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What Are Synthetic Drugs


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Important Information regarding Synthetic Drugs.

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What Are Synthetic Drugs

  1. 1. Synthetic Drugs and What You Need to KnowWhat are Synthetic Drugs?Synthetic drugs are chemically laced substances akin to marijuana, cocaine andmethamphetamine that are sold over the counter at gas stations and “head shops” throughoutNew York.Based on their chemical make-up, these drugs are commonly divided into two categories:CannabinoidsPopularly known as K2 or Spice, cannabinoids are chemically formulated versions of syntheticmarijuana that consist of lab-manufactured THC. Cannabinoids are illegal to sell in the state ofNY. Being in possession or under the influence of Cannabinoids is not illegal in NY State.CathinonesOften known as Bath Salts, cathinones contain chemical compounds that mimic the effects ofcocaine or meth. Cathinones are illegal to sell and possess in NY State. Recent cases haveshown that Bath Salts have been replaced with the brand name Glass Cleaner and/or TurfCleaner, which have not yet been deemed illegal. Spice Bath SaltsWhat do these drugs do?Smoking synthetic pot can cause anxiety, paranoia, nausea and confusion in the short-term.Bath salts can cause severe symptoms, including paranoia, violent behavior, agitation, loss ofappetite, loss of sleep, hyperawareness, increased body temperature, tightening blood vessels,higher blood pressure as well as possible heart attack, psychosis and stroke.Aren’t these drugs legal?It is illegal to sell synthetic drugs in the State of New York. It is a banned substance on FortDrum. All military personnel are subject to UCMJ if they possess, ingest or distribute anysynthetic drug.Why Are They So Dangerous?One reason that synthetic drugs are extremely dangerous is that buyers don’t know whatchemicals they are ingesting. Individual products can contain a vast range of different chemicalformulations and potencies, some of which can be two to 500 times stronger than THC.