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UOAA Plans Book

  1. 1. Alumni Association Plans Book !Grant Allen Andrew Helms Dan Marting Scott Wooley
  2. 2. Table of Contents Sitation Analysis 4 Objectives 10 Recommendations 11 Target Audience 13 Creative Brief 15 Media Plan 17 Schedule 21 Budget 22 Evaluation 231 2
  3. 3. “Sitting in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, Oregon’s Autzen Stadium isone of college football’s hidden jewels. Before kickoff, Autzen is as peaceful asthe Willamette River, which runs through Eugene just a few minutes from thestadium. After kickoff, the fans – even the alumni – forget who they are, wherethey come from and what their degree is in. The audience adopts a new collectiveidentity for the next three-and-a-half hours: the 12th, 13th and 14th man.Autzen’s59,000 strong make the Big House collectively sound like a pathetic whimper. It’slouder than any place I’ve ever been, and that includes “The Swamp” at Florida, Executive Summary“The Shoe” in Columbus and “Death Valley” at Louisiana State. Autzen Stadiumis where great teams go to die.” – J. Brady McCullough, The Michigan Daily. The University of Oregon Alumni Association is struggling to stay relevant to Oregon Alumni. The UOAA has explored many different ways to reach out to Alumni from direct mail to Facebook. It is a mix of messages leaving Alumni not sure how the UOAA can add value to their lives. This is the main problem for the UOAA. Which has lead to an unacceptable membership rate for the number of Ducks around the world. There is a way to bring the Oregon Alumni together no matter where they are today. It is through a sense of pride in their alma mater. The University of Oregon has gained national recognition in the last few years because of its outstanding athletic programs. We found that this pride of being a duck fan has reminded those who have moved on from Eugene what “Go Ducks” truly means. We see this as the strongest opportunity for growth of the Alumni Association. Oregon Alumni across the world have something they can grab onto from Eugene, the Ducks. Team WHAM is dedicated to using the national recognition and pride of the Oregon Ducks to bring the value of the UOAA to all Oregon Alumni.3 4
  4. 4. Situational Analysis Product The University of Oregon Alumni Association (UOAA) is a membership based network for Promotion alumni. The UOAA is a strong professional network which provides opportunities for alumni to jumpstart their careers. Unfortunately, the UOAA is underutilized by alumni with a Current promotions are almost entirely packaged with discounts to NW retailers. Many of membership rate of approximately 7% of UO alumni. Alumni can purchase annual or lifetime these discounts seem like low-value coupons that could easily be passed up by most members memberships. Of the 16,000 current members, 6,500 are life-time members and 9,500 are annual and have little or no relation to the UOAA brand values. The UOAA advertising executions members. The UOAA is not a leader among alumni associations. The desired membership for all include easily overlooked pamphlets in the Duck Store, electronic on-screen banner ads at alumni is 20%. Current members of the UOAA have listed net working, pride, UO events and sports events and local TV spots. opportunites, and store discounts as the top reasons for joining the Alumni Association. Sales are best in the fall (football season) and spring (graduation). Place Price UOAA memberships are sold at their Ford Alumni center headquarters, on their website, Annual Membership Lifetime Membership at various Duck Store locations and at graduation events on campus. Memberships are not available for purchase through any third party retailers outside the university. Memberships can Regular Regular be purchased at the information desk inside the Duck Store. Memberships are well advertised Individual - $55 Individual - $750 and easy to find through the UOAA website and sponsored graduation events, but presence Joint* - $65 Joint - $1,000 in the Duck Store is much more subdued. While Alumni Association employees are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about membership information, retail employees at the Duck Young Alumni (within 4 yrs of graduation) Young Alumni (within 4 yrs of graduation) Store do not seem to know much besides what paperwork to fill out. Individual - $35 Individual - $375 Joint - $45 Joint - $5005 6
  5. 5. SWOT WeaknessesSituation: Strengths - Lacks the desired relationships - Connect with network of Alumni - Low membership rate (7%)Competition - Discounts/ Coupons - Cost is not viewed as equal to - Events to bring Alumni together benefits - Strong athletic fanbase - Lack of benefit awarnessThe UOAA faces competition within the UO from donations to the AthleticDepartment and charitable gifts to the University. Alumni see both of these Opportunities Threats - Networking opportunities - High cost of membershipexpenses as giving to the UO, so they fail to see the need to connect with the - Well supported athletics - Low priority vs. other billsUOAA. - Diehard Fans - Lack of interest - Sell importance of being a DuckOutside of the UO the UOAA competes against other yearly memberships like through sportssports clubs or social clubs (country clubs, yacht clubs). These clubs can oftenplay a bigger networking roll in peoples lives, because they are things closer tohome and used on a more daily basis. If alumni are already spending money onclubs like these that have a daily impact on there lives than they are not goingto be as inclined to spend money on the UOAA for just networking.7 8
