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M is for modernization


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As a developer do you find yourself struggling to keep up with the endless stream of technology options available? If so, please join us as we take you through the A to Z of application modernization technologies that you need to be aware of in order to extend the life of your Notes databases. We will step our way through the Modernization Alphabet starting at APIs before working our way through to Web Components, XPages, YAML, and Zapier. Our goal in this session will be to give you a better understanding of at least one technology you might not have previously considered that you should be using when you return from this conference.

Presented at Engage 2018

Published in: Technology
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M is for modernization

  1. 1. The New Chapter Begins #domino2025 “M” is for Modernization
  2. 2. I AM Dr Seuss
  3. 3. BIG A little a What begins with a?
  4. 4. Applications
  5. 5. Ancient aging applications are agonizingly slow. Please oh please show me where they need to go.
  6. 6. Any old analysis is simply not how. You need to call on your friends from HCL & Red Pill Now
  7. 7. Listen carefully to what we have to say. As a lot of this technology is going to stay. Learning just one could make your day and ensure attendance at this conference will pay. Well before its time to play.
  8. 8. BIG B little b What begins with b?
  9. 9. BIG DATA
  10. 10. Every day in every way the data keeps growing without us knowing
  11. 11. Are you drowning in data but starved for knowledge? Does your company have more Notes databases than its willing to acknowledge?
  12. 12. In the era of Notes too many silos were erected. When we really needed our data to be connected
  13. 13. Keep your eyes open, keep them peeled. A way to connect Notes data will soon be revealed.
  14. 14. BIG C little c What begins with c?
  15. 15. Connections Pink
  16. 16. What to think of a man in pink? Or did I just have too much to drink? Jason Roy Gary has established a link for customers to rethink how their software problems might shrink
  17. 17. REST APIs Docker GraphQL IFTTT MongoDB Nginx React.js Redis Strongloop Swagger Swift Public and documented Deployment heaven Dynamic JSON Internet ofThings NoSQL Web server JavaScript framework Big Data in memory REST Platform API documentation No Java So lets take a sec to do a check on all the tech in the pink spec.
  18. 18. REST APIs Docker GraphQL IFTTT? Domino Domino React.js Redis Strongloop Swagger Node.js Public and documented Deployment heaven Dynamic JSON Internet ofThings NoSQL Web server JavaScript framework Big Data in memory REST Platform API documentation No Java Bait and switch I hear you natter. Just add Domino and the world looks a whole lot better.
  19. 19. BIG D little d What begins with d?
  20. 20. Design Thinking
  21. 21. OMG how could it be, applications allowed to remain looking this ugly
  22. 22. Deliberate design allows Devin to delight users daily
  23. 23. To talk about design go mob Bob (there should be no prob)
  24. 24. BIG E little e What begins with e?
  25. 25. Empathy
  26. 26. Unless someone like YOU cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not DEV USER USER USER
  27. 27. Every day in every way the applications you share show just how much you care. USERDEV
  28. 28. Never ship sh*t As you’ll only be a hit if you can admit that you never ever quit until you find how to get your customers to goWOW
  29. 29. BIG F little f What begins with f?
  30. 30. Forensics
  31. 31. Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple
  32. 32. There are a few solutions that are for free, the perfect price for you and me.
  33. 33. Catalog is there for all who care, so go take a stare.The chances are these applications are not going away any day until your users have had a say.
  34. 34. If all you’ve been told is your applications are old there is no need to go cold about the amount of gold needed for a new mould. Now is the time to start thinking bold
  35. 35. What better way to add someWOW than bring together HCL and Red Pill Now By HCL and Red Pill Now
  36. 36. We’re working hard so you don’t have to Which is why we say there is no need for a fuss. Simply leave the complexity to us
  37. 37. BIG G little g What begins with g?
  38. 38. GraphQL
  39. 39. Jason is cool but json is better So just what could be even better than better?
  40. 40. REST APIs are fine if your needs are fixed. Fixed input provides fixed output
  41. 41. GraphGL: The data I want in the format I need
  42. 42. BIG H little h What begins with h?
  43. 43.
  44. 44. Only you can control your FUTURE
  45. 45. Never say never! Cause I remember when they said there would never be a Domino 10
  46. 46. BIG I little i What begins with i?
  47. 47. Internet of Things
  48. 48. If you never did you should. These things are fun. And fun is good.
  49. 49. Thing 1 has a dome home in Rome able to be controlled from a shiny chrome comb
  50. 50. Thing 2 thinks its better by far to have for oneself a connected car
  51. 51. For Notes the future is no longer tied to e-mail. The connected engaged office will become the next holy grail
  52. 52. So now is the time to get out the books and learn to program web hooks
  53. 53. If the Internet of Things is your Thing come listen to Peter & Keith do their thing The Internet of (Notes) Things Peter Presnell & Keith Strickland Wednesday 9:00 AM Sun Room (Sun Deck)
  54. 54. BIG J little j What begins with j?
  55. 55. JavaScript
  56. 56. When we talk about programming languages there are a zillion and one
  57. 57. But inside your garden variety browser there is just one
  58. 58. And now we hear that Node.js for Domino will soon appear.
  59. 59. The careful selection of the right javascript framework will help you succeed. Yes indeed (98¾% guaranteed)
