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IBM Connect 2016 Recap


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A recap of the key announcements from IBM Connect 2016

Published in: Technology

IBM Connect 2016 Recap

  1. 1. Conference Summary IBM Connect - 2016 Orlando
  2. 2. Connections Next
  3. 3. Consistent header for quick access to important people and groupsMail moves to a card interface Persistent access to calendar Connections and Verse now integrated into a single seamless interface Available On- Premise 2nd Half 2016
  4. 4. Quickly see all your interactions with specific people across the social platform Actions and follow-up items
  5. 5. Action Center An IBM Connections version of notifications
  6. 6. Cognitive Watson Adds Tone Analysis for Verse Demonstrates one of many ways in which cognitive computing (Watson) can be applied to add value to mail.
  7. 7. SmarterCalendars Analysis of meetings and their health accompanied by recommendations
  8. 8. PersonalAssistant Recommendation on how best to handle meeting conflicts based upon an analysis of attendees
  9. 9. PersonalAssistant Identification of key text turned into single click actions
  10. 10. PersonalAssistant Identifies potential matches stored in cloud file store Message text linked to a potential action Message text linked to a potential action
  11. 11. CalendarIn-box Invitations ordered by date of event not time of arrival
  12. 12. Mobile Many of the same features and look and feel brought to native mobile applications
  13. 13. 3rdPartyIntegration Integration with BOX for Cloud Storage. IBM may struggle to establish a market position that ensures Connections Files gains widespread support an integration. Integration with BOX and others may reduce the risk of building data silos.
  14. 14. 3rdPartyIntegration This list alone is pretty impressive if IBM can deliver
  15. 15. Project Toscana
  16. 16. Project Toscana is potentially IBM’s answer to slack.
  17. 17. Road Map
  18. 18. Improved touch support Support for retina displays Windows 10 Java 8 Improved calendar interoperability (with winmail.dat) Template updates Notes 10 2nd Half 2016 Support for modern devices is a game changer keeping Notes client applications usable for a few more years.
  19. 19. IBM Mail support for Outlook GA (aka Project Hawthorn) Store database views outside NSF Support Microsoft file types (e.g. winmail.dat, message, mail) JVM 8 Domino 10 2nd Half 2016 A few nice enhancements. The big news is the expansion of Domino to provide on- premise Verse.
  20. 20. Java 8 and latest versions of Bootstrap, DOJO, CK Editor, ACF, OSGI Document encryption and signing Relational data sources Responsive Design (Bootstrap) Integration with Bluemix (Deploy directly to Bluemix) Open sourcing of (most) code Domino Designer 10 2nd Half 2016 Some much needed catch-up to incorporate the latest versions of other products now integrated into Domino.
  21. 21. Verse Offline IBM Mail support for Outlook (aka Project Hawthorn) Safari on El Capitan Edge on Windows 10 Improved interoperability with Exchange calendar Administrators Can Control ACLs of mail files Connections Cloud 1st Half 2016 Will be useful to more people with Outlook client and access from Mircrosoft and Apple’s browsers.