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Countdown to Domino 2025


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With Domino 10 scheduled for release later this year, and both IBM and HCL executing their vision for Domino beyond 2025, it's time to start thinking about the opportunities that exist for all those Domino applications built years ago. In this session we will provide a list of practical tips, techniques, and actions that you can apply to your Domino environment to better prepare your applications for what lies ahead. There has never been a better time to apply care and attention to those applications that have served us so well.

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Countdown to Domino 2025

  1. 1. The Countdown to #domino2025 Devin S. Olson Master Solutioneer – Red Pill Now The New Chapter Begins #domino2025 ThiloVolprich CEO –TeamTechnology
  2. 2. Our top things to prepare for Domino 2025
  3. 3. Have a strategy
  4. 4. Find the right applications To change the perception of Domino
  5. 5. Identify owners Owners, developers, SMEs, documentation will all be needed at some stage
  6. 6. Find your most used applications And show some love
  7. 7. Eliminate unwanted views Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication Copy Of By Category Another Copy Of By Category By Category 12091989 Backup copy of By Category By Category (Old)
  8. 8. Document web elements It helps to understand what is already web-enabled
  9. 9. Locate/create templates Then add them ALL to SCM
  10. 10. Find quick wins e.g. impacts every user, mobile
  11. 11. Throw out unused code Its only going to get in the way!
  12. 12. Eliminate unused views Actions speak louder than words $Collection
  13. 13. Create “google-ready” address fields When was the last time you printed mailing labels? StreetAddress1 + “ “ + StreetAddress2 + “ “ + City + “ “ + State + “ “ + Zipcode
  14. 14. Establish template inheritance Database and design elements
  15. 15. Implement Microservices Place code in agents, separating the back-end from the front-end
  16. 16. Implement Master Data Management You’re entitled to your own opinion, but not your own set of facts.
  17. 17. Stop using hidden design! It’s the work of the devil!
  18. 18. Get an iPad Domino 10 demands it!
  19. 19. Sorry, it’s on-premise first Its really OK if you see no no clouds in your (Domino) future
  20. 20. Retire unused applications Focus on what’s important
  21. 21. There are three kinds of people…. Those who can count and those who cant
  22. 22. Our top things to learn for Domino 2025
  23. 23. Docker Just Sayin
  24. 24. A JavaScript framework Just pick one!
  25. 25. React.js Can’t decide? Pick this one
  26. 26. oAuth This is BIG
  27. 27. Traveler There’s some really cool sh*t coming
  28. 28. Eliminate conflicts Don’t wait for IBM/HCL to do it! It’s simple @IsUnavailable ($Conflict)
  29. 29. Modern development tools Eclipse and Java will not be a focus in 2025
  30. 30. Brush up on your LotusScript Finally some love is being shown
  31. 31. Our top things NOT to do before Domino 2025
  32. 32. Start learning XPages There was a time, but that ship has now sailed
  33. 33. The countdown has started Start preparing for your future #domino2025 ??
  34. 34. Collaboration is supposed to be FUN