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Media Comm Theory


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Media Comm

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Media Comm Theory

  1. 1. Redmund Joseph D. Tocle BACR 2-1 Kabisera One theory that is shown in the film is the Elaboration Likelihood Model. And it is shown in the scene where Andres uses one of the two routes to persuasion and in the case of Andres, he uses the central route because he first determine the merit and contemplate the possible consequences and also choose whom to give his trust. If you will remember, he deeply think if he will sell those prohibited drugs and become rich while their lives are endangered while on the other hand is to keep the prohibited drugs and be contented on the life they have and they can live without any worry. Another one is when Andres was forced to give Money to Jose without thinking after his son was a victim of an accident done by his best friend Jose just to force him to sell more prohibited drugs. And I know that it’s for Jose’s own personal use only. Another theory is the Social Penetration Theory. It is shown in the first part of the movie where Andres and Jose were really good friends with each other. They are friends since they were a kid. They know what each other’s wants and dislikes. They even share the same perception which is “ Wala akong konsiyensiya”. Because of the relationship they had for several years, the trust has built to both of them that’s why Andres really entrust the selling of prohibited drugs to Jose. Another theory is the Uncertainty Reduction Theory. It is shown in the somewhat, middle part of the film where at the market, Andres was there and he saw Paolo, a police on their place, on that scene clearly they were strangers to each other because they did not even talk to each other until Jose introduce him to Paolo. After Paolo introduced Jose to Andres, eventually after entrusting the selling of those prohibited drugs on Jose, Andres was shocked that Paolo have an idea on what they are doing and at first he has a doubt on him, but as time passes by they get also along with each other and even Andres gave more trust to Paolo that to his best friend Jose. Shift One of the theory that was clearly shown in the movie entitled Shift was the Uncertainty Reduction Theory. It was shown when Estella (portrayed by Yeng Constantino) was working on the call center industry and she was new in the business so she needs a lot of things to know and also a lot of things to discover on herself. She also needs to learn a lot of techniques on this field so, their TL or their Team Leader assigned Trevor (portrayed by Felix Rocco) to be her guide as well as her partner as long as Estella is still on this field. They see each other every day, they talk to each other every day, and both of them are enjoying the company of each other. They became friends until Estella felt different feeling about Trevor, which Trevor doesn’t have really an idea about it.
  2. 2. Another Theory shown is the Attribution Theory. Obviously on the latter part of the story that it is evident that there was a hard feeling for Estella. She is having a hard time on what is her emotions about Trevor. Her feeling really causes a lot of changes on her attitude and on her performance in her job. And all of this is happening because of her feeling towards Trevor. While Trevor really doesn’t have really an idea about it, and every time they see each other, Trevor seems to open up issues about his boyfriend, that’s why Estela was really really hurt. Another theory shown here is the Expectancy Violation Theory. It is evident that Estella really fell in love with Trevor before the film was ended, and she cannot do anything about it. This is because of the precious time they spent to each other every time. Also because of the amount of time given to them to be each other. Once you are in love to other person, of course you expect them to love you back, but her expectations only brought her disappointments because Trevor doesn’t love her back. Trevor doesn’t know what is the feeling of Estella towards her and he is deeply madly in love with his boy friend. The expectations of Estella was really broken. Blue Bustamante I really love the movie Blue Bustamante because it clearly shows what is really happening nowadays, And one of the theory shown in the movie Blue Bustamante is the Uncertainty Reduction Theory. George(portrayed by Joem Bascon) decided to go to and test his luck in Japan to provide all the needs of his family back here in the Philippines. And in Japan, where he meets Roger( Portrayed by Jun Sabayton) and instantly they become friends. They really get along with each other, they self disclose different information about themselves that’s why they easily accustom with. The uncertainty between Roger and George was reduced when they always talk with each other and also because they both live and share the same house. Another theory shown in the movie is the Expectancy Violation Theory. George went to Japan to fulfil all the needs of his family here in the Philippines. He expected that he will get a engineering job in Japan cause finished an engineering course here in the Philippines. But when he went to Japan, he did not able to meet his expectations because different job was waiting for them in Japan. Instead of having an engineering job, he got a job as a stuntman on a classical television show. At first he doesn’t even happy on his job but once he knew that it is also shown on Philippines and more so, the favourite television show of his son, he became really happy and excited about that. Another theory that is shown in the movie is the Cognitive Dissonance. Before George went to Japan to find a job there, he went to 2 good choices and that is either to stay or to go overseas to provide all the needs of his family. He come up to a decision of going overseas and try his luck there in Japan, but after reaching there in Japan, he find himself unsure and in doubt about the choices he made because of the fact that he missed a lot of important occasion in the
  3. 3. life of his son that made his son really cold on him. His son doesn’t even doesn’t show interest on him anymore because his son was sulking on him. 2. Ganito kami Noon, Paano Kayo Ngayon movie try to present how Filipinos live during the past eras in the Philippines. It also shows what the real condition of the Philippines and what is really happening in our country those times. It shows that in that time, Filipinos really do not have any identity at all, that Filipinos really have an idea that they are the ones who has really the right to call a Filipino not those other nations that just came here. Their minds was fixed that the place where they live will say if you are a Filipino or not, and in the case in the film “Ganito Kami Noon, Paano Kami Ngayon” the people who are living in Manila most especially the Spanish people are the ones who is mostly considered as Filipino. Clearly, at that time, there is still no basis on saying that if you are a Filipino or not. It also presents how different nations treat Filipinos on that time. It also presents new information to everyone that the other nations living in and currently residing in the Philippines consider themselves as a Filipino. And about how Filipinos are treated on the movie, I can say that the movie wants to present in a much lower rank than the Spanish and the Americans on that came here in the Philippines to colonize and invade our nation. And for the theory that shine in the movie “Ganito Kami Noon, Paano Kayo Ngayon” , is the Elaboration Likelihood Model. I think the theory Elaboration Likelihood Model standout more than any theory because of the fact that, there are a lot of characters in the movie that uses both central route and peripheral route. Example is when Nichlas Ocampo( portrayed by Christopher de Leon) decided to marry Matilde Diaz Patron( portayed by Gloria Diaz) just because he loves her and not hinking what Matilde feels about him. Another one is when Matilde went to Don Tibor(Eddie Garcia) without thinking what will Kulas will feel after she left. Filipinos in the movie ‘Ganito Kami Noon, Paano Kayo Ngayon” don’t have any idea that they are really the ones who is realy the Filipinos and not those Spansish. They use theor peripheral route because they are just accepting what the Spanish are saying that they are the true Filipinos which is not true.