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The Internet of Things - Solutions to Drive Business Transformation


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The Internet of Things - Solutions to Drive Business Transformation - Sharath Hosagrahar, Lead Architect, Red Hat Global Partners & Alliances Organisation

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The Internet of Things - Solutions to Drive Business Transformation

  1. 1. The Internet of Things: Solutions to Drive Business Transformation Sharath Hosagrahar Lead Architect, Red Hat Global Partners & Alliances Organisation 8 October 2015
  2. 2. What is Internet of Things (IoT) Smart sensors | Smart grids | Smart metering | Telemetry Billions of interconnected smart devices and machines measuring, collecting, analyzing and sharing useful information Also known as: Intelligent systems Industrialized internet Industry 4.0 Machine-to-Machine (M2M)
  4. 4. Enterprise Fundamentals Still Count RELIABILITY LIFE CYCLE SECURITY
  5. 5. Red Hat IoT Foundation
  6. 6. Enterprise IoT Architecture
  7. 7. • Military-grade security hardens field devices, minimizing hacking threats (SE Linux) • Highest-level security certifications from government and industry bodies support compliance • Red Hat product security response team corrects 98% of critical vulnerabilities within 24 hours • Automated configuration and updates, including security patches through Red Hat Satellite and subscription management services • A predictable and stable lifecycle simplifies maintenance of systems and devices deployed in field Security, Management, and Lifecycle
  8. 8. • Container app portability enables developing in cloud or on laptop and deploying on any tier—physical, virtual, cloud • Develop once, then share or reuse same app services across tiers • Red Hat OpenShift and container tools increase productivity DEVICE TIER GATEWAY TIER DATACENTER TIER Accelerate IoT Development
  9. 9. Bridge between IT and OT by streamlining many data formats and velocities: • Process and act on data at scale • Reduce latency and bandwidth • Apply real-time decisions locally • Transform IoT data and connect with enterprise systems • Control and manage millions of IoT devices Intelligent Gateway Control Data
  10. 10. JBoss A-MQ Gateway Device Device Device MQTT MQTT MQTT STOMP STOMP AMQP AMQP AMQP • Manage connections • Support for multiple protocols like MQTT, STOMP, AMQP • Ability to translate between protocols • Automatically detects client protocol, determines what broker to pass the connection to based on protocol, load, etc. • Hybrid configuration Aggregate IoT information
  11. 11. IOT data Enterprise Service Bus (Mediate, Transform, Route, Connect) JBoss Fuse Messaging Platform (Multi-protocol, Multi-platform) JBoss A-MQ Unlock information Analyze IoT/Big Data Aggregate and Analyze IoT Information Data Integration (Virtualize, compose, connect) JBoss Data Virtualization Enterprise apps Data stores Hadoop/ Big Data
  12. 12. Lightweight business rules engine for decision-making and control /automation at the edge Split-Second, In-Field Decisions to Enhance IoT Solutions
  13. 13. Decision Management (Design, Automate and Execute Business Rules) JBoss BRMS Analyze in realtime (Predictive maintenance, Optimize supply chain and more Respond in Real Time IOT data Enterprise Service Bus (Mediate, Transform, Route, Connect) JBoss Fuse Messaging Platform (Multi-protocol, Multi- platform) JBoss A-MQ
  14. 14. IoT Datacenter Infrastructure
  15. 15. RESULTS: • Millions of secure transactions through active data protection and security • Recorded, Invoiced to trucking companies. • Tolls collected and immediately deposited to treasury Real-world Business Transformation: Trucking Toll Collection
  16. 16. RESULTS: • New architecture changed business approach, enabling the collection, transmission and transformation of data to automate actions and meet regulatory requirements. • Additional value to rail customers: Increased safety, speed controls, predictive maintenance, efficiency improvements, reduced costs. Real-world Business Transformation: Smarter Train Technology
  17. 17. Creating an IoT Ecosystem Hardware: OEMs ODMs Embedded Device Mfgs. Vertical Applications: ISVs SIs Data Management: Analytics Reporting
  18. 18. Red Hat in the Apache community • ActiveMQ • Camel • CXF • Karaf • ServiceMix • QPID Red Hat in OASIS • MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT): • Advanced message queuing protocol: Red Hat community • Fabric8 project: More Information
  19. 19. Thank you
  20. 20. Red Hat Forum 2015 Energize Your Enterprise