2006 SIFE Annual Report


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This annual report was primarily designed for review by judges at regional and national SIFE competitions. The annual report highlights some of the DeSales SIFE team's projects from the 2005-2006 school year. After the competition, annual reports were utilized as a marketing tool.

I completed all aspects of the annual report, including design, layout, and writings.

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2006 SIFE Annual Report

  1. 1. About DeSales: DeSales University, founded in 1965, is a private, liberal arts college of 2,730 graduate and undergraduate students located in Center Valley, Pennsylvania. The suburban campus was formed by the Oblates of Saint Francis de Sales and is affili- ated with the Roman Catholic Church. Its student body fea- tures representatives from 11 different states and six other countries. In its first four years of existence, DeSales Univer- sity SIFE has become interna- tionally recognized. About DSU SIFE: National Competition 2003 Participants at Kansas City 2005 3rd Runner-Up in Semifinals Regional Competition 2003 Champions at Philadelphia 2004 2nd Runner-Up at DC 2005 Champions at Philadelphia 2006 Champions at Philadelphia Special Honors & Awards 2003 Regional Rookie of the Year 2003 National Rookie of the Year 2004 DSU Club of the Year 2005 Top 20 Team in USA SIFE Peruvian Green Housing 2006 DSU Club of the Year Criteria: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 2006 Global Student of the Year  Provided the villagers of Cuchuma with vinyl for 12 new greenhouses at a cost of $89 each dur- ing our second trip to Peru in May 2005. Individual Topic Finalists  Yielded a 300% per year increase in produc- 2005 Entrepreneurship tion, greatly improving the variety of agricul- 2005 Free Markets & Economics tural products their climate is able to support. 2006 Market Economics  Bolstered Cuchuma’s promotion of the entire 2006 Financial Success Skills village by furthering its ability to share crops. 2006 Long-Term Sustainability 2006 Financial Literacy  Enabled families to generate approximately 2006 Entrepreneurship $120 per year in profits after providing for both themselves and other villagers. More Financial Success Criteria: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6  Educated Bethlehem Catholic High School students on the importance of setting finan- cial goals, managing money wisely, and microfinancing third-world entrepreneurs.  Accomplished a 73% increase in knowledge of legislation among local high school students by way of the second annual “Senator for a Day” program with PA State Senator Rob Wonderling.
  2. 2. Business Advisory Board: The Hon. Charles Dent International Week Pennsylvania District 15 United States Congressman Criteria: 1, 2, 5, 6  Brought together a large number of academic departments and student organizations for the Mihaila Dinu school’s second annual International Week to further campus awareness of globalization. Vice President  Exposed both undergraduate and MBA students to over 50 different cultures with campus- Romanian-American University wide events, such as the Parade of Nations, ethnic cuisine nights, and cultural performances.  Emphasized our nation’s increasing connection to global economies through presentations. Dean Erlandson RESULTS of International Week student survey: Vice President of U.S. Sales Binney & Smith  38% are bilingual  69% would live or work overseas Scott Fainor  82% feel globalization is important in today’s world President Keystone/Nazareth Bank & Trust Unilever Expanding Horizons Criteria: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 Nancy Fickert  Hosted Micole Bautista, a top global advisor for Unilever, on campus to teach undergraduate/ Director MBA students about proper etiquette in order to achieve success in international business. Ridgecrest Care Facility  Discussed methods of gaining valuable knowledge and experience in the international sector.  Experienced an 84% growth among students in their knowledge and understanding of global- Dr. Bill Hunter ization as a result of the program, which was hosted in conjunction with DSU Career Services. Director of International Study Lehigh University Megan Lewis Director, Mid-Atlantic Region Heifer International Sebastian Otero Senior Commercial Analyst AMCHAM Peru Fina Camet Piccone Directora Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Ardath Rodale Chairperson Rodale Press The Hon. TJ Rooney World Bank/Microfinance Pennsylvania District 133 Criteria: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Pennsylvania State Representative  Imported Cuchuman handicrafts to sell them in the US rather than Peru for greater profits.  Upon selling the goods, 100% of earnings are then sent back to Cuchuma Harold Rosen  The program will teach and initiate global entrepreneurial success skills that Grassroots Director World Bank/IFC the villagers can use to make their business sustainable in the long-run.  Traveled to Washington, DC to meet with Harold Rosen, Grassroots Development Director for William Stump the World Bank/International Finance Corporation, on furthering our import/export business. Vice President of Innovation  Expanding our project to provide microfinancing opportunities. Rodale International  Combined our efforts with Pro World Service Corps, the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias, Heifer International, and the Asociacion Nacional de Institutos de Desarrollo del Sector Infor- Ray Suhocki mal, a consortium of 10 microfinance lenders in Peru, to apply for a $500,000 grant through President the World Bank, which would aid third-world entrepreneurs as a result of microfinancing. Lehigh Valley Econ. Dev. Comm. Dining for Success Joe Tallarico Criteria: 2, 3, 5, 6 Director of Strategy  Continued to educate the campus community by teaching 40 students, soon to enter the profes- Unilever sional job market, the importance of proper etiquette and behavior in a fine dining atmosphere.  Instructed participating students on the process associated with social networking while dining.  Improved the knowledge and understanding of those attending undergraduate students by 68%.
