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June 2012 ACS Green Press

  1. 1. Army Community Service (ACS) Fort Drum, NY June 2012 ACS Green Press ~A tree free newsletter Direct questions / feedback To: Sarah Lynch : 772-5374 sarah.l.lynch@us.army.mil National Safety Month Observed in June Army Community Service (ACS) educate, and work via the inter- FAP provides Soldiers and is always concerned with the net. Social networking, while Families with the tools toInside this issue: safety of Fort Drum’s Soldiers providing information at your skillfully parent utilizing and Families. When one thinks of fingertips, can be both beneficial proven positive disciplineMandatory ACS Pro- 2gramming Need To safety, physical harm is often the and harmful at the same time. techniques, parenting men-Know - from your first thing that comes to mind. Military Families have the added tors through their New Par- There are however, many areas in worry of operational security ent Support Program andRegarding Resilience : 3Tips, tools and tech- our lives that pose safety concerns issues as well as personal secu- educational classes to pro-niques for practicing and are therefore addressed by rity. Mobilization and Deploy- mote awareness regarding ACS Programs. Of the twelve ment teaches a class in Opera- domestic violence, stress andACS Friends and 4,5Neighbors Spouse programs in ACS, the following tional Security. The class is de- anger management tech-Appreciation 2012 five address certain safety con- signed to teach Families what is niques, communication and cerns: and is not appropriate to share sexual assault prevention.Special Olympics 6 on Facebook. Together classSmooth Transitions 7 Many Soldiers and Families are In honor of National Safety participants receive eye opening threatened by identity theft and Month, Relocation Readi- examples of how one can fallTips on Moving – 8 financial scams. The Financial ness has teamed up with theRelocation Readiness victim to the less secure side of Readiness Program at ACS rec- Light Fighter School to social media.ACS Events and 9,10 ommends that you run your own offer a basic self defense credit every four months utilizing Posing yet another threat to your class to their Hearts ApartACS Contacts 11 a different credit reporting agency safety is using the internet in and International Spouses each time. You can minimize risk your job search. For instance, Groups. by putting an active duty status Employment Readiness can Remember, Personal Safety alert on your credit report to pre- teach you ways to protect your involves many aspects of our vent unauthorized use of your online identity while uploading lives. Let ACS help ensure credit. ACS Financial counselors your resume and utilizing such your personal safety. Come are available to meet confidentially social networking sites as in and see how we can help! to address your financial needs. Linked-In. Remember– Think ACS Another area of safety concern is The Family Advocacy Program First! your online safety. Lets face it, (FAP) is another area in which today we communicate, recreate, ACS looks out for your safety.
  2. 2. Page 2 ACS Green Press June 2012 What You Might Need To Know from your ACS Unit Service Coordinator (USC)Program When you think about $195.00. How can ACS save you time? Let us Army Community Service Employment Readiness (ERP) The count the minutes….(ACS) have you ever stopped to con- current national average for a head- Don’t wait weeks for an appointmentsider that ACS Saves Soldiers and hunter to find someone a job is 15%-20% for issues that can be supported or ques-Families money and time. Lets look at of first year’s salary. Cost for ERP = $0. tions that can be answered today!how: Exceptional Family Member Program ACS is conveniently located within twoArmy Emergency Relief (AER) is a (EFMP) Average rate for a Respite Care miles of all units and housing areas onbetter alternative to a Soldier in need provider is $15-$20 per hour. Cost to post and easily accessible from off postof emergency money than civilian EFMP Families for Respite Care= $0. housing through the Mt. Belvederelending counterparts when you con- Gate. Many of our services are available Relocation Readiness Programsider that the national bank average on a walk in basis. Some of our more (RELO) Need the essentials when youlending rate is 3.25% and worse by far procedural services do require appoint- first arrive or are waiting to leave? Theare the payday loans averaging about ments. Same day services include but lending closet has your essentials-pots,426%. A cash advance on a credit are not limited to: Counseling Services table, chairs, sleeping mats, etc. For acard would cost $13.99 finance charge (MFLC) Lending Closet, Parenting Sup- Family of four to purchase these necessi-and an annual interest rate of almost port and many others. ties as a hold over cost would be $558.93.57%. The AER lending rate is 0%. RELO charge for these items=$0. We know that just as your money is pre-Army Family Team Building leader- cious to you- so is your TIME! For This is just a sampling of the monetaryship development seminars are free more information on what ACS offers, savings ACS