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Lou Glazer_Opportunity Dividend Summit


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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Lou Glazer_Opportunity Dividend Summit

  1. 1. The Opportunity Dividend Summit Presentation Outline Lou Glazer, President, Michigan Future, Inc. 1. Only short term fix: full employment, expanded safety net 2. Itʼs about regions, not cities • labor markets are regional • transportation • movement of non poor in and out of cities 3. Without major expansion of safety new, sustainable reduction in poverty is dependent on marketable skills for jobs with above poverty level compensation 4. No evidence we know how to develop those skills at scale • non training related barriers: mental health, substance abuse, stable housing, low literacy • work identity • staying employed, not just getting hired • ability and willingness to enroll in training • foundation skills 5. We know how to provide technical training for those without the above barriers 6. Better prospects for children: real progress in urban education Outline for CEOs for Cities Presentation 03/02/10 Lou Glazer, President Michigan Future, Inc.