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Take 5 Modernization Workshop


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nterested in modernizing your Notes applications but fresh out of silver bullets and magic buttons? If so, join us for an action-packed fun-filled workshop in which we will explore together some of the key ideas and processes needed for a successful modernization project at your company. We will be making use of Design Thinking throughout the workshop, starting with a conversation about the importance of establishing a modernization strategy. We will then look at how tools such as Application insights and TeamWorkr Analytics can be used to build a distinct strategy for each application. Next we look at options for reducing the cost of the modernization using tools such as aveedo, Darwino, Red Pill DIG, Sapho, SWING Seascape, TeamWorkr, and Webinizer. The workshop will conclude with an important discussion about the things every company should already be doing to prepare for a modernization project before we give away a number of great prizes to attendees.

Conducted at Engage 2018

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Take 5 Modernization Workshop

  1. 1. Peter Presnell CEO – Red Pill Now The New Chapter Begins #domino2025 Bob Kadrie Chief Creative Officer – Red Pill Now Take 5 Modernization Workshop
  2. 2. Bob Kadrie Chief Creative Officer
  3. 3. Peter Presnell CEO
  4. 4. Jason Gary VP – Engineering and Innovation
  5. 5. Viktor Krantz Director – Modernization Solutions
  6. 6. Devin S. Olson Master Solutioneer
  7. 7. Mat Newman Global Defender
  8. 8. Nathan T Freeman Chief Architect
  9. 9. 2008
  10. 10. Breakout Sessions
  11. 11. Breakout Sessions Teams
  12. 12. Breakout Sessions
  13. 13. Breakout Team Facilitator
  14. 14. Breakout Team Observer
  15. 15. Breakout Team Presenter
  16. 16. Breakout Team Subject Matter Expert
  17. 17. Let’s get started…. 1. We’re going old school.. Put away you laptop, phone, tablet 2. Locate a legacy writing device (aka pen or pencil) 3. Locate a legacy writing client (paper) 4. Write down the year in which you first encountered Lotus/IBM Notes 5. Arrange yourself in a line with the latest year at the front of the room/line and the earliest year at the back.
  18. 18. Session #1
  19. 19. Modernization Strategy
  20. 20. 93%of companies plan to migrate or modernize their Notes applications Source: SWING Software, 2016
  21. 21. The Wrong Outcome
  22. 22. The Right Outcome
  23. 23. Let’s start with one application
  24. 24. Design Thinking Drives successful outcomes Start at the end and end at the beginning
  25. 25. Relationships
  26. 26. Session #1: Modernization Strategy Team Selection Developer Administrator User Manager
  27. 27. Session #1: Modernization Strategy Role Selection Favorite Artist Presenter Right: 2 SME Left: 1
  28. 28. Session #1: Modernization Strategy Brainstorm &Vote Developer Administrator User Manager If there were just five things I could add to Domino (that I don’t have now” to make my life easier, they would be? A successful modernization project would be one that achieves what five things? My team migrated one application to O365.What did I learn?What didn’t I learn?
  29. 29. Session #2
  30. 30. Application Strategy
  31. 31. Application Strategy
  32. 32. Application Strategy
  33. 33. Application Strategy
  34. 34. Retire • Archive • Discard Retain • Best Practices Renew • Modernize • Rewrite Replace • Migration • Rewrite • 3rd Party Sol. Application Strategy
  35. 35. Session #2: Application Strategy Team Selection French Dutch German English (Only)
  36. 36. Session #2: Application Strategy Role Selection Number of Lotuspheres Presenter Left: 1 SME Right: 3
  37. 37. Session #2: Application Strategy Brainstorm &Vote Team Pink Team Green Team Red Team Yellow The five things I need to know about an application before I decide to migrate it to the cloud The five things I need to know about an application before I add a web interface The five things I need to know about an application before I add a mobile interface The five things I need to know about an application before I retire it?
  38. 38. Session #3
  39. 39. Best Practice
  40. 40. Do your Notes applications reflect the full capabilities of the product?
  41. 41. Session #3: Best Practice Team Selection Developer Administrator User Manager
  42. 42. Session #3: Best Practice Role Selection Birth Day Presenter Right: 4 SME Left: 4
  43. 43. Session #3: Best Practice Brainstorm &Vote Developer Administrator User Manager The five things I hate the most about my current Notes applications? The five things I would want to see in all my Notes applications?
  44. 44. Session #4
  45. 45. Proof of Concept
  46. 46. Choices for Application Transformation ICAA
  47. 47. ICAA
  48. 48. SWING Seascape
  49. 49. aveedo
  50. 50. Red Pill DIG
  51. 51. TeamWorkr Lite
  52. 52. Webinizer
  53. 53. The Jam Study Sheena Lyenga – IBM Connect 2017 24 jams displayed: 3% purchased 6 jams displayed: 30% purchase
  54. 54. ICAA
  55. 55. Take 5
  56. 56. Session #4: Proof of Concept Team Selection January - March April - June July - September October - December
  57. 57. Session #4: Proof of Concept Role Selection Ticket Number Presenter Right: 1 SME Left: 1
  58. 58. Session #4: Proof of Concept Discussion Administrator Developer Manager User The top five things I would use to select one solution over another When would I decide to do custom development over an automated solution?
  59. 59. Session #5
  60. 60. Preparation
  61. 61. The Countdown to #domino2025 Devin S. Olson Master Solutioneer – Red Pill Now The New Chapter Begins Tuesday 14:25 Trinidad (Main) #domino2025 ThiloVolprich CEO –TeamTechnology
  62. 62. Retire unused applications Focus on what’s important
  63. 63. Establish ownership Owners, developers, SMEs, documentation will all be needed at some stage
  64. 64. Implement Microservices Place code in agents, separating the back-end from the front-end
  65. 65. Establish template inheritance Database and design elements
  66. 66. Session #5: Preparation Team Selection Self Select
  67. 67. Session #4 Role Selection Height Presenter Left: 1 SME Right: 1
  68. 68. Session #1 Brainstorm &Vote Developer Administrator User Manager Things I should be doing to prepare for a modernization project
  69. 69. Observations
  70. 70. We Are… DesignThinking Become a UX Expert Bob Kadrie Tue: 11:45 Honolulu JavaScript Reusability is goal Keith Strickland Wed: 11:30 Sky Room (Bridge) Modernization M for Modernization Red Pill Now Tue: 14:45 Sun Room (Sun) Prepared C/Down to Domino2025 Devin Olson Tue: 16:25 Trinidad Challenging Freeman/Gary NTF & Jason Gary Wed: 15:10 Guadaloupe Cloud Domino in the Cloud Stuart McKay Tue: 11:45 Guadaloupe Community Engage Idol Peter Presnell Tue: 13:30 Theatre (Promenade) Domino 2025 DominoTop Secret Jason Gary Tue: 16:25 Theatre (Promenade)
  71. 71. ThankYou