provides to Soldiers andwhereas the cost of a single leadership contact your unit coordinator listed be- Families. Please remember that all ACSdevelopment seminar in the private low. Services are provided to you by trainedindustry sector is approximately professionals and are free of charge. Think ACS First! USC Assignments:USC TEAM 1BCT POC: Kent Thompson, 315-772-0500 - kent.thompson@us.army.milUSC TEAM 2BCT POC: Jennifer Eichner, 315-772-2848 – jennifer.e.eichner@us.army.milUSC TEAM 3BCT POC: Sharon Chaple, 315-772-5476 – sharon.w.chaple@us.army.milUSC TEAM CAB POC: Tom Clegg, 315-772-6357 – thomas.j.clegg@us.army.milUSC TEAM SBTB POC: Scarlett Sharkey, 315-772-6566 – scarlett.sharkey@us.army.mil3-85th MTN IN POC: John Dietrich, 315-772-0805 – john.dietrich@us.army.mil10th MTN Div/HBN POC: Sarah Lynch, 315-772-5374 – sarah.l.lynch@us.army.milMEDDAC POC: Tom Clegg, 315-772-6357 – thomas.j.clegg@us.army.milDENTAC POC: Virginia Cooper, 315-772-6799 – virginia.cooper@us.army.mil62nd CID POC: Sharon Chaple, 315-772-5476 – sharon.w.chaple@us.army.mil174th FW POC: Scarlett Sharkey, 315-772-6566 – scarlett.sharkey@us.army.mil20th ASOS POC: Mandy Thompson, 315-772-9611 – amanda.e.thompson@us.army.mil902nd MI POC: Kent Thompson, 315-772-0500 - kent.thompson@us.army.milAFSB POC: Judee Kelly, 315-772-5196 – judee.k.kelly@us.army.mil7th Legal Support POC: Tila Seals, 315-772-6929 – martila.j.seals@us.army.mil
  3. 3. Page 3 ACS Green Press June 2012 Regarding Resilience: Tips, tools and techniques for practicing resilience everyday! By Jenn Eichner, MRT 772-2848Putting it in Perspective-And Keeping it There!Hope your summer season is starting to have a dead end job and a life of tion (e.g., “What’s next?” “What else?”off full of positive energy and struggles? If you have had this type of “What was your next thought?”). Don’tthoughts!! Have you been practicing experience, you have been a victim of stop until you’ve exhausted what isyour resilience skills? Have you had catastrophizing! It is easy to get caught in running through your head then ratefewer nights, lying awake in bed this type of downward spiral due to the your mood, focus, and energy levelallowing your mind to race in worry? fact that for many of us seeing the nega- while you are in worst case scenarioIf not, you may be having issue with tive can be much easier than finding a thought. Do the same for the “BestPutting It In Perspective. positive. Case” scenario thought process. Then finally, list the “Most Likely” out-Putting It In Perspective (PIIP) is a The goal of PIIP is to lower anxiety so comes, focusing on emotions, behav-resilience skill that helps build that you can accurately assess the situa- iors and other people. Check for accu-optimism by not allowing one to tion and deal with it. racy and rate your mood, focus andcatastrophize in thought. Catastro- The goal is NOT to pretend “all is well,” energy level while creating the Mostphizing is when you waste critical to deny real problems, or to take away Likely list. Develop a plan for dealingenergy ruminating about the irrational anxiety completely. There are four steps with the Most Likely outcomes. Com-worst case outcomes of a situation, into pulling out of a tail spin and putting pleting the steps in order, will truly helpwhich prevents you from taking things back into perspective: you to see where your thinking is ofpurposeful action. The goal of PIIP is track and how to get your thoughtsto lower anxiety so that you can accu- Step 1: List worst case outcomes. back in your control.rately assess the situation and deal Step 2: List best case outcomes.with it. Keep in mind that this is very Step 3: List most likely outcomes. Give it a try. You may even get a gooddifferent from identifying the worst Step 4: Identify plan for dealing with laugh while completing the exercise.case and contingency planning. most likely. Sometimes it is just downright funny toContingency planning is productive. It seems easy enough, right? It can be see what extremes your thoughts canCatastrophizing is counterproductive. tough. Other things come into play that take you to. As in all resilience distract us from getting back on track exercises, you have to be true to it. IfSay you are faced with an activating like, thinking traps, iceberg beliefs and the you only go so far, you will only get soevent like your child failing a test. Do inability to truly problem solve. So when far!you ever then find your emotions lead- you are completing the steps – really going you down a path of despair and to the extremes and back. List “Worstthought processes that have your child Case” as a chain - keep asking “And then Have a great month – good luck andruined for life over this and destined what happens?” or another similar ques- good thoughts! Upcoming MRT Dates June 11 Module 4 0930-1230 ACS August 20 Module 5 0930-1230 ACS September 17-20 Fall Marathon 0930-1430 Workforce Dev Bldg November 9 Module 1 0930-1430 ACS December 3 Module 2 0930-1430 ACS January 7 Module 3 0930-1430 ACS February 11 Module 4 0930-1430 ACS March 4 Module 5 0930-1430 ACS
  4. 4. ACS Green Press June 2012 Page 4 ACS Friends and Neighbors-Promoting Community 2012 Spouse Appreciation Day!
