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This is a budget proposal that I drafted for review by the DeSales Student Government Association (SGA). As a result of the budget proposal and a subsequent presentation before the board, the SIFE team secured $1500 in funding toward an August 2007 SIFE trip to Peru.

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Peru Budget Proposal

  1. 1. 2007 AUGUST EXPEDITION TO PERU SGA BUDGET REQUEST PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Organizing a new expedition to Peru in order to finalize and execute certain key projects introduced during the last trip. The overall purpose of this expedition is to further the mission and philosophy of DeSales University by drawing from the teachings of St. Francis de Sales regarding the practice of service and Christian Humanism as a means of aiding the human community. PRESENTATION OBJECTIVE: To obtain funding from SGA to help subsidize the costs of air travel to and from Peru. REASONING FOR BUDGET REQUEST: Previous trips to Peru were made possible by funding from a Federal Business and International Education (BIE) grant that we assisted in writing as well as funds received from successful participation in previous SIFE competitions at both the regional and national levels. However, we have exhausted the BIE grant written for work in Peru and the SIFE competitions will not take place until the 2nd half of the Spring semester. BOLSTERING EXISTING RELATIONSHIPS: While in Peru, the expedition team plans to grow existing relationships with: • ProWorld Peru- an NGO based out of Urubamba, Peru, which does various tourism, commerce, and service projects with local villages. The DSU team would perform service projects like stove building and assist various villages with the development of ecotourism and agrotourism to develop long-term sustainability. • Heifer International- a non-profit organization that facilitates the village of Cuchuma in its efforts to assist with various aspects of communal living and to provide for a greater overall standard of living. DeSales would assist with building greenhouses, lambing, and schooling. The team would also help the village develop a viable business plan as it seeks to promote Cuchuma as an attractive tourist destination. • IDESI- a microfinancing agency based out of Lima and Ayacucho, which affords Peruvians the ability to establish and maintain business through microfinancing loans. IDESI needs help in promoting local artisans and merchants, so they can sell their products and thus be able to pay off their loans. • Universidad Peruana de Ciencias- a university in Lima that has a partnership with DeSales University. Students would further relations with the school and seek to establish an exchange program between the two universities. DEVELOPING NEW RELATIONSHIPS: The expedition team will seek to establish new relations with other NGOs, financing agencies, service organizations, and potential import/export partners by further exploring previously targeted areas and expanding into new regions of Peru. -1-
  2. 2. PROMOTION OF DESALES UNIVERSITY: Representatives of DeSales University will continue to promote the school’s image and brand in the following ways: • Students will be expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with university policies and guidelines. • Promoting DeSales University o WLVT PBS 39’s TEMPO! has covered major developments in the Peruvian exchange since 2004 when UPC sent students to visit DeSales.  Both Erin Michaels and Andrew Smith of WLVT traveled with the most recent expedition team to experience the program first-hand as well as to collect footage and conduct interviews.  When the piece was aired this past September, Father Bernard O’Connor was interviewed in studio by Amy Dougherty on the impact of DeSales’ work with Peru.  WLVT has expressed interest in producing a one-hour national documentary covering all details of the program as long as funding can be secured through grant writing.  Students will take a video camera on the 2007 expedition to collect additional footage and conduct interviews with everyone that DSU SIFE has connected with during previous trips. • This will be used as a primary method for measuring the impact of all prior work in Peru. • All footage will be made available to WLVT PBS 39 in hopes of producing another TEMPO! segment in 2007. • If such occurs, DSU SIFE will promote SGA’s support for the continuation of the Peruvian exchange program. o Continued branding of DSU in previously targeted areas as well as newly selected areas. o Donation of DSU admissions materials such as “Be Well Bands,” banners, and posters. o Donation of laptops, lambing equipment, etc. to help advance each organization’s goals.  