Dental tourism


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Dental tourism

  1. 1.    The reason of the patient movement from highly developed nation to other area of the world for medical care and local patient also can have different reasons like to find the dental treatment at a lower cost. The medical tourism is different from the traditional, where patients generally journey from one country to another or for local i.e. from one state to another state, like yourself and your decision for going Delhi for Dental treatment. They show you about the views of existing patients for outside India and Indian who recently availed the service from the clinics. The analysis will help you enhance the success rate over your treatment and the detail of which type of dentistry treatment foreigner and Indian patient want to avail.
  2. 2.  Top dentistry Treatment Services which are most popular in Foreigner Patients  Top Oral Treatments That is Mostly liked to avail from Indian Patients  Major Causes Of Visiting Dental Clinic In Delhi Of Indian and Other Nations Patients.
  3. 3. On the basis analysis of online search, patient’s data from top Delhi dental clinic and survey on several forum and health portal collected a reliable data ratio of visiting cause in Delhi for oral treatment  55% of Patients visited in Delhi’s Dental Center for Dental Implant.  25% of patients visited for Cosmetic Dentistry especially for smile-makeover  15% of medical tourists availed the endodontic treatment like root canal treatment  Only 5% of people liked to check their dental health with general examination oral hygiene
  4. 4. Implant Dentistry Cosmetic Dentistry Endodontic Dentistry General Dentistry
  5. 5. Let us see that the comparison of favorite dentistry treatment of Indian patients, which is totally different from info Graph – A to Info Graph – B As Below Info Graph - B show the basic difference of Indian patient’s and foreigner’s patient’s preferences, when Indian Patients like to try mostly cosmetic dentistry services like teeth whitening, veneers, teeth scaling and smile designing where as foreigner liked implant Dentistry.
  6. 6. The major factors of knowing the patients behavior of local areas and foreigner is different and ask some certain question from patients why they are willing to visit to avail treatment from Delhi Dentist, and also found that reason were different . The Following Chart are speaking the whole story about how the oral health preference and activeness can be different
  7. 7. As you can see the above graph , which show about the foreign patients reviews about Indian dentistry why it for and also this show about their preferences and awareness over dental health.
  8. 8. Address I: S-359 A, Panchsheel Park, Beside Yes Bank ATM & North Point Hospital, New Delhi, India. Address II: A-18, Hauz khas, Near main market, New Delhi, India. Call us: Landline: 011-41077593, 011-26012925, 011-41021732 Mobile: +91 9999201572