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Short presentation as an introduction to Kennings for primary school children

Published in: Education, News & Politics
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  1. 1. LO: To state what a kenning is. To write examples of our own. Poem writing, Brain hurting, Thought provoking
  2. 2. A kenning is a way of describing something using clues rather than just saying what it is. Each line is two words long. Heat giver Light maker Tan provider Line reader Direction follower Audience Pleaser
  3. 3. The word kenning comes from the Viking phrase kenna eitt við. That means "to express a thing in terms of another"
  4. 4. It is not as hard as it seems. First think of something you want to be the subject of your Kenning. Such as…
  5. 5. Think about what the subject does…. Gives tickets Takes money Steers the bus Follows a route Drives carefully Watches the road
  6. 6. Compose your poem…. Ticket giver Money taker Wheel turner Route follower Careful Driver Road watcher
  7. 7. Paw licker Day dreamer Milk drinker Ball chaser Dog hater Mouse chaser Stroke lover
  8. 8. Ball chaser Crowd pleaser Fast runner Sneaky diver Corner taker Goal scorer Mate hugger
  9. 9. Nappy changer Dinner maker Face kisser Big hugger Mistake forgiver Money giver Taxi driver
  10. 10. Challenge setter Whistle blower Coffee drinker Board writer Book ticker Big yawner Children helper