B2B Advertising using B2B audience segmentation and targeting.


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This slide deck describes how advertisers who are interested in reaching B2B Audiences can target such audiences using b2b audience segmentation and targeting.

For more information, reach out to sales [at] reducedata.com

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B2B Advertising using B2B audience segmentation and targeting.

  1. 1. B2B Audience Targeting reducedata.com
  2. 2. 44 Reduce Data Enables you to Buy B2B Audiences across Devices
  3. 3. B2B Buying with Reduce Data Reduce Data leverages third party audience databases to identify 100% of online B2B audiences. We leverage an audience identification platform that maps nearly 100% of online home, education and business traffic We can reach specific users at zip code level, categorizing nearly 19 million U.S. businesses with annual revenues above $500K. Companies by # of Employees # Of Companies Companies with 1-9 employees 15.3M Companies with 10-99 Employees 1.2M Companies with 100-499 Employees 105k Companies with 500+ 37k
  4. 4. Reach 100% of US Online B2B Audiences Reach 100% of B2B audiences at less than $0.01 per impression display
  5. 5. 66 Business Smart Zones + Counts
  6. 6. 77 Business Owners at Home • Reduce Data also enables you to target over 9 million business owners from home. • The list is designed to identify qualified individuals who are likely to respond favorably to offers for luxury and high-value goods and services. The Business Owners at Home file includes information on the category and size of businesses, along with the key demographic attributes associated with their households.
  7. 7. Advantages • Custom audiences: Reach fine grained custom audiences instead of generics. This could be shopping malls, government offices or even audiences within Hotels in high value zip codes. • Highly qualified inventory: Reach qualified inventory buckets that have been well qualified with hundreds of previous similar campaigns. Access B2B users on Smart Phones, Tablets and on PCs
  8. 8. Why Programmatic Buying? • Demand Side Platforms like Reduce Data can identify and buy specific audiences at Real-time • Pricing and Transparency through RTB favors the advertisers which means lower costs and better ROI. • A Key Question Remains - Are B2B audiences available via Demand Side Platforms: The question is answered in the coming slides.
  9. 9. 10 Billion daily impressions (online + mobile) 3 6 Our Reach
  10. 10. Targeting + Options Supported
  11. 11. Other Options • Frequency capping & Impression Capping • Day Parting & Pacing • Machine Learning based auto Optimization for various campaign goals. • Pixels to track all steps in a campaign • Viewability Metrics (where applicable).
  12. 12. Why Reduce Data? Real-time platform that delivers best in class optimization for your display advertising campaigns.
  13. 13. For More Information sic Plan: Contact Us For Pricing Visit http://reducedata.com Or contact us: Asif Ali 408-368-3404 asif@reducedata.com Skype: azifalix www.reducedata.com http://twitter.com/reducedata