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Twitter Analytics: Michele Hinojosa, Red Door Interactive


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Presentation from Michele Hinojosa, Director of Digital Analytics at Red Door Interactive on Twitter Analytics.

Topics include: Twitter research for competitive intelligence, hashtag and network analysis, download, export and backup tools, Twitter account measurement using Twitalyzer and Klout and tracking Twitter links back to your website.

Originally presented at Social Media Masters Twitter workshop in San Diego (2/11/2011)

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Twitter Analytics: Michele Hinojosa, Red Door Interactive

  1. Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />Twitter Analytics<br />
  2. Agenda<br />Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />Twitter research for competitive intelligence:<br />Twitter advanced search, Search engines (Google, Topsy)<br />Hashtag and network analysis:<br />The Archivist, Tweetake, Twapper Keeper<br />Download, export and backup tools:<br />Tweetake, The Archivist, Twapper Keeper, TweetBackup, Backup My Tweets<br />Twitter account measurement:<br />Klout, Twitalyzer<br />Tracking Twitter links back to your website<br />Campaign tracking in Google Analytics<br />
  3. Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />Note: We will be focusing primarily on free or inexpensive tools. There are a variety of analytics and social monitoring solutions available for several thousand dollars per month, but we will be focusing on: <br />Twitter analysis (rather than social media monitoring) and <br />At what can be done with less.<br />
  4. About me<br />Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />Michele Hinojosa <br />Director of Digital Analytics at Red Door Interactive … and a total geek! <br />Previously Manager of Web Analytics at Kelley Blue Book<br />Originally from Australia (so forgive the random spelling of words)<br />Active in the web and social analytics community on Twitter as @michelehinojosa<br />
  5. Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />Competitive intelligence &Twitter search<br />
  6. Twitter Analytics for Competitive Intelligence <br />There are two basic ways to look at what others are doing on Twitter:<br />, including Advanced Search<br />Search engines <br />Traditional: Google<br />Social: Topsy<br />Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />
  7. Twitter and Advanced Search<br />Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br /><br />Tweets containing specific words, hashtags, specific Twitter users etc.<br />Date limitations:<br />While there is a “Since This Date” and “Until This Date” feature, you’ll find no results if you go too far back. <br />Typically Twitter will only retrieve back 4-7 days.<br /><ul><li>Useful for the “here and now” but not historical tweets.</li></li></ul><li>Search Engines<br />Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />You can treat as any other site, and search via Google.<br />Search within a site or domain:<br />Google will often go back further than, as it has indexed the actual web page that the tweet appeared on.<br />However, you can’t decide to see tweets by a user. Anything that mentions them will come up organically.<br />
  8. Topsy<br />Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />Topsy is a search engine specifically for the social web.<br />You can search within a specific user, as well as searching specifically for tweets that contain photos.<br />Their archive starts May 2008, but many users report seeing and retrieving archived tweets from earlier also. <br />
  9. Exercise<br />Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />Conduct a Google Search for tweets on a topic of interest to you.<br />Remember: <br />Search within a site or domain:<br />Option to narrow to a regional area.<br />
  10. Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />Hashtag analytics, archives and exports<br />
  11. Hashtag Analytics<br />The Archivist allows you to create an archive of a specific search or hashtag.<br />Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />The Archivist desktop version<br />The Archivist web version<br />
  12. The Archivist<br />Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br /><ul><li>Two versions: </li></ul>Desktop<br /><ul><li>Pros: Can export the search results to analyse data in (for example) Excel.
  13. Cons: Will only collect data while the tool is running, and a search only goes back approximately a week (due to Twitter’s own limitations.) However, you can export weekly and keep an offline archive.</li></ul>Web<br /><ul><li>Pros: Your archive will continue collecting at all times (program does not need to running.)
  14. Pre-built visualisations, dashboard type view.
  15. Cons: Can’t Export.</li></li></ul><li>The Archivist<br />Exporting to Excel using the Desktop version:<br />Exports:<br />ID, Sender’s username, Time, Date and the actual text.<br />Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />
