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Ltbr 6262013


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Ltbr 6262013

  1. 1. ®®Lightbridge Corporation (NASDAQ: LTBR)Investor Presentation – June 2013
  2. 2. ®®This presentation includes or incorporates by reference statements that constitute forward-lookingstatements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, andSection 21E of the Securities Act of 1934, as amended. These statements relate to future eventsor to our future financial performance, and involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties andother factors that may cause our actual results, levels of activity, performance, or achievements tobe materially different from any future results, levels of activity, performance or achievementsexpressed or implied by these forward-looking statements. These statements include, but are notlimited to, information or assumptions about revenues, gross profit, expenses, income, capital andother expenditures, financing plans, capital structure, cash flow, liquidity, management’s plans,goals and objectives for future operations and growth. In some cases, you can identify forward-looking statements by the use of words such as “may,” “could,” “expect,” “intend,” “plan,” “seek,”“anticipate,” “believe,” “estimate,” “predict,” “potential,” “project,” “continue,” or the negative ofthese terms or other comparable terminology. You should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements since they involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and others factorswhich are, in some cases, beyond our control and which could materially affect actual results,levels of activity, performance or achievements. These risks and uncertainties include, but are notlimited to, the factors mentioned in the “Risk Factors” section of our most recent annual andquarterly reports on Forms 10-K and 10-Q, and other risks mentioned in our other reports filed withthe Commission.The forward-looking statements contained in this presentation are made only of this date, andLightbridge Corporation is under no obligation to revise or update these forward-lookingstatements.Safe Harbor Statement2
  3. 3. ®Nuclear Energy Challenges – Lightbridge Solutions3“Nuclear new-build investment [is] setto top some $1.5 trillion by 2030”1“On-peak [U.S. electricity] prices fellbetween 24% and 39% across majorwholesale price hubs from [2011 to2012]”21. Source: World Nuclear News, Strong Supply Chain Supports New Build, 9/13/20122. Source: U.S. Energy Information AdministrationLightbridge technology and advisory services help nuclear power operators remaineconomically competitive as they deploy and maintain new and existing reactors
  4. 4. ®Why Invest in Lightbridge?4• Innovative fuel technology addresseseconomic and safety needs of the industry Direct input from nuclear utilities Technology, economics validated bycredible industry third parties• Success in global markets for Lightbridgenuclear advisory services• Highly experienced management team Low overhead, no debt in companyhistoryPic of BarakahLightbridge nuclear fuel rodsReactor Unit 1 construction start July 2012,Barakah, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  5. 5. ®Lightbridge: Advancing Nuclear Energy5Levelized Costs1($/MWh)Environmental(CO2 lbs/MWh)10% uprate withLightbridge metallic fuel2CoalNatural GasWindSolarNuclear200150100502501. Levelized Cost of Electricity for new generation sources in 2015.Source EIA “Annual Energy Outlook 2011” and EPRI “Program on Technology Innovation”2. Operating nuclear power plant uprate with Lightbridge fuel can provide approximately $35/MWh generation costs for incremental electricity.0 1,200 2,500
  6. 6. ®Improved PlantEconomics• Increased revenue and improved operating margins for existingnuclear power plants• Reduced total levelized cost per kilowatt-hour for new buildreactors• Increased competitiveness of nuclear power versus other energysourcesIncreasedPower Outputfrom Plant• 10-17% power uprate and longer fuel cycles for existing PWRs• Up to 30% power uprate for new build PWRs• Also applicable to BWRs and light water based SMRsLTBR Fuel Technology Value Proposition6• Fuel enables the supply chain to deliver more power from thesame capacityIncreasedSupply ChainEfficiency• Reduced volume of spent fuel• Enhanced proliferation resistance of spent fuelImprovedSpent FuelManagement
  7. 7. ®LTBR Nuclear Fuel - Safety Benefits7StructuralintegrityImprovedheat transferReducedfueltemperature1200°C -1300°CConventionalFuels340°C – 380°CLTBR Fuels
  8. 8. ®Large Break LOCA8• As a result of the significantly lower temperature during operation, ourmetallic nuclear fuel rods are expected to have improved safetymargins during anticipated off-normal events.• Preliminary analytical modeling shows that under a large break loss-of-coolant accident (LOCA) scenario, unlike conventional uranium dioxidefuel, the cladding of Lightbridge-designed metallic fuel rods stays atleast 200 degrees below 850-900 degrees Celsius which is thetemperature at which steam begins to react with zirconium in thecladding generating hydrogen gas.• This is a clear demonstration of the superior thermal conductionproperties of the metallic fuel and the enhanced safety it can provideduring off-normal situations.
  9. 9. ®Nuclear Power Market Size and Growth Projections959%21%8%6% 5%Global Market by Reactor TypePressurized Water ReactorsBoiling Water ReactorsRussian-designed Pressurized Water ReactorsHeavy Water ReactorsOtherSource: World Nuclear Association’s Reactor Database130220 23701002003004005006007008002011 2025 2030GWe2.8% CAGR for Global Market Size (All Reactor Types)3.2% CAGR for Initial Target Market for 10% Power Uprate554614Lightbridge Initial Target MarketCAGR of 2.8% for 2011-2030364Source: The Global Nuclear Fuel Market. Supply and Demand 2011-2030,World Nuclear Association, August 2011Operating PWRs larger than 900MWe with morethan 20 years licensed life at 2020
  10. 10. ®10% Power Uprate Revenue Projections10NuclearUtilityFinancial Impact for a Typical 1,100 MWe Plant*Incremental revenue from 10% power uprate $ 48MIncremental revenue from switching to 24-month cycle $ 8MEstimated cost savings from fewer refueling outages $ 4MIncremental annual gross revenue + cost savings to utility $ 60MLightbridgeLTBR Royalty Fee(% of Incremental Gross Revenue)Annual Revenue(per reactor)Annual Revenue *8% $ 4.8M $ 282M10% $ 6.0M $ 353M*Annual revenue with 20% penetration of initial target market.*Wholesale electricity price of $55/MWh.
  11. 11. ®Lightbridge Nuclear Fuel Development Timeline112012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017+Advanced Reactor TestingFuel Fabrication DevelopmentDetailed Commercial DesignAccident Scenario TestingData Analysis / ValidationRegulatory Review and ApprovalInitial Operation in a CommercialPWRTechnology Access Fees
  12. 12. ®Peer Reviewed Article12• American Nuclear Society’s NuclearTechnology is the leading internationalpublication reporting on new information inall areas of the practical application ofnuclear science.• Peer reviewed article published inDecember 2012 provides further validationof LTBR’s fuel technology Unique alloy and fuel rod geometry Increases power output by up to 17% inexisting PWRs Extends fuel cycle to 24 months ormore, enhancing industry economics Increased safety through loweroperating temperatures
  13. 13. ®Independent Study Validates Economics of LTBR Fuel13• December 2012 independent analysis ofLightbridge fuel design validates itsindicated benefits of increased power outputand enhanced operating economics fornuclear utilities• “Power uprate project economics aregenerally attractive for nuclear plant owners.The economics of Lightbridge’s nominal10% capacity uprate are attractive since theuprate’s levelized cost of generation isbelow the expected market price for powerin 2021 and that of most incremental poweruprates on fossil fueled units.”
  14. 14. ®Independent Study Validates Proliferation Resistance14• March 2013 independent analysis ofLightbridge fuel design confirms it hassuperior non-proliferation benefits comparedto current nuclear fuels.• "Current U.S. reactor fuels and the proposedLightbridge design are all classified as LEU(low enriched uranium)" that "cannot be useddirectly for the construction of nuclearweapons." "If a diverter had the necessaryaccess to enrichment facilities, it wouldactually be more efficient and stealthy for the[diverter] to process natural uranium to thehighly enriched state," as opposed toprocessing LEU.
