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Segovia presentation 2

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Casa de Espiritualidad de Segovia

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Segovia presentation 2

  1. 1. Segovia Campus Diocese of Segovia Bishop Cesar Franco Retreat Facilities
  2. 2. University Campus Living and/or Classrooms • The Diocese of Segovia has a fully operational Retreat (Spirituality) House capable of housing 38 single rooms or 76 doubles for student living for rent. • This space has large kitchens, and laundry. Both services included in pricing. • Within walking distance of IE University offering classes in English. • Perfect facility and location for Spanish Immersion program, those studying Spanish History or Mysticism.
  3. 3. Segovian Historic Sites Alcazar Castle 2000 year old Roman Aqueduct
  4. 4. Walking distance to IE University ie.eduWorld Renowned Univ. only a 5 minute walk 3rd in the World in Business 4th in Europe 14th in the World Offers all classes in English and Spanish
  5. 5. Universidad Catolica de Avila (45 minute drive) Parking available
  6. 6. Travel to Madrid City of Madrid only 30 Minutes by train 45 Minutes by bus
  7. 7. Catholic Faith Living Daily Mass can be made available for small or larger groups. Segovia’s Cathedral and 5 Roman Catholic Churches within walking distance. Seminarian programs available locally. Located minutes from: St. John of the Cross, Our Lady of Fuencisla St. Jerome’s Monestary
  8. 8. Sepulchre of St. John of the Cross & Our Lady of Fuencisla
  9. 9. Cathedral & St. Jerome Monestery
  10. 10. Views and Courtyard _________________________________
  11. 11. 38 Bedrooms available for Double Occupancy with Private Baths _____________________________________________________
  12. 12. On Campus Classroom Spaces _______________________________________________
  13. 13. Dining Rooms Kitchens _______________________
  14. 14. Chapels__________
  15. 15. Auditorium __________________
  16. 16. Recreation Room__________________________
  17. 17. We Invite you to Try it • As regards to studying in Segovia, we might start with an intensive Spanish Language summer course; the diocese is capable of hosting thirty to seventy- person groups in our spiritual house. In this way interested parties might test the waters before proceeding further. • There are many options that can be customized to and individual University’s needs.
  18. 18. There is a capacity to Expand Seminary to Classrooms for a University interested in long term programs in Segovia
  19. 19. Seminary Chapel 3rd Largest Church in Segovia
  20. 20. American Contact for project • Lizanne Magarity Pando • President, Miraculous Marketing • / @MMLizanne/ 215-778-8451 American Contact for Study Abroad in Segovia, Spain Lizanne Magarity Pando President, Miraculous Marketing / @MMLizanne / 215-778-8451

Casa de Espiritualidad de Segovia


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