Social media it's business


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Social media it's business

  1. 1. Image by FreePixelsDesign
  2. 2. What was oncemade forsocializingwith friends….Image by
  3. 3. Has become a toolforImage by Nick Amoscato: Flickr
  4. 4. When you take social computingand apply it to the workplace, youget:more of individualsmorebetter alignment of your businessprocessesImage by Detlef Schobert: Flickr
  5. 5. Socially rooted tools lets uscollaborate among colleagues andexperts (that) we might nototherwise have access toImage by Megan Broeren: Flickr
  6. 6. With that said it is obvious thatonline networking is becomingincreasingly important in theworkplaceImage by Linkhed
  7. 7. 96% of employed Americans goonline/use email/own a cellphone.The are known as theWired and ReadyWorkersImage by Megan Morris: Flickr
  8. 8. 1/5 of wired workers arerequired to respond to work-related emails outside of work½ of Blackberry and PDA userssay the sameImage by Leon Lee: Flickr
  9. 9. What about networking forcontacts?Image by thetaxhaven: Flickr
  10. 10. “The most popular use of onlinetools by companies is to recruit andpotential employees”Image by U.S Navy: Flickr
  11. 11. In fact 56% of companies usesocial media to find candidatesImage by K Latham: Flickr
  12. 12. Which explains why LinkedIn nowhas more than 150 million users.Image by Shekhar Sabu: Flickr
  13. 13. 68% of employers have hiredcandidates based on favorableonline profilesImage by Calita Kabir: Flickr
  14. 14. Having a “walled garden” for asocial media presence is not longerfavourableImage by: Vancouver Lookout
  15. 15. “Establishing transparency,personal brand and authenticity,are the keys to success in todayscompetitive job search”Image by Jake Liefer: Flickr
  16. 16. From the workplace toschool, social media has becomean essential part of teamcommunicationImage by Australian Sports Commission
  17. 17. Schools, teachers and coachesare adapting and using whatsocial media has to offerImage by Ajari: Flickr
  18. 18. Google docs is about collaborativeplanning and writing, workingsimultaneously with other studentsImage by Daisy Christine
  19. 19. Sports teams use Facebook groupsto coordinate and communicateto kids and talk to kidsImage Taylor Michael: Flickr
  20. 20. Restaurants use it to enticediners.
  21. 21. Businesses dont just promoteproducts, but build followings.
  22. 22. The discussions often lead toactions,Image by: Ali de Bold: Flickr
  23. 23. We can conclude that social mediais for just forsocialization
  24. 24. It has infiltrated the workplace andbecome an essential part of ourjobsImage by: One Laptop per Child:Flickr
  25. 25. All images are under the creativecommons free to use/share/modifyagreement.Sources: Flickr & Google AdvancedImages
  26. 26. Sources••••••••