SoMoLo 101: Who, What, Why (Why Not), and How to Fulfill Fashion’s SoMoLo Imperative


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Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. iPad. Android. Foursquare. Fashion consumers in greater and greater numbers are embracing social, mobile, and local technologies to enhance their fashion shopping journeys. They have, in fact, issued a SoMoLo imperative. The time for fashion brands and retailers to respond is now. Dave Bruno, Director of Commerce Studies for RedPrairie and Editor of, digs deep into the behaviors and expectations of this new breed of fashionista, including several tips and tools to help you earn a place in their digital portfolio.

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SoMoLo 101: Who, What, Why (Why Not), and How to Fulfill Fashion’s SoMoLo Imperative

  1. 1. SoMoLo 101 Who, What, Why (Why Not), and How to Fulfill Fashion’s SoMoLo Imperative#CommerceInMotion
  2. 2. Who Are These WHO SO MO LO Shoppers?#CommerceInMotion 2
  3. 3. SOCIAL MOBILE LOCAL#CommerceInMotion 3
  4. 4. WHYWhy Should We Study These “SoMoLo” Shoppers? #CommerceInMotion 4
  5. 5. Because They’re Everywhere…#CommerceInMotion 5
  6. 6. WHAT Scan This!! Got Local??? Shopper Demands Keep Escalating…#CommerceInMotion 6
  7. 7. Research ApproachObjectiveTo ask businesses to pinpoint the SoMoLo expectations of theirshoppers and how they are respondingStudy ConductedDecember 1 - 18, 2011282 RespondentsRevenue Breakdown$100M - $500M: 59%Greater than $500M: 41% Specialty Electronics Grocery Big Box CPG Other #CommerceInMotion 7
  8. 8. 57%expect discounts sent to their phone46%expect to place orders via their phone Mobility Matters #CommerceInMotion 8
  9. 9. 40% expect to use QR codes to access content on their phone#CommerceInMotion 9
  10. 10. 50% expect to shop via tablet Tablets Are Triumphant#CommerceInMotion 10
  11. 11. (Only)38% expect to use social sites tobrowse, shop, and buy Social: Sizzling, Or Fizzling? #CommerceInMotion 11
  12. 12. 28% expect department-specific messages and offers to be sent to their phones when they are inside a store Locking In on (Micro) Local#CommerceInMotion 12
  13. 13. Retail Has a Long Way to Go to Meet SoMoLo DemandsA Long Road… Customers Expecting Retailers Delivering 46% Place Orders via Smartphone 38% 42% Availability and Pricing on Phone 30% 44% Order Status Updates on Phone 30% 40% QR Code Access to Product Content 33% 38% Browse/Shop/Buy via Social Sites 22% 26% Location-Specific Offers via Phone 20% 13% average 28% Dept-Specific Offers via Phone 12% gap #CommerceInMotion 13
  14. 14. 33% WHY Lack of Corporate (NOT) Commitment 36% Inability to Integrate New Channels 36% Limited Inventory Visibility Across Channels 25% Stores Unable to Support New Challenges#CommerceInMotion SoMoLo Roadblocks 14
  15. 15. Where to Begin?36%Indicate that they arestruggling to choose which programs to implement 15
  16. 16. HOWEnabling SoMoLo5 Intriguing Technologies that Can GiveSoMoLo Strategies a Kick Start#CommerceInMotion
  17. 17. Twitter: Not So “Old School” Purveyors of exclusive content and consistent dialog 700,000 Followers (10M Facebook Fans) S/S 2012 Launched on Twitter BEFORE it Hit the Runway #CommerceInMotion 17
  18. 18. Pinterest Brings Bulletin Boards to LifeUsers simply “pin” images they like to interest “boards” Board topics range from cupcakes to bathrooms Retail images dominate Women outnumber men 4.5-1 #CommerceInMotion 18
  19. 19. Fashion’s Formidable Footprint… #CommerceInMotion 19
  20. 20. Fashion’s Formidable Footprint… #CommerceInMotion 20
  21. 21. Fashion’s Formidable Footprint… #CommerceInMotion 21
  22. 22. Fashion’s Formidable Footprint… #CommerceInMotion 22
  23. 23. Instagram Makes Phone Cameras RelevantWildly Popular Photo Enhancing and Sharing App for iPhone 25M one-tap 1.5M pics shared active users sharing every day #CommerceInMotion
  24. 24. Bergdorf Goodman Makes InstagramRelevant to their Store Share Your Shoe Obsession “Isn’t that the secret to the absolute perfect pair? You never know what adventures they hold.” • Photo sharing campaign – Consumers use Instagram to take/edit/post photos of BG shoes in various locales throughout the city • Primary goals: – Promote newly expanded shoe salon – Brand awareness #CommerceInMotion 24
  25. 25. Customersembraced thecampaign… First 2 Weeks 650 Photos 8,000 Followers 25
  26. 26. Luminate: Content for 3 Trillion Images Ads, content, social tools overlay online images “image apps" turn static images into dynamic and interactive experiences #CommerceInMotion 26
  27. 27. The Dawn of i-Commerce? #CommerceInMotion 27
  28. 28. The Dawn of i-Commerce? Publish Tag Shop 4,000 publishers150M visitors/month30B image views/year *TechCrunch >100 different merchants: Macy’s Zappos, Nordstrom, Gap, Pip erlime, etc. #CommerceInMotion 28
  29. 29. The (Social) Google of Fashion 1.3M monthly users (up 500,000/month in 2011) cross-shop apparel, home decorating and kids products 29
  30. 30. The (Social) Google of Fashion 30
  31. 31. ShopStyle Does SoMoLo 31
  32. 32. Extra Credit: Kinect Goes Shopping 32
  33. 33. Notes for the Final Exam• Think of yourself as media – Marketing = Media (not shallow self promotion) – “Always on customers” require “always on” marketing• Talk to your (target) customers – Understand their tech/social preferences – Reach them on their terms• Look for ways to add value – Exclusivity, early access, etc.• Be prepared for some trial and error – Learn from success and mistakes 33
  34. 34. Sponsored by…RedPrairie 34
  35. 35. Full Study Now Available Online 35
  36. 36. Thank