  5. 5. Page 5 ACS Green Press June 2012 ACS Friends and Neighbors-Promoting Community 2012 Spouse Appreciation Day!
  6. 6. Page 6 ACS Green Press June 2012 ACS Friends and Neighbors-Promoting Community Special Olympics 2012
  7. 7. Page 7 ACS Green Press June 2012 Relocation Readiness– Making Smooth Transitions For military Fami- tion Readiness in which various agency (LPR) and U.S. citizenship. Anyone with lies, the spring and briefers explain on post resources, all of immigration related legal issues should summer months the various ACS services as well as interest- consult with a licensed immigration attor- are known as PCS ing information about the area. Relocation ney. (Permanent Readiness also offers the Drum Family For Soldiers and Families departing Fort Change of Duty Welcome Tour. This narrated tour in- Drum, the Relocation Readiness Program Station) Season. cludes on post points of interest as well as offers one-on-one appointments to help With this in mind, a tour of the surrounding community. If sort out the questions regarding their des- Army Community our Soldiers and Families are awaiting tination. Relo also organizes and facili- Service’s Reloca- housing and currently in a hotel, Army tates the CONUS and OCONUS PCS tion Readiness Program (RELO), becomes Community service offers them a full briefs. These briefs are designed to pre- particularly busy as their programming is kitchen and Family area in order to prepare pare you for your move. If you know designed to ensure that Soldiers and Fami- a home cooked meal and relax with the what to expect , the stress of moving is lies both arriving to and departing from Family. If our Soldiers and Families need reduced. Fort Drum, experience a smooth, stress to borrow basic household items while free move. they await the shipment of their personal Relocation Readiness has a saying in items, they may borrow items such as honor of Northern New York’s agricul- Soldiers and their Families arriving at Fort dishes, sleeping mats, playpens and or car tural roots and all the dairy farms in the Drum will be welcomed by a friendly, seats for up to a thirty day lending period. area. “Let us help you make a smooth knowledgeable staff of professionals who Moo-ve” They punctuate this point by can help with many aspects of relocation Sometimes, the initial settling in period is handing out “stress cows” for their clients ranging from borrowing household items if complicated by language barriers and im- to squeeze.! So, whether you are arriving your belongings have yet to arrive to immi- migration issues. Relocation Readiness to Fort Drum or heading for “greener gration and naturalization assistance for offers English for Speakers of another pastures,” Relo is here to make the proc- Spouses and children of active-duty service Language Classes and assistance is available ess easier. members, retirees, and Department of the for petitions pertaining to Spouses and Army civilians. children of active-duty service members, Putting all “cheesy puns” aside, check out retirees, and Department of the Army civil- what Relocation Readiness has to offer When a Soldier first arrives, the initial set- ians. Services include providing informa- and you will be pleasantly surprised. tling in process can be challenging. That is why he or she is encouraged to attend the tion on what forms and documentation are Newcomer’s Orientation given by Reloca- required for obtaining permanent residence English for Speakers of Other Language Classes spent a class cooking at ACS. Interactive classes with hands on activities help students improve their English language skills. For more informa- tion contact Relocation Readiness at:: 772-6566/6902
