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2012 kansas volunteer generation fund grant


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2012 kansas volunteer generation fund grant

  1. 1. 2012 Kansas VolunteerGeneration Fund GrantJanuary 12, 2012
  2. 2. Kansas 2012 VGFGrantees  Ford County RSVP*  HandsOn Kansas State*  Ottawa Volunteer Center/EKAN*  United Way Roger Hill Volunteer Center*  Volunteer Connection*  RSVP of the Flint Hills, Inc.  Southwestern College  The Learning Tree Institutie/YouthFriends Kansas *indicates year 2 grantees in continuation
  3. 3. Purpose of VGF in Kansas  Increase the capacity of Kansas volunteer-connector organizations  Increase the number of Kansans who serve in meaningful roles as volunteers
  4. 4. VGF Grantees willdemonstrate how they:  Assess the current landscape of volunteerism in their communities (Where are people volunteering and where are people needed)  Engage local partner organizations  Provide relevant, competency-based volunteer roles and opportunities
  5. 5. Reporting  OnCorps Reporting System  Additional Reporting of volunteer hours  Final Report
  6. 6. OnCorps  Report Quarterly  Q1: January – March, Report April 10  Q2: April-June, Report July 10  Q3: July-September, Report October 10  Q4: Octobers-December, Report January 10  Volunteer Mobilization Form  Total Number of Volunteers  Total Number of New Volunteers  New to your organization, not the project  “New” is defined by you  Total Number of Volunteer Slots
  7. 7. OnCorps  To Log on:  Program Year – 2011-2012  Volunteer Mobilization Form
  8. 8. OnCorps Examples - ThoroughEvent Date Repo Impact Impact Num Num Duration Vol Mobilization TextName rting Area of Area Other Vols Slots Num Perio Project New d VolsSt Francis 04/11/2011 Q1 Children 14 14 0 One-Time Create 80 quilts for foster children to use at camp and keep as a souvenir of theirCommunit & Youth experiencey Services-CampquiltsDay of 04/16/2011 Q1 Other Service Day 266 300 233 One-Time We had 20 community organizations participating at 25 locations for our Day ofCaring 2011 Caring 2011. A total of 266 volunteers completed 762 hours of service. Participating organizations for Day of Caring included: USD # Community Connections Center - prep and plant garden, spruce up building for spring, move equipment, assist with building repairs. University Wetlands - plant 70 trees in a wind break as part of the wetlands restoration project.Family Promise - deep cleaning of kitchen, floors, family spaces, and bathrooms, clean gutters, paint office.Stepping Stones - spring cleaning of child care center.Birthright o - wash windows, clean carpet, do touch up painting.The Villages - trim trees and brush around the homes and playground and remove brush and small trees along 1/4 mile roadway. Power wash siding and windows on homes. Elementary School - clean up flower beds, divide perennials, spread mulch. Elementary School - general clean up of school grounds, painting concrete, staining fecnes and benches, spreading mulch.Willow 02/05/2011 Q1 Other Domestic 5 10 0 On-Going During the Spring Semester we have had an ongoing monthly project for ourDomestic Violence youth volunteers with the local Domestic Violence Center. We have met the firstViolence Saturday of each month (Feb 5, March 5, April 2) to work on a variety of tasks toCenter help the Center, including public awareness projects, cleaning at the administrative offices, and promoting an upcoming fundraiser for the center. We had 5 volunteers in February who worked a total of 10.75 hours, 5 volunteers in March, who worked 14.5 hours, and 1 volunteer in March who worked 3 hours.Senior 10/31/2011 Q3 Health & 7 7 On-Going Knitting club, caps and scraves for low income childrenCenter WellnessLiterature 03/16/2011 Q1 Children 40 40 20 One-Time University students serve as guides to the 600+ 3rd -5th grade students and theirFestival & Youth teachers who come to campus to hear from the authors of award-winning childrens books.
  9. 9. OnCorps Examples - SatisfactoryEvent Date Report Impact Impact Num Num Duratio Vol Mobilization Text NumName ing Area of Area Vols Slots n New Period Project Other Vols9/11 09/10/2011 Q3 Other Veterans, 163 200 163 One- Grantee and the local university hosted a weekend of Service and Remembrance:Live.Serve. hunger, Time “Live. Serve. Celebrate. REMEMBER”. To incorporate both meaningful serviceCelebrate. homelessn and remembrance, a Day of Service was held on Saturday, Sept. 10th and a Day ofREMEMB ess Remembrance was held on Sunday, Sept. 11th. On the Day of Service 158ER volunteers were mobilized, serving 9 community organizations on 13 projects, serving 400 hours. To celebrate service, volunteers, military families, homeowners, community members and university students were invited to reflect and enjoy food, beverages and entertainment. The Day of Remembrance occurred on campus with 5 volunteers coordinating the event with color guards, music, speakers and a movie for families and service members being honored and presented with thanks you gifts. In preparation for 9/11 events, a mall display was put together that focused on historic community unity during times of disaster in the community. Pictures and personal artifacts were displayed from local disasters. Volunteers organized food distribution for local and regional food banks; organized recycled building materials; clean and organized household items for military families; sorted donated goods for community thrift store’ painted walls at emergency shelter; cleaned community gardens for winter; cleaned windows and visited with elders; placed approximately 3000 flags for public viewing that showed the number of lives lost during 9/11; painted expressive “flags” to be presented to families at the Day of Remembrance event and helped with celebration activities.Pro Bono 04/01/2011 Q1 Employ 15 25 15 One- College students within the Business and Account department, under theTax Clinic ment/C Time direction of the university faculty, provide free tax preparation services to the areer community. Assistan ce
  10. 10. OnCorps Examples – Need more detailsEvent Date Reporting Impact Impact Num Num Duration Vol Mobilization TextName Period Area of Area Vols Slots Num Project Other New VolsFirst 10/31/201 Q3 Health & 3 3 On-Going CookChristian 1 WellnessChurchSenior 09/02/201 Q3 Children 1 1 One-Time PerformerHigh 1 & YouthSterling 10/31/201 Q3 Health & 3 3 1 On-Going VisitsHouse 1 WellnessParks & 05/07/201 Q2 Children 3 3 0 One-Time Timers, record keepers, runners, certificateRec- track 1 & Youth distributors and clean up assistantsmeetArts & 06/11/201 Q2 Commun 4 4 0 One-TimeHumaniti 1 ityes-River RevitalizaFestival tionVC-Tutor 07/29/201 Q2 Adult 1 1 0 On-Going 1 Educatio n& Literacy
  11. 11. Additional Reporting  Submit volunteer hours on form provided via email
  12. 12. How do you receive yourmoney?  Grant funds are distributed monthly on a reimbursement basis  Must submit your drawdown form by the 10th of each month.  Late submissions will not be processed until the next month  ONLY INSERT WHOLE DOLLAR AMOUNTS
  13. 13. Draw Down Example
  14. 14. Budget Adjustments  You may adjust up to 10% of your TOTAL BUDGET  Total = Grant Award + Your Match  NOT the LINE ITEM……..  Adjustments greater than 10%, you will need to submit a Budget Line Adjustment Request (form provided)
  15. 15. Forms and Information  Forms and information can be found at – under programs, Volunteer Generation Fund, VGF Grant Managers
  16. 16. Trainings and ServiceFairs