  16. The Archivist<br />Why export?<br /><ul><li>Analyse time/date of tweets within a hashtag. </li></ul>Can help to plan day and time of tweets to 1) reach maximum followers and/or 2) maximise retweets.<br />Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />
  17. The Archivist<br />Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />Why export? <br />Create visual word clouds.<br />For example: [Free!]<br />
  18. Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />Other sources for Tweet Downloads/Backup<br />Tweetake:<br />You can download tweets by you, to you, those of your followers and those you follow, including Direct Messages.<br />Rich data:<br />Actual name of the user <br />(as they’ve entered into Twitter)<br />Their username<br />Their location<br />Their Twitter bio<br />URL for their profile image<br />The tweet date and time <br />Full tweet text<br />
  19. Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />Other sources for Tweet Downloads/Backup<br /><ul><li>Twapper Keeper</li></ul>Create a #hashtag, keyword or @person archive<br />Export available<br />TweetBackup:<br />Lets you back up your sent tweets.<br />Export to CSV only for paid accounts<br />Backup My Tweets:<br />Free, if you tweet about the service.<br />Export feature currently not working.<br />
  20. Worth noting<br />All Twitter analysis, export and backup tools rely on Twitter, and how willing it remains to allow these services to piggy-back on its API. <br />While there are many services out there to create a web-based archive of your tweets, a search or hashtag, the benefit of keeping an offline archive is that you are not at risk of Twitter discontinuing certain access to these tools (and thereby losing your archive!)<br />Export of the raw data also allows manipulation in Excel, or advanced analysis in statistical packages such as SAS or SPSS.<br />Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />
  21. Exercise<br />Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />Using The Archivist (Web), create an archive of a hashtag you are interested in.<br />Don’t know what hashtag people are using for your topic?<br />Browse or search Twitter/Google/Topsy for a keyword, and see what hashtag people are using in those tweets.<br /><br />OR<br />Use Tweetake to download an export and view in Excel:<br />
  22. Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />Measuring Twitter success<br />
  23. Twitter Account Measurement<br />There are a variety of services out there to help you measure your Twitter presence.<br />We’ll focus on two:<br />Klout<br />Twitalyzer<br />Why should you care?<br />Assuming you are spending efforts on Twitter, these analysis tools can tell you whether you are growing your connections, engaging with them and achieving your goals.<br />Tracking your social media efforts back to your website can round out a holistic picture of the success of your efforts.<br />Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />
  24. Klout<br />Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />Klout score is based on over 35 variables:<br />Exact details behind Klout scores are hidden to avoid “gaming” the system.<br />Variety of metrics:<br />Klout Score<br />Amplification: Likelihood that your content will be acted upon<br />Network: Engagement with network<br />True Reach: Size of your engaged audience<br />Influence Matrix/Classification. E.g. Celebrity, Feeder, Observer, Dabbler, Conversationalist etc<br />
  25. Twitalyzer<br />Large number of metrics, customisable to what you care about and want to view. <br />Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />Impact: <br />Number of followers I have<br />Number of references to me <br />Frequency of unique retweets of my tweets<br />Frequency at which I retweet<br />Frequency of my posts<br />Note: Twitalyzer brings in Klout score<br />
  26. Twitalyzer<br />Ability to set goals:<br />Comparisons:<br />Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />
  27. Twitalyzer<br />Recommendations<br />Network Explorer:<br />Interactive network map<br />Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />
  28. Twitalyzer<br />Network activity<br />My activity<br />Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />
  29. Twitalyzer<br />Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />Sentiment Analysis<br />Ability to change the termsthat classify tweets as positiveor negative.<br />Note: Automated sentimentanalysis is not well developedin any solution. Computers can’t yet interpret sarcasm and context like people can. (Think of how often a person misinterprets an email or tweet – let alone a computer.) <br />E.g. This tweet is classified as negative because of use of the word “fail”: <br />@evanlapointe: @michelehinojosa you couldn't fail! May be interesting to see what the community could put together to help agencies, though<br />
  30. Exercise<br />Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />“Twitalyze” your username<br /><br />Username: **************<br />Password: ******************<br />Once you sign in as this account, under “Profile any Twitter user”, enter your ownusername. <br />When Twitalyzer pulls up yourinformation, click “Add @yourusernameto your accounts”<br />
