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Indian Red Cross Society Tamil Nadu Branch Flood Response Part I


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Indian Red Cross Society Tamil Nadu Branch Flood Response

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Indian Red Cross Society Tamil Nadu Branch Flood Response Part I

  1. 1. Indian Red Cross Society Tamil Nadu State Branch .
  2. 2. Introduction A depression formed over southwest Bay of Bengal on 8th November, 2015 morning, moved North-East wards at a speed of 15 kmph storm and intensified into a deep depression and lay centred at 0530 hours IST on 9th November 2015 over southwest Bay of Bengal near latitude 11.5°N and longitude 80.7°N, about 110 km east-southeast of Puducherry and 180 km southeast of Chennai. It moved North-East wards and crossed North Tamil Nadu coast near Puducherry from 12.00 noon on 10 th November between Puducherry and Cuddalore up to 7.30 PM the same day. Under the influence of this system, heavy to very heavy rainfall occurred over many parts of Tamil Nadu and other characteristic are described below. The rainfall started from 8th Morning and intensified in the evening of the same day and continued till the evening of 9th November in many places. Cuddalore and Pondicherry witnessed heavy rains. Chennai also received substantial rains. The process of the Heavy Rains put the people/communities out of gear for the whole day and report coming from Cuddalore and Pondicherry indicate that rains are still continuing in some places though less in intensity.
  3. 3.   Depression formed over southwest Bay  of Bengal moved   North-East wards  at    a  speed  of  15  kmph  storm    and    intensified  into  a  deep  depression  .  Under  the  influence  of  this  system,  heavy  to  very  heavy  rainfall  occurred  over  many  parts  of  Tamil  Nadu  Chennai also received substantial rains.  The process of the Heavy Rains put the  people/communities  out  of  gear  for  the whole day and report coming from  Cuddalore  and  Pondicherry  indicate  that  rains  are  still  continuing  in  some  places though less in intensity. Chennai  received  a  rainfall  of  25cm  within  24  Hours.
  4. 4. Heavy Rainfall: • NEVYELI : 45cm CHIDAMBARAM : 21cm VRIDDHACHALAM : 13cm KOLLIDEM : 10cm • Chennai - Average : 14 cm AMBATTUR : 20cm • MAMALLAPURAM : 17cm • POONAMALLEE : 17 cm • MEENAMBAKAM : 17 cm • TARAMANI : 15 cm • KOLAPAKAM : 15cm • NUNGAMBAKAM : 6cm MEENAMBAKAM : 4cm • Tirupattur : 16 cm
  5. 5. Debris, Felled Tree Clearance & Traffic Regulation  Egmore Bus Stand On 8th  November 2015 heavy rains started in Chennai city due to which on 9th   November 2015 in some of the area trees were fallen down and blocked the  roads.  Immediately  IRCS-TNB  staff  on  the  directing  of  Chairman  IRCS-TNB  cleared the roads by cutting the tress, and also co-operated with the Fire and  Rescue Department and Corporation of Chennai officials.  In that IRCS-TNB staff  reached  Egmore  Bus  Depot  (near  Daily  Thanthi  News  Paper)  and  cut  the  branches  of  tree  that  had  fallen  on  the  road  and  cleared  the  road  block  for  vehicular traffic. In view of continuous rain in Chennai city on the instructions of  Chairman DM Rescue Relief Team was formed immediately.  
  6. 6. Ellis Road - Royapettah On 9th  November 2015 a message was    received from IRCS Mylapore Sub Branch  informing that a tree fell down at Ellis  Road, Royapettah(Near Hotel Srinivasa).  Immediately by 5.00PM IRCS-TNB staff  reached the spot with the woodcutter  machine, cut the branches of the tree and cleared the road  block.  During  our  services,  the  Tahsildar  Mylapore  and  the  officials  from  Corporation  of  Chennai,  were  present  Subsequently after completion of the services, the Tahsildar  Mylapore  of  Corporation  officials  made  note  of  our  official  telephone  number  for  further  rescued  relief  services  that  they may need later.
  7. 7. T.Nagar On 15th  November 2015 at about 11.30PM phone call received  by IRCS-TNB informing that a big Banyan Tree fell down on  the  road  at  Thanikachalam  Street,  T.Nagar  (Near  Gandhi  Sabha) and requested our services to cut the Tree and open  road for vehicular traffic. Exactly by 12.10AM IRCS-TNB staff  rushed  to  the  spot  and  cut  the  branches  of  the  Trees  and  cleared  the  road  for  passing  free  flow  of  Vehicle.  The  work  ended by 2.45AM on the wee hours of 16.11.2015.  Subsequently local Police and the labourers of Corporation of  Chennai  requested  us  to  render  services  at  Barkit  Road,  T.Nagar  (  Near  Saraswathi  Ladies  Hostel  )  where  a  tree  fell  down on the road. After finishing the work at Thanikachalam  Road,  the  same  IRCS-TNB  staff  went  to  Barkit  Road  and  cutting  the  branches  of  trees  and  helped  to  free  flow  of  vehicles on the road. 
  8. 8. On 16th of November 2015 early morning based on the request received from F2 Police Station, Egmore. IRCS-TNB staff immediately rushed to the spot viz. Pantheon Road, Egmore nearby Karur Vysya Bank where 100yaers old banyan tree fell down due to heavy rain. IRCS-TNB staff cutting the Tree Branches with the support of machine and cleared the road block. The above services starts from 04.30AM and ended by 08.30AM. Our services have been well recognized by F2 Police station Officials.
