The Ultimate Nintendo 3DS FAQ


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The Ultimate Nintendo 3DS FAQ

  1. 1. ==== ====For a great All things to do with Nintendo, check this site ====The Nintendo 3DS is the next generation of Nintendos hand-held gaming platform. The DSredefined how portable gaming should be played and the 3DS will continue to revolutionize howwe game on the go. Packed with so many different features, the Nintendo 3DS looks to be thequintessential entertainment device.This is a compilation of all the information that has come out regarding the Nintendo 3DS since itsreveal at E3 2010. Everything we know about its hardware, technology, design, games and moreare listed here, which will be updated accordingly as new information comes out.ABOUTThe Nintendo 3DS is the next generation handheld gaming platform, the successor to the currentNintendo DS. "3DS" was a tentative name mentioned in rumors prior to the reveal but it becameofficial when it was announced as such during E3 2010.OVERVIEWThe Nintendo 3DS improves upon the DS design in every way imaginable. It has a similarclamshell design as its predecessor as well as a lot more horsepower under its hood. As the namesuggests, the 3DS main draw or "gimmick" is the ability to display stereoscopic 3D visuals,providing an experience similar to watching 3D movies in the theater, all without the need for anyglasses. This 3D effect can be turned on or off, or adjusted depending on the user with a sliderlocated on the right of the system.SO WHATS NEW?New features include an analog controller named the "slide pad", two camera lenses locatedoutside of the device for 3D images, motion sensing accelerometer and gyroscope, an infraredport, a slider on the right of the top screen to control the depth of the 3D effect, a home buttonsimilar to the one on the Wii as well as a "telescoping" stylus which will come standard with thesystem and reach 4 inches when fully extended.WHAT DIDNT CHANGE?Similar to the DSi, the 3DS has the touch screen on the bottom, internal camera as well as themicrophone. The bottom screen also sees a small upgrade-a bump in resolution which has beenincreased to 320x240 from 256x192. Rumble is nonexistent just like the DSi and unlikely to beincluded.
  2. 2. PRICE & RELEASE DATENeither the price nor the release date has been officially announced by Nintendo.Nintendo has stated that it will be available in Japan by the end of the companys fiscal year,which is on March 2011. There is a possibility it might come out earlier in both Japan and NorthAmerica.You can expect the Nintendo 3DS to be priced similarly to the current handhelds although noofficial statement has been made. The prices for the Nintendo DS range from the lowest DS Lite at$129.99 to the DSi XL at $189.99, with the DSi sitting in the middle at $169.99. Knowing Nintendo,they will want to remain competitive and you can expect the 3DS to be priced around $200 USD orlower with a possible price drop on the current generation Nintendo DS.Price for Nintendo 3DS software may also hover around the same range as current DS titlesaccording to leaks from Amazon.DESIGNThe Nintendo 3DS looks like a beefier DSi, utilizing the same clam-shell design. The D-pad hasbeen shifted lower to make room for the slide pad which rests on top. The 3DS is both wider andthicker than the DSi. The Nintendo 3DS screen sizes differ, with a widescreen display on top andthe bottom keeping the 4:3 format.The Nintendo 3DS has been shown in the following colors: black, blue, red, orange and purple.HOW DOES THE 3D EFFECT WORK?The 3D effect in the Nintendo 3DS is achieved by a technology which sends two individual imagesto each eye of the user. As the screen displays each image slightly offset, the brain interpretsdepth in the same way it does with natural depth perception. The effect is best viewed when thesystem is held straight in front of them.HARDWAREThe Nintendo 3DS is a lot more powerful than any of its predecessors in both processing andvisual capabilities. To achieve the 3D effect, the system has to render each game field twice foreach eyes which is known to be a drain on resources. Its been noted that the visual performanceof the 3DS can be better if the 3D is taken out of it.Digital Media Professional (DMP) will be providing Nintendo the graphics processor for the 3DS.The system is utilizing the PICA200 graphics core.Rumors say that the Nintendo 3DS processing abilities exceed the Nintendo Wii. With 3Dshaders, it may be possible to create games that look closer to PS3 and XBOX 360 games onlower resolution screens.DUAL SCREENS
