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Dentistry Redefined - Dental clinic delhi


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Dentistry Redefined - Dental clinic delhi

  1. 1. Dental Clinic Delhi
  2. 2. Introduction • The center with the plan of offering up-to-date service, with the regular advanced equipment and systems. If you come in the center for normal health check or you want to know about the services, then the knowledgeable supportive doctor, staff with outstanding facility will lead you in the treatment • They also offer you wide selection of elegant dental services using advanced technological modernity including practical expertise in providing Teeth Implanting, Oral Surgery, Smile Designing, and inspire the kids to check out from an early age.
  3. 3. Treatment & Services Implant Dentistry Dental Radiology Cosmetic Dentistry Orthodontics General Dentistry Specialist Dentistry
  4. 4. Implant Dentistry The Process are mainly used in the losing teeth from any disaster. They are used puny metal screw that are preset into the jaw bone through a surgery and then they are ultimately ready to hold fine crafted and modified teeth for good, which improve the personality and boost the confidence. Single Tooth Dental Implant The Multiple Dental Implant Bone Grafting Sinus Grafting
  5. 5. Cosmetic Dentistry These treatment are mainly used to preserve an overall look of teeth and how are They match and tuned on particular faces as well as improve the personality. It has another name called smile makeover . Teeth Whitening Teeth Straightening Bonding Crowns Veneers Shaping
  6. 6. General Dentistry This process are used in the dental health problem and also take care of children dental problem as well. TMJ Treatment Periodontal Treatment Wisdom Tooth Extraction Kids Dentistry
  7. 7. Dental Radiology This technique is used to diagnose the teeth problem by using scan and dental X-ray. Dental X-ray Dental Scan
  8. 8. Orthodontics Tooth Colored Braces Orthodontics For Children Lingual Orthodontics invisalign Orthodontics For Adults Inman align
  9. 9. Specialist Dentistry Endodontic Treatment Maxillo Facial Surgery Prosthodontics Jaw Surgery Full Mouth Rehabliation Temporomanibular joint pain
  10. 10. Address I: S-359 A, Panchsheel Park, Beside Yes Bank ATM & North Point Hospital, New Delhi, India. Address II: A-18, Hauz khas, Near main market, New Delhi, India. Call us: Landline: 011-41077593, 011-26012925, 011-41021732 Mobile: +91 9999201572