  6. 6. What is the problem or opportunity Single most important thoughtThe UOAA is unable to “hook” non-members with their current promotions. Current members rank Duck fans are some of the most passionate college sports fans in the nation.networking as top priority, but that is why they are the current members. The active Alumni that are The UOAA should be the ones that bring them together and unite them innot part of the UOAA already are active because of the pride in the university and in our teams. This support of there University of Oregon Ducks.is where the highest opportunity is for new members. If you have great events related to that then therelationships and networking will follow. Will attend an Oregon Athletic event after graduationPlan to stay connected with the University of Oregon 98% Through Athletics 93% Tailgate before Games 76% 81%9 10
  7. 7. Objectives Recommendations Focus on gaining and retaining members through Oregon athletics Become THE tailgate for home football games Engage target audience on Social Media Target PK Park as tailgate location (big screen, concessions, kid friendly) Increase UOAA presence at home athletic Hold sport specific events events Connect with alumni through Social Media Position the Alumni Association as the best way Give away tickets and admission to events on Social Media to to “Be a Duck” after donning the cap and gown encourage connecting with the UOAA online Launch a Podcast and Forum on the Alumni Association website11 12
  8. 8. Target Augence Demographic M/F 21-26 year-old University of Oregon Students and alumni Why 21- 26 These students are coming to the end or have already moved on from their college career. With the stress of finding a job and relocating, they need to be able to continue their passion for the UO. These individuals are young and hold social events in high regard. Being provided with an opportunity to unite with other Duck alum and share their enthusiasm for the schools athletic endeavors is essential. Psychographics Our primary targets are UO seniors and recent grads who take pride in representing their school and do this primarily through athletics. These students are approaching (or past) graduation and feel that the way they can stay involved with the UO is through sporting events. Sporting events are a place where they can come together with others that share their passion and become united Influence on Behavior through UO athletics. Athletic events provide an opportunity for alum to come back to their college Our primary target audience is no stranger to everything that is new media and how it affects their behavior. They are influenced by their social lives, online browsing and of course social media. experience; a vacation from daily life. Because enthusiasm for UO athletics is spread wide Our target is also influenced by the amount of time they have in a day. We need to make sure we throughout the university, the department with the largest student populations would be targeted provide the information to them as to why our event is worth their time. The media needs to both (business, arts and sciences, education, journalism). Oregon athletics is the glue that bonds alumni grab the attention of our audience and give enough information to show the benefit of our events. to our university. With the soaring success of the Ducks football program in the last couple years, the opportunity to capitalize on sports fans has never been higher. Win The Day isn’t just appli- cable for the football team. It is the spirit that brings Ducks, past and current, together.13 14
  9. 9. Creative Brief Problems Lack of awareness of what the Alumni Association does Viewed as a donation, not a membership Objective Increase UOAA membership from approximately 7% to 20% in 7 years Targets audience seasonally Background Desired Thought The UOAA is a network of UO alumni that desire to stay connected The advertising should bring Ducks together through with the university. Members enjoy networking events, football watch sports. It should make the audience feel that the UOAA parties, and discounts to a variety of northwest retailers. Retaining is the best way to be a Duck for life. The audience needs members can be difficult when members do not realize the value of be- to believe that the Alumni tailgate is THE tailgate for ing a Duck for life. home football games. Competition The UOAA faces competition within the UO from donations to the Most Important Thought Athletic Department and charitable gifts to the University. Alumni see Duck fans are some of the most passionate college sports fans in the nation. both of these expenses as giving to the UO, so they fail to see the need to The UOAA should be the ones that bring them together and unite them in connect with the UOAA. support of their University of Oregon Ducks.15 16
  10. 10. Media Plan Social Media Twitter and Facebook will be used to promote this event. They will be used to build the hype for Civil War games and the different UOAA events that go along with that. Ticket giveaways and other freebies will be used to attract people Online to check regularly. Twitter and Facebook are the best way to reach our target audience. Providing incentives to check Online ad space would be used to get people to the Social Media outlets and encourage interaction on these platforms back with the UOAA social media will create regular traffic. with promotional ads. We would post banner ads on the sport specific sections of goducks.com along with the Oregon Why? Ducks section of oregonlive.com. The strategic use of social media will allow those interested in University events will feel a part of a community. It is the UOAA fan base that we will encourage to grow and bond