  3. 3. The Nintendo 3DS features a 3.5 inch widescreen display on top capable of displaying resolutionsof 400x240. The system however renders at 800 x 240 but the resolution in half to show the 3Deffect. The sizes of the screens are not the same as the top screen is much bigger than the bottomone.As mentioned earlier, users can choose to turn off the 3D effect, or change the depth and intensitythe 3D effect with a slider located on the right side of the system. With the effect completely turnedoff, the experience would be the same as the DSi, albeit with a much more powerful system.We currently dont know who is supplying Nintendo with the 3D displays for the 3DS.FEATURES & ABILITIESAside from gaming, the Nintendo 3DS improves the DS experience in every way imaginable.Nintendo hasnt shown everything just yet but you can expect more reveals.During E3 2010, Nintendo announced that ability to watch movies on the 3DS in, you guessed it,stereoscopic 3D. Nintendo demonstrated this feature during E3 2010 by using 3D trailers forDisneys Tangled and How To Train Your Dragon. According to the press, the 3D effect wasexactly the same as if watching them on the theaters.The Nintendo 3DS adds a feature called "Tag Mode"-a next-gen version of the famed "Bark Mode"from Nintendogs-that enables data exchange between systems when the device is closed. TagMode isnt software exclusive as its built into every 3DS system.Rumor has it that the Nintendo 3DS will take still photos and record video, both in full 3D. In acomment made by Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata, the system may also support video chatting aswell.The Nintendo 3DS may have a 3D Virtual Console-like feature according to a comment fromNintendo of Americas president Reggie Fils-Aime. With the inclusion of a "Home" button, the 3DSmay see a brand new UI similar to the channel system of the Nintendo Wii.According to an article by Japanese publication Nikkei, the Nintendo 3DS may also be used todisplay magazines and newspapers, akin to e-readers such as Kindle. The Nintendo 3DS does notsupport rumble as far as we know, however it seems unlikely to be included.During an interview, Shigeru Miyamoto expressed his interests at having the Miis make theirtransition over to the Nintendo 3DS.THIRD PARTY SUPPORTMany have pledged support for the system. Companies include Capcom, Atlus, Electronic Arts,Konami and Square Enix. According to various media sources, third parties are "flocking" todevelop for the system.IS THE NINTENDO 3DS BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE?
  4. 4. The Nintendo 3DS will be backward compatible with the DSi. It isnt currently known if older DSgames will support the 3D feature of the 3DS but it seems unlikely.ONLINE FUNCTIONALITYNintendo has pledged to improve both the online and downloading experience with a possiblerevamp of their entire online infrastructure.Nintendo is looking into modes where the system automatically connects and downloads data,messages, games and more without the user logging in. An useful application for this would be theweather or news delivered to the user when they wake up in the morning. Nintendo has alsoannounced their pursuit of "better digital distribution", which can mean anything from games, data,movies and trailers, and more.According to developers, the Nintendo 3DS will have "achievements", a friends list as well aspossible voice chat. Rumors also suggest that Nintendo will get rid of their cumbersome friendcodes system by utilizing a single code per system.Rumors suggest that the Nintendo 3DS may have cell-phone like options such as 3G. This wouldmake sense with Nintendos effort at enriching their online experience as well as their efforts intoTag Mode. We currently dont know anything related to the Wi-Fi capabilities of the 3DS but youcan expect them to be similar if not upgraded from the current uses on the DSi.SHOW ME THE GAMES!Many games have been announced and shown for the Nintendo 3DS, from both Nintendo andthird parties alike. Some notable games are the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time remake, StarFox 3DS, Kid Icarus Uprising, Kingdom Hearts 3DS, Resident Evil 3DS, and Nintendogs + Cats.There were many tech demos that were shown during E3 to demonstrate the 3DS capabilities,however its uncertain if theyll be made in full releases. Metal Gear Solid 3 was one notableexample and even though that was just a tech demo, Hideo Kojima has announced a brand newMetal Gear game exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. For the full list of games coming out for the3DS, click here.MORE INFORMATIONThe Nintendo 3DS was announced just a while ago and while we know a lot about it, we dontknow everything. Expect more details to come out such as the release date, price as well asadditional functions soon.To stay up to date with Nintendo 3DS news, information, videos and more, visithttp://www.nintendo3dsinfo.comCome for the news and articles and stay for our contests where you can win games and prizes!
  5. 5. Article Source: ====For a great All things to do with Nintendo, check this site ====