Materials to be collected from Upper Bucks Vo-Tech School, DSU, and the Fowler Center o Distribution of DVDs with footage from prior expeditions to be used as marketing tools.  Materials to benefit IDESI, ProWorld, and Heifer International. CUCHUMA TOURISM PROGRAM: The Heifer Project International has assisted the village of Cuchuma in organization and promotion of the communal aspects in the town since 2003. Still, Heifer only has a commitment to the villagers through 2007. Before the organization leaves, DeSales needs to assist both Cuchuma and Heifer in finalizing a business plan for attracting tourists to its eco-lodge. IMPORT/EXPORT PROJECT: Groundwork for the import/export project was laid during the previous trip, but needs to be finalized and executed in order to generate a return on prior work. Carrying out this project will provide for crucial hands-on business experience for students and will provide financial assistance to the village of Cuchuma and artisans in Ayacucho. Steps include: • Purchasing large quantities of handicrafts at Peru’s low market price, then transporting them back to the US for use as samples for marketing to local merchant shops, fair-trade organizations, or even the DSU Campus Store. • Selling initial product supply to potential merchants. • Linking Cuchuma and IDESI clients directly to organizations in the US, so they can experience independent sustainability. o All proceeds from initial sales will be used to purchase supplies such as greenhouse supplies, lambing equipment, and artisan equipment, which may then be exported to Cuchuma and Ayacucho. QUICK FACTS & PROJECTED AGENDA: • The expedition will be open to all full-time students at DeSales who are willing to help finance a portion of their own trips. -2-
  3. 3. • Results and measurements gained during the trip to Peru will benefit all of the 52 registered SIFE members, especially in their preparation leading up to the 2007 SIFE regional competition in Philadelphia. • Students need not have previous experience in Peru to join the expedition. However, there will be a minimum of one to a maximum of two team members with prior Peru experience joining the trip to provide leadership and direction. • A minimum of one person who is fluent in the Spanish language will be selected. • Applicants will be chosen for participation in the expedition by SIFE advisor Dr. Martin McMichael and seniors on the SIFE team. • Expedition will be opened up to the student population upon notice of funding in order to give prospective travelers enough time to secure passports and properly prepare. • Participants will be expected to pay for certain costs associated with the trip such as personal expenses, food, and lodging. • Trip to provide hands-on experience in service, networking, management, marketing, finance, international affairs, and countless other areas. • Expedition to cover roughly 1,000 miles in two weeks during winter break. o Tentative target cities- Lima, Cusco, Urubamba, Yanaconas, Chicon, Cuchuma, Raqchi, Puno, and Arequipa o Anticipated expedition dates- August 2, 2007 to August 16, 2007 CONTACTS IN PERU: DeSales SIFE has established various personal and organizational contacts in all concerned areas of Peru: • Fina Noriega- UPC- has assisted in every single detail of all previous expeditions- Lima • Juan Carlos- IDESI- Will assist in details pertaining to import/export and microfinancing- Ayacucho • Enrique- Travel Guide- has assisted, helped plan, and hosted DSU SIFE on all expeditions- Cusco • Gabriela - Heifer- has assisted and helped plan DSU SIFE’s interaction with Cuchuma since day one • Adam s- ProWorld Peru- assists in DSU SIFE’s relations in Urubamba, Yanaconas, and Chicon PROJECTED COSTS: • Roundtrip airline tickets from Newark to Lima & Lima to Cusco- approximately $1,000/person with tax • All other expenses- roughly $300-$500/person for two weeks SGA FUNDING REQUEST: • $2,000- Once again, only to help offset some air transportation costs SIFE FUNDRAISING: • $300 from Peruvian note card sales • $500+ from awards and grants to be received at April 2007 SIFE regional competition in Philadelphia • $1,000 from the Sam Walton Fellow Award received in September 2006 ADDITIONAL YEARLY SIFE EXPENSES: • Regional Competition in Philadelphia: o A minimum of four hotels rooms at the Marriott (where the competition is) o Food for roughly twelve SIFE members plus faculty advisor- one night, one day o Transportation- renting two DSU vans for roundtrip • National Competition in Dallas (if applicable): o A minimum of four hotel rooms at the Marriott (where the competition is) o Food for roughly twelve SIFE members plus faculty advisor- four nights, three days -3-
  4. 4. o Transportation- roundtrip airline tickets to Dallas plus transportation to and from airports at both locations -4-