 How You +5 +25 + 125 it will Work: When your client ‘Logout’ from eoffice You +5 +25 He Will be Asked “Are you happy with our services?” ClientsYou + 5 Clients There will be 3 Options “Yes” or “No” or “Close”. If Client Click “No”, then he will reach to Feedback. If Client Click “Yes”, then these text will appear “The Best Way to Thank Your ‘Wealth Manager’ is provide 5 references” Your Client Will type Name of his friends & mobile numbers in the given fields & Click ‘Send, his friend will get SMS:’ January Every Reference contact details will be stored in you December April July software.
  27. 27. Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)Q: Is my data secure?A: Yes, the Linux server which is being used is SSL Secure & Certified by Cyber Security Companies like: With these certification the Data is more secure even more then your PC.Q: How I will Get After Sales Support?A: Wealth eoffice is 100% Web based System, Queries Execute Directly From Server, So most of the time client will not have any problem but in case if Client have any Problem it Can be Rectify Without Any Physical Visit.Q: I work from office as well as from home, can I work from both places?A: Wealth eoffice gives you freedom to work from any part of the world, the only thing which is required is a system with internet.
  28. 28. Contact Us RED Vision Computer Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ( An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company ) Registered Office: Bansi Trade Center LG-11, 581, M.G. Road, Indore 452001 (M.P) INDIA +91 731 40 26004 +91 731 32 28571 E-mail : Website :
  29. 29. DISCLAIMERThis Presentation is intellectual property of Red Vision Technologies.The text of this presentation may contain information, which isproprietary and/or confidential or privileged in nature belonging toRed Vision Technologies. The authorized recipient of thispresentation are not allowed to forward/distribute it by any mediumwithout approval/ permission of Red Vision Technologies authorizedperson. The recipient if not the addressee should not use thispresentation if erroneously received and access to this presentationby anyone other than the addressee is unauthorized. The recipient ifnot the intended addressee should delete the message. The recipientacknowledges that Red Vision Technologies may be unable toexercise control or ensure or guarantee the integrity of the text ofthe presentation and the text is not warranted as to completenessand accuracy and is subject to change without notice.