  31. Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />Tracking Twitter traffic to your website<br />
  32. Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />Tracking social media back to your website<br />It’s more simple than people realise to track Twitter traffic back to measurable outcomes on your website. You don’t have to technical!<br />By tagging the links you post in social media, you can analyse on-site behaviour well past the click.<br />Do they visit the site?<br />How many pages do they see? Which pages?<br />How much time do they spend?<br />Do they complete a goal? (e.g. make a purchase, download a whitepaper)<br />Which social media channels are more successful? <br />Which specific posts are more successful?<br /><ul><li>Utilises your analytics tool’s campaign tracking.</li></li></ul><li>Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />Tracking social media back to your website<br />We are using Google Analytics as an example, but you can do this in any web analytics tool.<br />Just need to tailor the campaign tracking to what the specific tool you use requires. <br />Tagging social media links for Google Analytics involves including additional variables in the URL:<br />Traffic source (e.g. Twitter)<br />Traffic medium (e.g. Social)<br />Campaign Name (e.g. growanalytcareer – shortened version of the tweet/blog post)<br />Campaign Content (e.g. careerdev) – you can use Content to group/roll up certain types of posts.<br />
  33. Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />Tracking social media back to your website<br />Google has a URL builder:<br />Enter the URL you’re linking to, plus campaign variables: <br />Campaign Term is only for Paid Search <br />Now, instead of putting into or, put this full campaign URL into your URL shortener. <br />When the traffic comes through to GA, it will carry through the full referrer information you have selected. <br />
  34. Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />Tracking social media back to your website<br />“But Google Analytics already tells me the traffic source was Twitter. Why do I need to bother?”<br />Not all Twitter clients carry through Twitter as the referrer. For example, TweetDeck is a desktop client, and traffic through TweetDeck will appear to be Direct to Site.<br />Campaign Content allows you to group types of posts, so you can analyse the effectiveness of different types of posts.<br />E.g. Links to articles vs. links to videos vs. links to image galleries.<br />You can also look at Source + Content to see if Twitter vs Facebook respond differently to types of posts.<br />Campaign Name allows you to create a unique name for every link you post. <br />So you can analyse traffic from one specific post! <br />
  35. Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />Tracking social media back to your website<br />More importantly …<br />Campaign tracking of your social media efforts allows you to counter the “Social media is a waste of time” arguments.<br />You can tell anyone in your organisation:<br />We received 500 visits from Twitter this month, 250 from Facebook, and they spent an average of 5 minutes on site, compared to the 3 minute average from organic search traffic. <br />Specific video “EPQ” received the most amount of visits, and that traffic spent the most amount of time on site.<br />Twitter visitors complete 50 orders. Our resource cost of Twitter is X number of hours/month, therefore the ROI of our time vs. the orders generated in a month is Y. <br />And if you’re not getting these positive results?<br />The data you are getting in your analytics tool will help you see what’s working and not, to improve your strategy until you do!<br />
  36. Exercise<br />Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />Use Google’s Campaign tracking:<br /><br />Enter:<br />URL of your site<br />Source = Twitter<br />Medium = Social<br />Content = A “type” of post<br />Campaign = short description<br />Go to andshorten your URL.<br />Put the shortened URL into yourbrowser and follow.<br />
  37. Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />Conclusion<br />
  38. The holistic picture<br />Twitter research can uncover what a community is talking about, or what your competitors are doing.<br />Twitter analysis tools can tell you how you are doing within the Twitterverse.<br />Followers, retweets, mentions, engagement, etc.<br />Twitter campaign tracking can tell you about the traffic your Twitter links bring back to your site. <br />Visits, page views, content viewed, time on site, orders submitted, downloads etc. <br />Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />
  39. Contact me<br />Michele Hinojosa | @michelehinojosa | | 619.398.2670<br />Michele Hinojosa<br />@michelehinojosa on Twitter<br />Director of Digital Analytics at Red Door Interactive <br />@reddoor on Twitter<br /><br />619.398.2670<br /><br /><br />