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Greg landsman

  1. 1. The Strive Partnership Every Child, Every Step of the Way, From Cradle to Career October 4, 2010
  2. 2. Building a Cradle-to-Career Civic Infrastructure Coordinating Action to Support Student Achievement • Early Childhood Leaders • District Superintendents • College and University Presidents • Community Funders • Business Leaders • Service Providers The Goals Working together along the educational continuum to drive better results in education so that every child is Prepared for school, Supported inside and outside of school, Succeeds in school, Enrolls in some form of postsecondary education and Graduates and enters a career.
  3. 3. Seven Priority Outcomes Coordinating Action to Support Student Achievement • Kindergarten Readiness • 4th Grade Reading • High School Graduation • College Preparedness (ACT Scores) • Postsecondary Enrollment • Postsecondary Completion Tracking Results in Education In 2008, the Strive Partnership launched an annual report card that provides a snapshot of the community's efforts and progress towards its goals. The Report Card lays out youth development and education data for Cincinnati, Covington and Newport.
  4. 4. Priority Strategies Teacher and Principal Excellence • Superintendents, Teacher’s Union, Colleges of Education Deans, Providers • Recruitment, Training, Hiring, Evaluation, Professional Development • Urban Educator Coalition Linking Community Supports to Student Achievement • Collaboratives (i.e. Student Success Networks) • Tutoring Recruitment Campaign Postsecondary Enrollment, Retention and Completion • Promise Compact Scholarships • College Access and Retention Network
  5. 5. Supporting Strategies Promote Data Driven Decision Making • Annual Community Report Card • Learning Partner Dashboard • Portfolio of Continuous Improvement Trainings Advocacy and Funding Alignment • Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Social Innovation Fund • Cradle to Career Advocacy Agenda • Stand for Kids
  6. 6. Strive National Community Engagement Partnership Sustainability Innovation & Impact Fund Six Sigma Action Planning Data Management System Create Network of Providers around each Priority Communications Plan Engaged Leadership Community Vision Governance Structure Develop Cradle to Career Vision & Partnership Collaboration and Capacity Building Investment and Sustainability Select Priority Strategies Scan of Existing Resources Community Level Outcomes Evidence-Based Decision Making
  7. 7. Lessons Learned from National Implementation Meets pressing need: no more silver bullets Leadership, commitment and engagement of anchor leader is critical: necessary but not sufficient Communications: defining the unique reasons for being and the partnership’s alignment with current and past efforts Readiness Criteria: we cannot underestimate the challenges associated with this work and need to be honest about demands Technical Assistance: must be customized and fluid
  8. 8. Connect Web: Twitter: @strivetogether Facebook: Strive Together Email: Phone: 513.929.1145