  8. 8. Page 8 ACS Green Press June 2012 Give Kids a Smile Grant Awarded -North Country Children’s Clinic On May 3, North Country Childrens Creek Community Centers, where they Baby Teeth Basics provides new Clinic was awarded a $6,000 "Give will provide dental screenings and parents with educational materials Kids a Smile" grant from the New fluoride treatments at no charge to and supplies to keep their infants first York state Dental Foundation to fund Families who are visiting the clinic. teeth healthy. For information on free oral health care for Ft. Drum The new services will be added to Baby the WIC Program call 782-9222 or Families. The funds will allow dental Teeth Basics a dental health visit www.childrens-clinic.org. hygienists to attend WIC Clinics at education program funded by the Mountain Community Homes Rhicard Spouses Club of Ft. Drum and the Hills and Adirondack Samaritan Auxiliary. “What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. These are but trifles, to be sure; but scattered along lifes pathway, the good they do is inconceivable.” Joseph Addison COL Noel Nicolle spoke at Give a Kid a Smile Award CeremonyThings to do After the Move - Finding a New DentistMoving can be tough. Making new dentist is someone you automatically go 3. If that doesn’t work, once you get tofriends, finding your way around a new to twice a year, thus there is a base of the area talk to neighbors and gettown, and adjusting to a new school are repeating customers. names of people they use.just some of the challenges. Perhaps 2. If you like your current dentist, ask 4. Then call the local dental associa-the most challenging aspect of a move, them for a referral before you leave. tion. They know the area and can tellbesides finding someone to cut your This is especially true for an orthodon- you if there is anything that you shouldhair, is finding a dentist. With these tist. An orthodontist can refer you to be aware of. The person you are talk-few steps, we hope to take the bite out someone that uses a compatible tech- ing to might even make a recommenda-of finding a new dentist. nique. There is also a smaller pool of tion.1. Be wary of advertising. In an area orthodontists, and they may have gone After all of these steps, it can come tolike Fort Drum, there should be no to school with someone that practices down to what’s most convenient toreason for a dentist to advertise. A in the area you are going to. you.
  9. 9. Page 9 ACS Green Press June 2012 Lucky Seven: Lessons From PCSing Moving with the military may not be and the grass, and if you have to phone numbers you should take, the easiest thing you’ve ever done but it change a tire it will help you keep as well as reminders of what can be one of the luckiest. Lucky? your clothes clean. charger you need to take. Re- Yes, lucky. Moving can be a great ex- member that a will is a document 3. Do all your laundry before the perience and the start of a new adven- that should not travel with you; movers come but give your washer ture. Who knows what good fortune mail it to your new address. time with the lid open and the wa- awaits you at your new duty station. So ter purged; this will just make sure 7. If you are enrolling your kids into to make the move part little easier, here new schools then you will need to that the washer is dry when you go are 7 things you can do to decrease know what documents you need to move it. In addition, while you your stress and maybe even increase to bring with you. Contact you have the drier away from the wall your luck! School Liason Office at 772- make sure you clean the vent of 1. Lots of great information on your any lint. 3214/1311 They can help ensure new installation is just a click away. your child’s transition is a smooth 4. Don’t buy anything you need The Military Installations web page one. It’s also good practice to until you have opened all your at bring a copy of the front and back boxes. You will be surprised at www.militaryinstallations.dod.mil is (make sure you get the ISBN how many of your old things will the place to start. Not only does it number) of the text books your work in your new house if you get give you tons of great information kids are using now. It’s a good chance to see what all you own. but also there are links to the post’s idea to have copies of their last home page and a list of important 5. The post Thrift Shop and the local test that show the level of their phone numbers. The Relocation thrift stores are possible gold skills. An initiative of the Military office at ACS can print this out for mines. Not only is the post thrift Child Education Coalition, you and may have been stationed shop the place to donate and con- www.schoolquest.org has tons of at your new station at some point sign all of the things you don’t good information and the ability themselves. want to take with you, but it is also to let you create a virtual file the place to find all the things you drawer. 