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Master in City Science IIE - Presentación de

  1. 1. Master en City Sciences Las TIC como motor de cambio de la ciudad César Miralles – Director General de Madrid, 06 de marzo de 2014
  2. 2. “Information revolution” Connected Mobile Experiences Internet of Everything & M2M communications Web Real Time Communication Real Time Business Intelligence
  3. 3. Global, ultrafast, mobile and virtual
  4. 4. Across all sectors The Missouri School of Journalism. 2008
  5. 5. New global order
  6. 6. Europe to speed spread of smart cities • Share initiatives nad Smart Programmes • European Programme of Smart Cities and Communities. • Budget: 365 million euros • European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes said, "For those of us living in cities, – we need to make sure they are smart cities. Nothing else makes sense. And nothing else is such a worldwide economic opportunity - so we need to get sharing!".
  7. 7. The need of normalization & collaboration AENOR’s Committee of “Smart Cities”. CTN 178 Infraestructure (SC1) Indicators and Semantic (SC2) Energy and Environment (SC4) Government and Mobility (SC3) Smart Destinations (SC5) Smart City Network (RECI) Social Innovation Energy Environment and infraestructure Urban Mobility Government, economy and business
  8. 8. The virtual city ecosystem Smart Citizen Smart SMEs (cloud, big data…) Smart and Open Government
  9. 9. The Digital Agenda for Spain
  10. 10. Highlights Spanish Digital Agenda • Digital Economy: • Ultra-high speed broadband (fix and mobile) • Innovation Centres and Technology Hubs (Smart Cities, Smart Destination…) • Cloud computing (supply and demand’s programmes) • E-commerce • Digital Inclusion and Employability • Research & Development & Innovation • Public Services: • E-health: Chronic Illnesses, electronic prescriptions and interoperable medical records • E-Education: connectivity and digital content at schools • E-Justice: electronic legal case file • Smart Cities: infraestructure, plattforms, indicators and business intelligence, open government
  11. 11. Muchas Gracias @cesarmiralles @redpuntoes
  12. 12. Budget Spanish Digital Agenda • 1.3 billion € to fund R&D ICT projects (Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Smart Cities). • 200 million € to help internet providers. • 135 million € to finance solutions in the cloud. • 113 million € to support with loans the internationalization. • 80 million € to support entrepreneurs. • 59 million € in the area of cybersecurity. • 37 million € to implement e-commerce solutions. • 10 million € to create national technology hubs. • Smartcities (upcomming… to be determined)