  60. 60. Red Pill Now’s product have Polymer at its core. But every day there are more and more. Which one is best is difficult to say, so just pick one today and begin to play and you will say hip hip hooray
  61. 61. BIG K little k What begins with k?
  62. 62. K is for Kito
  63. 63. K is for Keith
  64. 64. Kito and Keith are kool kids from Red Pill Now. They uses tools like Kendo and Polymer to create kontrols that make there customers say WOW!
  65. 65. Awesome web apps need awesome controls. Buying them straight out of the box lessens our need to break into Fort Knox
  66. 66. BIG L little l What begins with l?
  67. 67. L is for Loopback
  68. 68. A loopback connector for Domino is likely to appear any day. At least that’s what they say. Which makes it more likely your investment in Domino is going to pay k-connector-domino
  69. 69. Its not about what it is, its about what it can become
  70. 70. BIG M little m What begins with m?
  71. 71. MicroServices
  72. 72. Microservices is a clever way to say stick all your Notes code into agents. Do it today without delay to deliver yourself a big pay day
  73. 73. BIG N little n What begins with n?
  74. 74. Node.js
  75. 75. When it comes to writing code. The time has arrived to start learning node
  76. 76. BIG O little o What begins with o?
  77. 77. Office Graph
  78. 78. The secret to staying connected in a connected world is more than Connections. We need connected data and connected connections
  79. 79. SQL has Joins
  80. 80. NoSQ L has Graph
  81. 81. Domino has ODA Graph
  82. 82. Graph for Search
  83. 83. Graph for Navigation
  84. 84. BIG P little p What begins with p?
  85. 85. Progressive Web Applications
  86. 86. Progressive Web Applications Are: Progressive (duh) Works for every user, regardless of browser choice
  87. 87. Progressive Web Applications Are: Responsive Fits any form factor: desktop, mobile, tablet, or whatever is next.
  88. 88. Progressive Web Applications Are: Connectivity Independent Enhanced with service workers to work offline or on low-quality networks.
  89. 89. Progressive Web Applications Are: Fresh Always up-to-date thanks to the service worker update process.
  90. 90. Progressive Web Applications Are: Safe Served via HTTPS to prevent snooping and to ensure content hasn't been tampered with
  91. 91. BIG Q little q What begins with q?
  92. 92. Quality Assurance
  93. 93. Your code will never qualify unless you can quickly quantify the quality of every query without any question.
  94. 94. The testing can go on forever and ever unless you can find the magic lever.
  95. 95. Begin at the end and end at the begging Test Driven Development
  96. 96. Bitbucket Pipelines, Bamboo and Selenium all work together to test, build, and deploy code no matter the weather Continuous Integration
  97. 97. BIG R little r What begins with r?
  99. 99. Wherever your Notes data goes it is still the best. Especially when you choose to surface it with REST
  100. 100. DDS is one way and SmartNSF one other and Red Pill Now has yet another DDS Red Pill Graph API
  101. 101. BIG S little s What begins with s?
  102. 102. Swagger
  103. 103. “All APIs should be public and documented” Sounds good to me, where do I start? Well using Swagger would be smart to turn all your REST APIs into a work of art
  104. 104. BIG T little t What begins with t?
  105. 105. TypeScript TS
  106. 106. If you object to a language without objects then TypeScript is for you. Adding annotations, classes and interfaces to JavaScript is quite new but certainly something long overdue. Oh the things I’ve been through if only you knew till this came out of the blue.
  107. 107. BIG U little u What begins with u?
  108. 108. User Experience
  109. 109. To read a book written by the great Dr Seuss provides more than a story, it’s a total experience
  110. 110. While it’s not always possible to make applications this much fun. It is important to ensure the UX is well done.
  111. 111. BIG V little v What begins with v?
  112. 112. Voice Input
  113. 113. Alexa is artful Google is great Siri is stunning and Cortana’s my mate Having a digital assistant was once very distant but soon your users will become quite insistent
  114. 114. BIGW little w What begins with w?
  115. 115. Web Components
  116. 116. Custom Elements is a good start </>
  117. 117. But the Shadow DOM is the real fun part
  118. 118. HTML Imports form part number three
  119. 119. And HTML Templates are so cool, I sure hope you agree
  120. 120. These Web Component Frameworks work… Even for Turk
  121. 121. BIG X little x What begins with x?
  122. 122. * Official web site unknown XPages Philippe
  123. 123. When the road ahead looks like this we must ask ourselves if things are amiss
  124. 124. By 2025 the number of people able to speak Klingon will exceed the number of active XPages developers Now 2025 Source: The same anonymous sources often quoted by the fake mainstream media who are trying to make XPages look bad
  125. 125. We will always remember Phil As the man who tried to push XPages over the hill
  126. 126. BIG Y little y What begins with y?
  127. 127.
  128. 128. Javascript seems to have a package for this, and a package for that, a package for you, and a package for me, a package for Horton, and one for uncle Morton.
  129. 129. When the stories you are telling are of packages out of control, its time for a yarn to make yourself whole.
  130. 130. BIG Z little z What begins with z?
  131. 131. Oh the things that you can do when you have the glue that joins together the application zoo
  132. 132. Zapier is one
  133. 133. And IFTTT is another
  134. 134. Perhaps Domino 2025 will be yet another?
  135. 135. There you have it from A to Z I hope you agree that there is a lot for you and me to make our Notes data the best it can be.
  136. 136. Radical By Design