  9. 9. Emergency Communication Centre IRCS-TNB services were also duly informed to our Chairman. Thereafter Chairman has instructed to assign our office Phone No.044 – 28554548 to the Relief Callers and also exclusively assign two staff of IRCS-TNB for requesting Relief Calls Throughout day and night. Soonafter receiving relief calls, immediately they have to communicate to the DM Rescue Team. On knowing IRCS-TNB DM Rescue services by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu ( Health Department ) of our Emergency Call Number 044 – 28554548 have been communicated to Corporation of Chennai, Fire & Rescue Department & 108 Emergency Call Centre for any rescue Services. Afterwards we have received more than 100 Night Calls only, from various places in Chennai, Tiruvallur & Kanchipuram District time and again the IRCS-TNB DM Rescue Team, IRCS- TNB Staff Red Cross Volunteers have been attending the rescue Services in most of the places in the above said three Districts.
  10. 10. Flood Rescue and Evacuation Operations • Montieth Road, Egmore - Heavy Rain Water Stagnation in the Road and Break Down STC Bus. • Due to heavy rain the entire stretch of Montieth Road, Egmore flooded with water and IRCS-TNB staff members regulated the traffic jam on 14.11.2015.
  11. 11. Sriperambudur Bhopal Eri damage On 14.11.2015 Bhopal Eri at Sriperambudur was broken which caused heavy flood water flushed out from the Eri. Three Children from the same locality was drowned and washed away from the flood water. Hearing about the news IRCS-TNB staff immediately rushed to the spot for rendering services. The fire and Rescue Department Officials were also present and due to heavy water flow they are enable to search the bodies of the Children and only after the normalcy of the situation, drowned bodies can be searched and hence they returned back. Similarly only after normalcy. We can again visit and render our services.
  12. 12. Vijayashanthi Apartments Kelambakkam, Chennai • On 15th November 2015 by 11.45PM ( Midnight) more phone calls was received to IRCS-TNB from Vijaya Shanthi Appartments Kelambakkam, Chennai seeking our services for evacuation of the flat residents, due to heavy rain fall. On hearing the above news IRCS-TNB staff contacted the Fire & Rescue Department Officials and informed their help for which they have informed that during night time it was not feasible to evacuation since the flood water level may increase and hence asked there to assemble on 16th November 2015 early morning.
  13. 13. Subsequently IRCS-TNB staff with the help of DM equipments and also making a readymade plastic / wooden have made floating boat, the residents numbering above 458 families have been safely rescued from ground / first floor flats. The entire rescue services was ended by 03.30PM. IRCS-TNB staff services were highly appreciated by the Tasildar Tirupporur and also the Vijaya Shanthi Apartments Association Representatives and
  14. 14. The above inform has also been received from the Tasildar Tiruporur seeking our services in the above place. On 16th November 2015 morning IRCS-TNB staff with proper DM equipments ( Life Jacket, Water Ring, Rope, Safety Jacket, etc., ) reached Vijaya Shanthi Apartment at Kelambakkam and discussed with the Tasildar Tiruporur about the evacuation of the affected families. We found that 23blocks consisting of 1200families have been in occupation in the flats, Actually about 5feet of water level exists in the entire area and planned to evacuate ground floor and first floor residents.
  15. 15. Perambakkam, Velachery. On 17th November 2015 IRCS-TNB staff of Volunteers visited Perambakkam, ECR Road, Kancheepuram District where heaving flats are flooted with water. Our Theam meet Ms. Meenakshi Deputy Director of Fire & Rescue Department and she has requested only medical services for which we have informed that only Rescue Relief services at this moment will be provided. Thereafter we have given our office contact Number for our services if they need later. On 17th November 2015 IRCS-TNB staff of Volunteers visited Perambakkam, ECR Road, Kancheepuram District where heaving flats are flooted with water. Our Theam meet Ms. Meenakshi Deputy Director of Fire & Rescue Department and she has requested only medical services for which we have informed that only Rescue Relief services at this moment will be provided. Thereafter we have given our office contact Number for our services if they need later. On return we went to MCR Nagar, velachery where flood water surrounded in the residential flats and requested evacuation from their flats with the support of Rope we have rescue about 55families from their residences and return to office.
  16. 16. Preparation of Make Shift Raft
  18. 18. Indian Red Cross Society Tamil Nadu Branch
  19. 19. Evacuation of Dead Bodies
  20. 20. Rescued Pregnant Women
  21. 21. Rescued in-Patients from the Govt. Hospital TAMBARAM
  22. 22. Red Cross Rescues VIPs Thiru A.C Muthiah, Indian industrialist and cricket administrator, Chairman- Emeritus of Southern Petrochemical Industries Limited, and chairman of Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Sriperumbudur
  23. 23. Rescued the Flood Victims @ T.Nagar Dr. Harish L Metha, Chairman – IRCS,TNB heading and guiding the Rescue Teams.
  24. 24. Dead Body Evacuation - A Video
  25. 25. Rescuing Pregnant Women - Video
  26. 26. Rescue Video Clip
  27. 27. Rescue Video Clip