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Diversity - Not Just a Gender Thing


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"Common sense is not so common." Slides by Vicki Pickering on how you can help your board develop cognitive diversity.

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Diversity - Not Just a Gender Thing

  1. 1. Cognitive Diversity? 2 People from other countries? Brexit Diverse support for high performing teams Team building Belbin Myers-Briggs To you, to me, to others?
  2. 2. 3 People thinking differently >Sources of differences > Gender > Ethnicity > Age > Upbringing > Education > More…? >Differences > Personality types/traits > Shy, extrovert, pragmatic, risk taker… > Styles of working, learning > Team worker, leader, lone thinker…
  3. 3. 4 Thinking differently In essence we need to have a diverse mix of people and thinkers on our Boards to avoid group think, tunnel vision, staying in comfort zones. We all have our own ways of thinking and working styles. Many categories, patterns, and ways of thinking e.g. > Insights - Colours > Red, Yellow, Green, Blue > Belbin – Team roles > Shaper, Teamworker, Coordinator, Implementer, Specialist etc. > Myers- Briggs > ENTJ, ISTJ, INTP.. A mix of Thinking, Judging, Performing, Introversion etc.. > Deloitte’s Business Chemistry > Pioneers, Guardians, Drivers, Integrators
  4. 4. 5 Working for Cognitive Diversity Look beyond the great & good Look beyond the nearly retired Work with sponsor to find Company nominees Consider all sources of diversity Identify skill gaps & strengths Own unconscious bias ??? Shape of the role? Thought provoking, open interview questions Person spec? Fit with Team - quiet life or challenge?Thoughtful role description Diverse selection panel. Smile be welcoming ? MND’s - advertise to all members, encourage enquiries
  5. 5. 6 Gaining value from cognitive diversity Managing a diverse team is challenging and can be uncomfortable: > Publish meeting papers in good time, highlight key areas for discussion, allow time for considered discussion > Get to know colleagues, think about their work styles, how to balance and encourage to speak up. > Be inclusive, foster dialogue, even constructive argument – advisors with contrarian views can add some ginger! > Encourage respect for different views, remember, it takes courage to voice a minority view. Build trust. > Get to know the introverts, draw out their thoughts and ideas. The lone voice may be the one to listen to! Don’t rush to judgement. > Manage the dominant thinkers. Be a ‘devil’s advocate’ to develop argument > Away days for Board to work together, ask for feedback on how meetings run, have Board reviews.