through these outlets. It also allows UOAA members Why? that are not on campus to feel apart of what is going on at Hayward Field, Matthew Knight Arena, Autzen, and PK By placing banner ads that click through to the UOAA website’s list of events on these pages, UO enthusiasts Park. If they are looking to come to Eugene, they will be up to date on what events the UOAA are holding for fans will be channeled directly to the events that they are interested in. Once on the UOAA website, there is a greater before, during and after the competition. likelyhood that Duck fans would explore the services and offerings that the UOAA provides. Execution Execution Tweets: 1. Come to the Ford Almuni Center and collect your #FanSwag! #UOAAEvents 2. Pac-12 T&F Championships at Hayward! Cheer with your fellow Ducks! #UOAAEvents #GoDucks 3. Want to see the Ducks beat Cal at Autzen? Free Tickets for the best Duck Gear! Send us a pic of your DuckPride! #GoDucks #FreeTickets #UOAA 4. Need #DuckGear for the Game? There are some new T’s and Hats from the #UOAA Like us on Facebook for #Fan- Swag 5. We are watching the game at Taylor’s today! Come in your #DuckGear #FreeFood #FanSwag #UOAAEvents 6. (TwitPic) Look at this #DuckGear! #GoDucks! Can you get on their level of #DuckPride? 7. Come to the Ford Alumni Center beofe the Game at MATT Arena for #DuckGear #FreeFood #FanSwag #UOAAe- vents 8. It’s Alumni Day at PK Park! Come watch the Ducks and enjoy all things Baseball with fellow Alum! #FreeFood #FanSwag #UOAAEvents #FreeTickets 9. 2. Tailgate with your fellow ducks outside the Ford Almni Center before the Spring Game! #UOSAAEvents #Free- Food #FanSwag 10. Who is in #TrackTownUSA for the Olympic Trials? Meet up with Alumni before and after events at the Ford 17 18 Alumni Center! #FreeFood #FanSwag #UOAAevents #GoDucks
  11. 11. Media Plan Events Print Football The UOAA has great tailgates at all away games, but are less visible at home. Holding a large tailgate and pep rally Posters hanging around campus will in Eugene reaches a much larger fan base than away games. The proposed tailgate at PK Park would turn into a watch be used to create awareness of impor- party during the game. The game would be shown on the big screen and concessions would be open to give an authentic tant UOAA events. For example, game feeling. Having a successful home event would increase campus awareness. Basketball advertising the schedule of all Civ- il War games with corresponding UOAA “Duck spirit” events. Getting people to the Civil War events will al- With the new facilities (Matt Arena) and the growing success of the men’s basketball team, the UOAA has a chance to low Ducks to get fired up about the connect with these fans. Holding a pre-game rally at the Ford Alumni center would be a way to get fans together while upcoming games and strengthen their showing off the UOAA’s beautiful facility. The Ford Alumni center is a few steps from the doors of Matt Arena, so get- passion for the UO. If people are ex- ting people there is just a matter of awareness. Once inside, Duck fans can explore the building and play around with cited about Civil War match-ups, they the interactive columns and tables in the lobby. Some swag giveaways mixed with food and drinks would tempt people will look for things to do related to it. to come look around. Creating a “tailgate” sort of event could also make basketball games draw a bigger crowd. The print ads will then also be used to draw Duck fans to the social media where a comprehensive schedule of UOAA events will be shown. Pep Rally Performances (On the Rocks, Dance Team, Band) Why? Car Smash Football Team Appearence Posters can generate a basic level of Pump up Speaker awareness depending on the location and frequency of impressions made on the target audience. With a cre- ative design and strategic placement, a well made poster can draw the target audience to their first UOAA event.19 20
  12. 12. Schedule Budget Print Banners- Two 5ft banners per school Social Media (SOJC, Business, AAA)- $600 Twitter- 5 hours per week Posters- $150/event Facebook- 5 hours per week LinkedIn- 5 hours per week Promotions Fall Term: Football game towels- $3,000 Total- 15 hours per week of Winter term: Coffee mugs + hot chocolate- $885 hourly wage Frisbees- $575 Online Website forum- $195 license + time for set up Podcast- 10 hours per month for production News release style write-ups to be distributed to various University websites- 1 hour/event of hourly wage.21 22
  13. 13. Evaluation Promo ExecutionsSuccess for our social media objectives would be measured by the amount of new followers andinteraction between alumni/students with the UOAA. This can be measured at the end of each month byanalyzing the new connections, mentions, and engagement. A survey should be distributed to students and alumni to measure awareness of the UOAA’s social media involvement.Success for our online objectives will be measured by Podcast downloads and alumni activity on theforums. These tactics are in place to increase alumni satisfaction of keeping up with the university andstaying connected. Additionally, we will measure awareness of our online efforts through thesurvey previously mentioned.We will consider our print objectives a success if students attend our events. The banners in each schoolwill serve as a reminder about the events every time a student enters the building.The ultimate indicator of our campaign’s success will be measured by increasing membership to 20%within 7 years. Our career building events on-campus will show the importance of networks to studentsin attendance. By attending our events, students will see the value in the UOAA network.23 24