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2012-13 CYSS Fee Policy Notification


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New Fee Policy for School Year 2012-2013 for CYSS.

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2012-13 CYSS Fee Policy Notification

  1. 1. ATTENTION VALUED PATRONS / PARENTS 30 August 2012 FEE INCREASES and PROGRAM CHANGESDear Valued Customer, As we have kept you apprised over the past two years, we are moving towardsDepartment of Defense standardized rate fees. This October is the final incrementalphase for Fort Drum to reach Army standard. Department of Defense will thenimplement equitable rates throughout the Armed Forces. In addition to Department of the Army forecasted rate fee increases, the followingDeployment Support Service Programs are eliminated 1 October 2012:X 20% fee reduction for all Child Development Services programsX Youth Sports fee credit up to $100 per deployment cycle per child/youth.X SKIES Unlimited Instructional Class fee credit up to $300 per deployment cycle per child/youth.X $2.00 Hourly Care fee beyond the 16 free respite child care hours.Those currently deployed as of 1 October 2012 are grandfathered and will continue toreceive deployment support services they are currently receiving.Should you have any questions on the program impact as it effects your Family, pleaseinquire at the front desk or by calling Parent Central Services at 772-8675. Thanking you for your cooperation and understanding
  2. 2. IMDR-MWC 30 August 2012MEMORANDUM FOR Child, Youth, & School Services PatronSUBJECT: School Year (SY) 2012-20131. AR 608-10 requires that patrons be notified of anticipated Department of the Armydirected fee increases one month in advance of implementation date. This memo serves asyour notification that the SY12/13 Fee Policy will be implemented on 1 Oct 2012.2. We have briefed you over the last two years on CYSS rate increases to be applied atFort Drum on a graduated basis to meet established Department of Defense standardized,rates being applied throughout the Armed Forces.3. As you are aware, Fort Drum has long been charging well below the average rateschedule. This next represents the last graduated increase to bring us in line withDepartment of the Army established rates.4. In addition to forecasted rate changes, Department of the Army is discontinuing thefollowing Deployment Support Service programs 1 October 2012:  20% fee reduction  Youth Sports fee credit up to $100 per deployment cycle per child/youth  SKIES Unlimited Instructional Class fee credit up to $300 per deployment cycle per child/youth  $2.00 Hourly Care fee beyond the free 16 respite child care hoursFamily sponsors currently deployed and remain deployed after 1 October are grandfatheredand will continue to receive the above services.5. Charts containing the fee schedule for both the 2-week and 4-week vacation options willbe published upon receipt from IMCOM.6. We thank you for your continued participation in Child, Youth & School ServicesPrograms. These programs provide a quality of life for the Military and their Familiescommensurate with their service and are an investment in the future of the Nation and ourMilitary. HAROLD E. GREER Director of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation