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Minas invest global solution

  3. 3. MINASINVEST is an alliance of individuals and corporationscommitted to the sustainable growth of Minas Gerais State,capitalizing on the extraordinary innovative capacities of itspublic- and private-corporate and academic organizations,forming a powerful alliance .MINAS INVEST, along with its strategic partners,leverages the individual firms´initiatives into a larger,targeted program that aggressively promotes thestate’s business development. .By identifying, attracting, promoting, deploying managerialskills and funding companies in strategic industry sectors,MINASINVEST drives the overall success of Minas Gerais’business development strategies.ALLIANCEOFEFFORTS Alliance of skills
  4. 4. Strengthening the Minas Gerais economy through cooperation andprojects, which enhance and enrich the business climate for public andprivate sectors in order to create prosperity for all Minas Gerais.Advocating the business perspective in the shaping of public policy.Encouraging ethical business practices and ensuring the states future aseconomically and socially prosperous.Revitalizing and building the most dynamic economic developmentorganization in the state, providing high caliber facilitating services andprograms.Promoting diversity, cognizant of the value of reflecting our society in ourworkplace, empowering all forms of initiatives to their full potential.Promoting and encouraging the preservation, expansion, and sounddevelopment of new and existing enterprise able to promote thesustainable economic development of the state.MinasInvest goals
  5. 5. MINASINVEST is a highly professional investment promotion organization,specialized in facilitating services to public and private sector clients,particularly to international investors, in potential niches of Minas Gerais andto local firms expanding abroad.MINASINVEST provides value to its clients through strategic insight, resultsacceleration and preferential network access.MINASINVEST is based in the most prestigious area of the capital of the Stateof Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, with easy access to government agencies,major research centers, think tanks and universities, as well as locallyestablished diplomatic and commercial delegations.MINASINVEST encourages a spirit of radicalinnovation and a challenging environment.“The private sector can play an important role towardsfurthering development, for development cannot occurwithout conditions that are amenable to the conduct ofbusiness.” (United Nations)MinasInvest skills
  6. 6. MINASINVEST GLOBAL SOLUTION: locally accumulated skills and networkwith international outreach.INNOVATIONSKILLSPERFORMANCEBUSINESSCLIMATECOLLABORATIONREGIONALKNOWLEDGETAILOREDAPPROACHFACILITATIONNETWORKSTRATEGICADVICEINVESTMENT&GROWTHMinasInvest: a cluster of capabilitiesEnhancing the capacity of localinvestors;Developing policies and strategiesto improve competitiveness;Attracting investments in selectedsectors;Strengthening the negotiatingposition.Providing well-researched investment;Promoting global trade & investment;Identifying elements ofcompetitiveness and radical innovation
  7. 7. The fundamental purpose of MinasInvest is to act in the Minas Geraisinterest by bringing into the state needed capital, technology,advanced managerial skills, and access to international markets.To achieve its goals MinasInvest has been developing enterprisingmechanisms designed to attract foreign investors and to facilitatetheir setting-up business in the state.In order to become more client-oriented with high-quality servicesneeded by investors, MinasInvest has developed closer workingrelationships with the private sector. Through such relationshipsMinasInvest can develop the necessary skills to provide investor-oriented services.MinasInvest is a not-for profit social-economic social-civil organizationof Public interest. Its objective is not the profit; rather, it has togenerate profits for achieving its social purposes, by means ofsponsorships and paid service provision. Remuneration form is to bemutually agreed according to the extension of the services.MinasInvest roles
  8. 8. For accomplishing such a strategic alliance, MinasInvest has incorporated seniorrepresentatives of the private sector on its Council and Executive Board, such as:André Almeida, FDC executive, consultant for UNCTADDamião Paes, director of Fundação Dom Cabral business schoolEduardo Grebler – President of Eduardo Grebbler & Associados – law firmEmb.Carlos Moreira Garcia, Embassador of Brazil in SpainEmerson de Almeida, President of Fundação Dom CabralElísio Baraçal Moura, director of BioVale Energy and LogisticsGilberto Ciro Ferreira, President of Docas Trading & LogisticsGuilherme Emrich, President of Fir Capital and vice-President of FIEMGJorge Perutz, President of American Chamber of CommerceJosé Epiphânio Camillo dos Santos, President of Sucessu (software´s developers association)José Luiz de Santana, senior advisor of Fundação Dom CabralLevindo Ozanam Coelho Santos, partner of Fundo NovarumLindolfo Coelho Paoliello, President of Lindolfo Paoliello Comunicação Social and vice-president of MinasCommercial Association.Luciano Medrado, ex export promotion Advisor of Itamaraty, ex commercial director of Acesita/ArcelorGroup, logistics entrepreneurLucio Bemquerer – partner of Prosper Consultoria, ex Preisent of ACMinasLuiz Carlos Monteiro, President of Cosipar Steel industryOrdélio Azevedo Sette – President of Azevedo Sette law firmPaulo Sérgio Ribeiro da Silva, President of Tora Logística and Usifast Logística (Usiminas Group)Ricardo Guedes, President of Instituto Sensus (National Research Institute)Wagner Veloso, director of Fundação Dom CabralWaldemar Magalhães Lopes Jr., partner of Prosper ConsultoriaWilfred Brandt, President of Brandt Meio Ambientesenior management
  9. 9. PATRON: DR RICARDO GUIMARÃESAmerican Chamber of Commerce – www.amcham.com.brBrazil/US Business Council – www.brazilcouncil.orgFIR Capital – www.fircapital.comFundo Novarum – www.jbpartners.com.brFUNDEP/Federal University of Minas Gerais – www.fundep.ufmg.brFUNARBE/Vicosa Federal University – www.centev.ufv.brPriceWaterHouse&Coopers – www.pwc.comFundação Dom Cabral – www.fdc.org.brAzevedo Sette Advogados – www.azevedosette.com.brGovernment of Minas Gerais – www.sede.mg.gov.brDr Van Dyck Silveira – Managing director of IBMEC - www.ibmec.br/mgInvit Information services – www.invit.com.brThe presence of private sector representatives in its supervisory body providesMinasInvest with immediate feedback regarding the effectiveness andusefulness of its work from the perspective of investors/clients.Cooperation Agreements in place
  10. 10. Attraction of sociallyResponsible InvestmentCorporate sustainedgrowthAttraction of sociallyResponsible InvestmentCorporate sustainedgrowthBusinessclimateBusinessclimatemanagementmanagementServicefacilitationServicefacilitationInvestmentgenerationInvestmentgenerationfostering managerial skills,Sophisticated IT contentManagement , Finance andMarket access, social responsibleAssets, business opportunitiesIdentifying innovative andpractical alternatives, facilitatingthe administrative barriers.fostering managerial skills,Sophisticated IT contentManagement , Finance andMarket access, social responsibleAssets, business opportunitiesIdentifying innovative andpractical alternatives, facilitatingthe administrative barriers.BRIEFINGOFSERVICESHolisticapproachStrategy
  11. 11. FINANCINGFINANCING MANAGEMENTMANAGEMENT SERVICESSERVICESBUSINESSATTRACTIONBUSINESSATTRACTIONAttracting new business investment, locating new markets for MinasGerais’ products and services, promoting the state as an ideal location forliving and working, as well as mobilizing private resources for economicdevelopment.Acting as ONE-STOP-SHOP for all types of needs of the client towardsGovernment, institutions, bankers, corporations, managerial skillsenhancing a sustained growth, investment or re-structuring.SCOPEGlobal SolutionSTRATEGIC ALLIANCES
  12. 12. FINANCINGFINANCING MANAGEMENTMANAGEMENT SERVICESSERVICESBUSINESSATTRACTIONBUSINESSATTRACTIONCapital raising & financial (both in Brazil and abroad)Access to Government incentivesMergers & acquisition, Strategic Divestituresand valuation analysisManagement and Leveraged buyoutsRestructuring and RecapitalizationProject financeAccess fo Multiple forms of capitalGlobal SolutionSCOPESTRATEGIC ALLIANCES
  13. 13. FINANCINGFINANCING MANAGEMENTMANAGEMENT SERVICESSERVICESBUSINESSATTRACTIONBUSINESSATTRACTIONFundação Dom Cabral (FDC), a center to develop executives, businessmen and companies,building integrated educational solutions with them. FDC is focused on forming teams to interactcritically and strategically in companies.FDC believes that company–developing solutions are found in the organization itself. Synergywith companies is the end result of the link between theory and practice, strengthened by theinteractive work of FDC’s technical team.FDC ensures its access to world leading producers of management technology and to the cuttingedge of business thinking.FDC is the national benchmark in its industry, being an active participant in the enhancement ofthe managerial capabilities and overall development of Brazilian businesses.SCOPEManagerial skills: a partnership with FDCGlobal Solution
  14. 14. FINANCINGFINANCING MANAGEMENTMANAGEMENT SERVICESSERVICESBUSINESSATTRACTIONBUSINESSATTRACTIONSophisticated IT tools: IT Governance, IT infrastructure, Performance &business process management, e-business endeavours, Customized @packaged automation (ERP, CRM, SCM, MRP)SCOPEGlobal SolutionSTRATEGIC ALLIANCESCustomized consulting: strategy consulting, innovation management,partnership development, internationalizationEnvironment: bringing environmental concerns and meeting lawrequirments – in partnership with our partner Brandt Meio Ambiente
  15. 15. TARGET: MINAS GERAIS STATE:THE IDEAL PLACE FOR INVESTMENTS IN BRAZILStrategically located in the Southeast region of Brazil:concentrating 78% of Brazilian consuming market .18 million people.Territory greater than many European countries.Third largest South American economy.Excellent infra-structureAbundant energy and modern communication.Modern law on Public-private partnerships,respecting obligations with investors and partners.Expedient and practical action from PublicAdministrationStrong competitiveness for new enterprisesHighly qualified laborMINAS GERAIS State stands at a vibrant moment in its development,introducing entrepreneurial changes, innovation, paradigm shifts, andopenness for consideration of new alternatives and investments.
  16. 16. implementationimplementation goalsInternalcapabilitiesExternalcapabilitiesProfessionalPOOLRoles ofstakeholdersstrategiesAction planResourcesmanagementmonitoringProfessional management
  17. 17. ASSOCIATESProject appraisal, feasibility studiesand benefit-cost analysis ofalternativesFund raisingMonitoring, follow-up of all phasesof project implementationPrivileged access to investmentprojects in its business scopes –facilitating mergers, acquisitions andpartnershipsPrivileged access to public-privatepartnership projects and internationalventure capitalIncome tax deductionINVESTORSProfessional and well-structured projects indesired area of interestDue diligence processSimplified and privileged access to thenetwork of decision makers (public and private)Specialized consulting servicesMonitoring all stages of the projects fromanalysis to implementationInitial local operating supportSpecial National treatmentTender process not applicable (as per Federaland State laws)benefits to Minasinvest partners