General tourism scenario of Dhulikhel


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Assignment, Research Methodology, BBA-BI 4th semester, Ace Institute of Management

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General tourism scenario of Dhulikhel

  1. 1. General Tourism Scenario of DhulikhelPrepared ByChhitiz Shrestha S.N. 10450077Ace Institute of Management
  2. 2. Objectives of the Study• Primary Objectives: – To find out the general tourism scenario of Dhulikhel. – To explore the scope of domestic tourism. – To explore how tourists perceive the hotels in Dhulikhel. – How to improve the tourism in Dhulikhel.• Secondary Objectives: – To find tourists daily average expenditure. – To find how tourists find information about Dhulikhel.
  3. 3. Tourism in Dhulikhel• Nature
  4. 4. Dhulikhel Offers• Culture
  5. 5. Dhulikhel Offers• Adventure
  6. 6. Advantages and Disadvantages• Local employment • Exploitation of local• Use of local resources resources• Gain of foreign currency • Inappropriate influence• National as well as on the youth international promotion • Foreign trends overlap• Environmental local trends awareness • Degradation of culture
  7. 7. Sampling Method• Convenience Sampling Method – 10 Hotels in Dhulikhel – Likes of Hotel Himalayan Horizon, Dhulikhel Lodge Resort, Hotel Arniko and so on• Random Sampling Method – 30 Tourists encountered in various parts of Dhulikhel – Some in Hotels, Some hiking, Some having cultural walks and so on.
  8. 8. Major Findings• Domestic Tourism is excellent (Hotel Response)
  9. 9. Major Findings• Domestic Tourism is excellent (Tourist response)
  10. 10. Major Findings• Hotel tariffs are quite reasonable (Value for Money)
  11. 11. Major Findings• Quite good tourist response for the hotel standards
  12. 12. Major Findings• Daily avg. of Rs 1000 to Rs 2000 spent by tourists
  13. 13. Major Findings• Internet is the best source of information
  14. 14. Major Findings• Average length of stay is below 5 days
  15. 15. Summary & Conclusion• Dhulikhel can serve as a weekend tourist destination rather than a vacation destination• Nepalese tourists were the most common visitors there.• Internet advertisement is a major form of marketing for Dhulikhel• Tourists coming to Dhulikhel have extremely good level of satisfaction which trigger repeat visits
  16. 16. Summary & Conclusion• The expenditure level of tourists visiting Dhulikhel is also quite impressive• Willingness to visit and willingness to friends and family is also very good resulting in good word of mouth promotion• Despite extremely good satisfaction with holiday in Dhulikhel, good image ratings and good word of mouth promotions, the level of tourism is relatively low due to lack of marketing
  17. 17. Recommendations• Improvement of the role of NTB and the government of Nepal to decide on strategies, agreeing on action programmes and implementation and monitoring responsibilities.• Improvement of the standard of the local transportation system.• Development of information centers.• Advertisements in national TV and Newspapers can encourage domestic tourism. (Besides Internet)
  18. 18. Recommendations• Develop certain Themes for promotion for E.g. Religion and pilgrimage, Nature, Adventure and so on.• Pollution must be controlled specially in trekking, hiking and cycling routs• Information regarding tourism should be upgraded continuously via internet.• Efforts should be made to attract that potential tourism market of India and China.
  19. 19. Finally!!
  20. 20.