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Defence Presentation

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. E-Commerce & Web Solution Online Shopping mall Group members Md.Ramiz Uddin Md.Reduanur Rahman Rafi
  2. 2. Contents will covered within this session 1.Project overview with PPT 2. Showing demo product live on browser 3.Submit report.
  3. 3. We proposed for A system in which will include the following features • Business-to-Consumer (B2C) • Consumer-to-consumer (C2C) • CMS for all sorts of users • Custom search
  4. 4. What we have achieved ? 1.Very user friendly interface. 2.A very useful project architecture. 3.Strong security system 4.Clean code
  5. 5. User experience Design 1.Easy Navigation - The navigation is not hazy just added the necessary pages in the navigation bar. - User need not to round up here and there for their desired product. - Easy to crate account - Only few information needed to create account. 2.Supper easy management system. - Just do everything in one click
  6. 6. Security system in detail SQL injection How does hackers inject bad thing lets have an example. The most common thing the hacker do first is bypassing how dose it works ? Lets have a look on our sql query for a login system $query="select username,pass from users where username='$uname' and password='$passwrd' limit 0,1";
  7. 7. Security system Continued Hackers generally perform bypassing like this Username : ' or ''=' Password : ' or ''=‘ Then the query looks like select username, pass from users where username='' or ''='' and password='' or ''='' limit 0,1; To get ride of this we took 2 steps First one is to validate the form so that user could not enter any special character. Then we used PDO Which contains prepare function to execute query.
  8. 8. Project Architecture
  9. 9. Project Architecture
  10. 10. Project Architecture How does it works ? User’s request • Frontend validation controller • Check valid request • Find model Model • find data • Save data
  11. 11. Project Architecture Example of controlling a process
  12. 12. Complete system at a glance Search with product name Know price limit View product and order View shop Bring products with shops B2C
  13. 13. Complete system at a glance C2C • Buy and sell • Find ads • Create ads • Create account Product list Search Product Get seller info Find categories
  14. 14. Let’s Move on towards demo