2. Buy a new shower curtain when need for your new house. you get to your new place. Also, For more information on moving call wash the old one with a load of 6. Start a list of things to keep with the Relocation Readiness office at towels before you leave. Once the you through your move. You can 772-6566/6902. To share your favor- old one is dry, it can be folded and use Plan My Move on the ite tips with us, email them to used for all kind of other uses such www.militaryinstallations.dod.mil drum.mwracsrelo@conus.army.mil. as liner for the trunk of your car, a web page. They have a good list barrier between your picnic blanket for important paperwork and Women Infants and Children (WIC) Clinic Will Now Hold Hours at ACS! Beginning June 27, 2012, the last Wednesday of every month, between the hours of 9am and 2:30 pm, you can complete WIC applications at ACS. Please call 782-9222 for more information http://childrens-clinic.org/
  10. 10. ACS Green Press June 2012 Page 10 Look Who’s on the Payroll: Employment Readiness Success Stories! Congratulations to the following Employment Readiness clients who have recently landed a job! Janelle Longton Stephens Media Group Meg Meador Health Center of New York Kimberly Rhodes CYSS If you are one of our clients who has recently become employed, we want to hear about it! Give us a call so we can highlight your accomplishment and inspire others!Negotiating Job OffersHello all you job seekers! Here we are not have to be an expert at negotiating  Evaluate the entire compensationbeginning a new month and exciting to successfully negotiate a job offer; package including benefitsthings are going on all around us. But however, it can be intimidating to dofor many of you it is the job seeking so. With practice and proper planning, After you have collected all this infor-that is exciting, well maybe just a little you can prepare yourself to feel com- mation, you are ready to plan. Considerbit. This month our featured topic is fortable in the negotiating process. different alternatives and decide howNegotiating Job Offers. With the right you will implement your communica-information and preparation, you will To be successful in negotiating a salary tion and proposal effectively to thebe able to negotiate for the higher sal- you must think about the two major hiring official. Remain positive andary you want and achieve positive re- stages. The first step is the preparation confident throughout the negotiationsults. For many it is not easy to accom- and planning stage and the second process; continue to sell yourself whenplish, however, negotiating job offers is stage is your actual negotiation. This is negotiating a higher salary. Show thethe last step and the trickiest part of where you will apply your good com- company that you are a valuable assetsecuring a new job or keeping yourself munication skills and it is also where all and are worth the $$$.happy in your current one. Through the information is shared. Preparation If you are interested in learning morenegotiation you and your employer or and planning involves research, gather- about Negotiating Job Offers, pleasefuture employer are discussing certain ing information and planning your sign up for our upcoming workshopconditions and expectations in terms of strategy to negotiate. There are four scheduled for June 20 at 0930. You canworkload and compensation. components to consider in this stage: sign up by calling 315-772-1090/9611.  Determine your competitive mar-Research has suggested that 4 out of 5 ket-value by knowing what you arecompanies consider some form of sal- worthary negotiation, however the studies  Determine your company-value by “The future belongs to those whoalso show that only a small percentage showing what you are worth to the believe in the beauty of theirof applicants actually enter into nego- company dreams.”tiations with future employers. You do  Calculate your acceptable salary -Eleanor Roosevelt range
