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Redcrocy Story


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It is about how to be aware or between "to be and to have"

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Redcrocy Story

  1. 1. in pictures…
  2. 3. Freedom for any high price or why doves are so honorable?
  3. 4. It is my friend. His name is Volodya (ukr-Vlodko). His family name is Yakoviv. But very old people said that his surname should be Jacobson. Could you imagine? Swedish name is at Ukraine. Personally, I do not see any contradictions or denials. It could be possible. Who knows exactly how it was III or X hundreds years ago. But what I definitely know that if I’ll not have such friend we’ll never see The Redcrocy.
  4. 5. Here is another my friend. The name of this young man is Volodya also. His family name is Pilipenko . He is The Creator and The First captain of the Redcrocy submarine (1996-2008)
  5. 6. Her name was “Delphin”, when 1996 she was built by one man only. During 16 long years she has been built at Eugenivka village (Donetsk region, Ukraine) by one strange and genius man. Sometimes it is the same. Sometimes - not…
  6. 7. Here is Donetsk region. It is Eastern part of Ukraine. The sea line is around 7o km. out of the “Delphin” born place. It is hard to say how she could be a submarine …
  7. 8. Here is Volodya Jacobson again. He looks like lucky. This picture was made after 28 years since Old-Young Volodya Pilipenko have decided to start built submarine. It was Moscow Olympic year when we lost Great Volodya . He went to another silent world.
  8. 9. This garage became place where schemes and thoughts have made The Submarine as reality. During 16 years Old-Young Volodya have constructed Her.
  9. 10. Two generations of Volodyas 
  10. 11. It is me. I have dreamed about that since 1984 when Sub is only had started to built. At 2008 I have decided that it could be nice to have and to have and to be…to have and to be…
  11. 12. And I have bought her. The financial agreement was subscribed and The Sub became my private property.
  12. 13. We have agreement . We have energy. We have future meeting with Sir McCartney. Shortly to say – we were lucky because … I even do not know what to say definitely. It was just a nice mood even 800 km. in front of us.
  13. 14. We have had just one week before Independence concert of ex-Beatles legend and we had idea to impress him by our unpredictable appearance.
  14. 15. But it was not so easy as We had thoughts before. Two years Sub was out door We have not seen the Greens anymore… Sounds like Beatles  (“The Yellow submarine “ song music)
  15. 16. Old wheels should go out! We are looking forward well! If the Glory hurry out! We’ll break all chains away! It is not R.Kipling 
  16. 17. It seems looks like she is ready to renewing and new life
  17. 18. <ul><li>Go, Volodya, let’s go! </li></ul><ul><li>One more step! </li></ul>
  18. 19. Like a child…
  19. 20. “ Lets make it Yellow-Red!” - spirits of the night
  20. 21. Good morning, darling! How are you feeling to be Yellow-Red?
  21. 22. Fit!
  22. 23. Monkey, Redcrocy & White Wolf
  23. 24. The first attempt to go on the water.
  24. 25. O, God! How many dials to do…
  25. 26. “ We should be under water. Do you remember?”
  26. 27. We all live at the Yellow Submarine. It became the red one when it goes down under water.
  27. 28. Night before second attempt.
  28. 29. - Today or never! - Never say never…
  29. 30. <ul><li>Ops! </li></ul><ul><li>Take it easy! </li></ul>
  30. 31. See you next time…
  31. 32. Film’s producers continue to produce. It is their job to seek something between up and down. “ We are too. So,…” To be continue…