  3. 3. Faculty Advisory Board: Glad-Ideaters Arena: Experience for Life Dr. Martin Brett Co-SIFE Faculty Advisor Criteria: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Sport Management Program Globally-aware > Leaders (who are) > Agile >Duty-oriented > Imaginative > Determined > Empa- thetic > Accountable > Team-oriented > Entrepreneurial > Responsible > Strategic thinkers Dr. Joseph Colosi Associate Professor  Created a competition for high school students with the task of innovating entrepreneurially Natural Sciences Department and globally ethical programs that generate sustainable income for the village of Cuchuma. RESULTS of Glad-Ideaters student survey: William P. Dwyer, Jr. Associate Professor  100% agreed upon the necessity of a good character Business Dept./MBA Program  93% understand the need for people to be able to trust them  95% feel honesty is an important part of all business relationships John Dickson  Taught and mentored over 60 students from four local high school teams on the importance of Director Act 101 practicing virtuous business standards during the second annual Glad-Ideaters competition.  Assisted each competing high school in raising approximately $2,500, which will then be ap- Dr. Galen Godbey plied towards existing projects in order to aid Heifer International’s support of Cuchuma. Assistant to the President  Sending the DSU SIFE Glad-Ideaters winner, Bucks County Vocational Technical Agricul- International Globalization tural Institute, to the USA SAGE (Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship) Cup in New York, where it will present its winning project, which provided Cuchuman villag- Dr. Tahereh Hojjat ers with the tools and education necessary for lambing. Associate Professor Business Dept./MBA Program Michael J. Krajsa Co-SIFE Faculty Advisor Business Dept./MBA Program Dr. Mohamed Latib Vice President MBA Program & Strategic Dev. Dr. Joe Lewis Chairman Business Department Dr. Francis Mayville Operation Sheep Support Associate Professor Criteria: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Natural Science Department  Involved in the second of a five-year mentoring relationship with Bucks County Vo-Tech Ag- ricultural Institute for the purpose of teaching its students the value of financial success. Dr. Susan McGorry  Educated students on the need to create budgets for purchasing supplies, medicines, and feed. Associate Professor Business Dept./MBA Program  Purchased five female sheep with the intention of breeding them over a five-year period.  Offspring will be sold to generate revenue. Dr. Stephen Myers  All proceeds will then be donated to Heifer International. Chairman  Raised over $1,000 to buy lambing kits, including tools and supplies, such as scales, ear- Humanities Department tagging devices, elastrators, vitamins, shearers, trimmers, and various instructional materials.  Developed English/Spanish PowerPoint presentations to teach villagers about lambing tools. Dr. Scott Paul  These instruments are revolutionizing the villagers’ animal husbandry practices by Chairman increasing sheep reproductive rates and improving genetic lines. TV/Film Department  During our March 2006 trip, we discovered that the villagers had used the donated tools and educational devices to train themselves and others. Joyce Rhoads  Two former presidents of Cuchuma have been named Supervisors for the Animal Department Secretary Business Department Health Authority in charge of recording data and overseeing the lambing process.  Assisted Heifer International’s goal of providing families in Cuchuma with a ewe for breeding. Dr. Amy Scott  Bucks County Vo-Tech continues to make presentations to corporations about its Heifer pro- Co-SIFE Faculty Advisor ject and raised an additional $250 from Greene Thread, a NASA contractor, to further its work. Business Dept./MBA Program  Maintained communications with Cuchuma and provided additional supplies in hope of train- ing them to develop an independently self-sustainable program for the long-run.
  4. 4. Efforts & Impressions: Aid through Microfinancing 310 SIFE Hours 856 People Reached Anti-Piracy Campaign 764 SIFE Hours 120 People Reached Crazy Eddie Ethics Seminar 35 SIFE Hours 258 People Reached Dining for Success 36 SIFE Hours 62 People Reached Glad-Ideaters 275 SIFE Hours 1,400 People Reached Import/Export Project 237 SIFE Hours 1,129 People Reached International Week 105 SIFE Hours 1,300 People Reached Money Management at Becahi 35 SIFE Hours 92 People Reached 2002-2003: Developing a Stronghold on Campus Operation Sheep Support  Sales: $747 (Fundraisers through SIFE, Best Buddies Club, the Spanish Club, and the Environ- 1,300 SIFE Hours mental Science Club) 651 People Reached 2003-2004: Establishing Relations with Peru Senator for a Day  Grants: $1,500 (Neusch) 25 SIFE Hours 126 People Reached 2004-2005: Building a Nationally Recognized Team Unilever Expanding Horizons  Grants: $97,000 (Federal Business and International Education (BIE) for Peru, Neusch, the 39 SIFE Hours State of Pennsylvania, the Century Foundation, Walgreen’s, Student Government Association) 59 People Reached  Sales: $2,248 (Peruvian Note Cards, Glad-Ideaters Program)  Total: $99,248 Media Coverage: 2005-2006: Aiding the World through Microfinance  Grants: $167,500 (Federal BIE for Peru, Federal BIE for Romania/Germany, HSBC, Wal- DeSales Magazine green’s, Trexler Trust) 12,000 Circulation  Sales: $3,600 (Import/Export Business, Peruvian Note Cards, Glad-Ideaters Program)  Total: $171,100 The Minstrel 6,000 Circulation 2002-Present: Total Four Year Fundraising History & Beyond  Grants: $266,000 (Neusch, Federal BIE for Peru, Federal BIE for Romania/Germany, the State The Morning Call of Pennsylvania, the Century Foundation, Walgreen’s, SGA, HSBC, the Trexler Trust) 641,340 Circulation  Sales: $6,595 (Fundraisers, Peruvian Note Cards, Glad-Ideaters Program, Import/Export) Prevention Magazine  Total: $272,595 11 Million Circulation  Pending Grants: $500,000 (World Bank Grant Modeled After European Union Proposal) WFMZ TV 69 The following administration, faculty, and student body members approve and support the activities of DSU SIFE: 2.2 Million Viewers  Dr. Joseph Lewis, Chairman, DeSales Business Department WLVT, PBS TV 2.6 Million Viewers  Michael Krajsa, Instructor, DeSales Business Department & MBA Program  Joshua Lee, Junior, DeSales University