  11. 11. ACS CLASSES AND EVENTS FOR JUNE 2012Date Time Class/Event LocationFriday June 1: 0930-1200 Hearts Apart Support Group ACSMonday June 4: 0930-1200 Newcomer’s Orientation ACS 1300-1500 Basic Excel for Job Seekers ACSTuesday June 5: 0900-1200 ESOL Class ACS 0930-1400 Drum Family Welcome Tour Departs ACS 1130-1300 From Victim to Survivor Educational Group ACS 1330-1530 Stress Management ACS 1530-1600 CONUS PCS Brief Clark Hall– A2-86Wednesday June 6: 0830-1600 First Term Financial Readiness Training Call For Location 1800-2100 SOS Family Night Pine Plains Bowling CntrThursday June 7: 0900-1200 ESOL Class ACS 0900-1230 CARE Team Training ACS 0930-1130 Employment 101 ACS 1530-1600 CONUS PCS Brief Clark Hall A2-86Friday June 8: 0900-1130 In Her Shoes: Living w/ Domestic Violence ACSMonday June11: 0900-1200 Budget Management Class ACS 0930-1030 Resume Writing Computer Lab ACS 0930-1230 Master Resilience Training Module 4 ACS 0830-1600 First Term Financial Readiness MPATuesday June 12: 0900-1200 ESOL Class ACS 0930-1400 Drum Family Welcome Tour Departs ACS 1100-1300 For Fathers Only Class ACS 1130-1300 Married w/Special Needs Children ACS 1130-1300 From Victim to Survivor Group ACS 1400-1530 Key Caller Training ACS 1400-1600 Credit Repair Class ACS 1530-1600 CONUS PCS Brief Clark Hall A2-86 1700-1830 Key Caller Training ACSWednesday June 13: 0830-1600 First Term Financial Readiness Call For Location 0900-1600 AFTB Level I ACS 0930-1130 Build Your Own Business ACS
  12. 12. ACS CLASSES AND EVENTS FOR JUNE 2012Date Time Class/Event LocationThursday June 14: 0900-1200 ESOL Class ACS 0900-1600 AFTB Level I ACS 1100-1300 For Fathers Only ACS 1530-1600 CONUS PCS Brief Clark Hall A2-86Friday June 15: 0900-1100 EFMP Autism Support Group ACS 1000-1200 International Spouse Support Group ACSMonday June 18: 1300-1500 Transitioning Financial Brief Clark Hall C2-23Tuesday June 19: 0900-1100 Investing 101 ACS 0900-1200 ESOL Class ACS 0930-1400 Drum Family Welcome Tour Departs ACS 1030-1200 OPSEC Safety for Families ACS 1130-1300 From Victim to Survivor ACS 1330-1530 Anger Management ACS 1530-1600 CONUS PCS Brief Clark Hall A2-86Wednesday June 20: 0830-1600 First Term Financial Readiness Call For Location 0930-1130 Negotiating Job Offers– Career Development ACS SeminarThursday June 21: 0900-1200 ESOL Class ACS 0930-1130 Overseas PCS Brief ACS 0930-1430 MRT Module III Training ACS 1030 Volunteer of the Month The Commons 1100-1300 For Fathers Only Class ACS 1530-1600 CONUS PCS Brief Clark Hall A2-86Friday June 22: 0900-1130 In Her Shoes-Living with Domestic Violence ACSTuesday June 26: 0930-1400 Drum Family Welcome Tour Departs ACS 1530-1600 CONUS PCS Brief Clark Hall A2-86Wednesday June 27: 0830-1600 First Term Financial Readiness Training Class For Location 0930-1130 Intro to Internet Class for jobseekers ACSThursday June 28: 0930-1130 Federal Employment Workshop ACS 1100-1300 For Fathers Only Class ACS 1530-1600 CONUS PCS Brief Clark Hall A2-86
  13. 13. Army Community Service P4330 Conway Road Fort Drum, New York 13602Army Emergency Relief 772-6560, 772-8873 or 772-2855Army Family Team Building 772-6710, 772-9229http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000122037720Army Volunteer Program Coordinator 772-2899http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fort-Drum-Army-volunteer-Corps/13651504365912Exceptional Family Member Program 772-5488, 772-0819http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fort-Drum-FMWR-Exceptional-Family-Member-Program /104951319542718Employment Readiness Program 772-9611, 772-2737, 772-1090http://www.facebook.com/fortdrumemploymentFamily Advocacy Program 772-4244, 772-6929, 772-2279(New Parent Support Program)SAPRP 772-0596, 772-4070, 772-0748 772-5605, 772-5914Financial Readiness Program 772-0050, 772-5196, 772-8526http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fort-Drum-financial-Readiness-ACS/1956662120473Information and Referral 772-6556, 772-6557Military & Family Life Consultants 212-6919Mobilization and Deployment 772-2848, 772-0470, 772-2919http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fort-Drum-Mobiliztion-and-Deployment/178420512193448?ref=ts&v=wallOutreach 772-5374http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fort-Drum-ACS-Outreach/180373271991692Relocation Readiness 772-5475, 772-6553, 772-6902http:// www.facebook.com/pages/Fort -Drum -Relocation -ReadinessProgram/171335822906429 772-6566Soldier Family Assistance Center 772-7781http://www.facebook.com/Fort.Drum.FMWR/SFACSurvivor Outreach Services 772-6357http://www.facebook.com/fortdrumsurvivoroutreachservices