  15. 15. ®Nuclear Utility Fuel Advisory Board• Lightbridge’s Nuclear Utility Fuel Advisory Board (NUFAB) is comprisedof leading nuclear utilities. The board’s purpose is to further strengthenour dialogue with global nuclear utilities and provide their input intoLightbridges nuclear fuel development and commercialization efforts.• NUFAB members are fuel managers from Exelon Generation Co.,Dominion, Duke Energy, and Southern Company.• Account for 44% of installed US nuclear capacity.15
  16. 16. ®Fuel Commercialization: “Push & Pull”16PullLightbridgeNuclearUtilitiesNuclearFuelVendorsNuclearFuelVendorsPushLightbridgeLightbridge will license fuel to vendors. They will fabricate LTBR fuel forsale to utilities.Lightbridge works with utilities which will order LTBR fuel from vendors.
  17. 17. ®Advisory Services17®GovernmentRegulationsNuclearGenerationOur world class team of consultants generates revenue with solidoperating margins and strong credibility through many successful projects.• More than $45M revenue over four years• Success as independent advisor in UAE and Middle East region• Industry leading team of technology designers and suppliers, operators,regulators, and international agencies
  18. 18. ®Comprehensive Support for the Nuclear Lifecycle18
  19. 19. ®Advisory Services – Market Penetration & Teaming Approach19®
  20. 20. ®LTBR - Management Team20James D. Guerra, CPAChief Operating &Financial OfficerSeth GraeChief Executive Officer &PresidentAmbassador ThomasGraham, Jr.Chairman of the BoardAndrey Mushakov, PhDExecutive VP/ InternationalNuclear OperationsJames MaloneChief Nuclear FuelDevelopment OfficerJon JohnsonSenior Vice President,Nuclear Regulatory Expert
  21. 21. ®LTBR - Strategic Advisors21Sir RonaldGriersonSimon Murray,CBEHans Blix, Ph.D.Norton Shapiro,Ph.D.Sam Vaidyanathan,Ph.D.
  22. 22. ®Why Invest in Lightbridge?22• Innovative fuel technology addresseseconomic and safety needs of the industry Direct input from nuclear utilities Technology, economics validated bycredible industry third parties• Success in global markets for Lightbridgenuclear advisory services• Highly experienced management team Low overhead, no debt in companyhistoryPic of BarakahLightbridge nuclear fuel rodsReactor Unit 1 construction start July 2012,Barakah, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  23. 23. ®Lightbridge Corporation Contact23Gary SharpeInvestor Relations1600 Tysons Blvd. Suite 550McLean, VA 22102USA+1.571.730.1213ir@ltbridge.comwww.ltbridge.com
  24. 24. ®®
  25. 25. ®LTBR - Key Technical Milestones in 2013-201425Provides fuelsamples forirradiation testingDemonstrate theperformance ofmetallic fuelunder prototypicoperatingconditions ofWestern-typePWRs.Full-length fuelrods will bemanufactured forfabricationprocessdemonstrationand out-of-reactor testsTechnical milestoneMilestone significanceFabrication offuel samples forirradiation in testreactorsBegin loopirradiation inprototypic PWRoperatingconditionsFabrication offull-length fuelrods
  26. 26. ®Licensing Revenue Projections for 10% Power Uprate Fuel26$176M$265M$353M$106M$159M$212M$71M$106M$141M$0M$100M$200M$300M$400M$500M$600M$700M$800M20% 30% 40%Captured Share of Initial Target Market for 10% Power UpratesLTBR Projected Annual Revenue10% Royalty Fee ofIncremental GrossRevenue to Utility8% Royalty Fee ofIncremental GrossRevenue to Utility5% Royalty Fee ofIncremental GrossRevenue to Utility$353M$530M$706MWholesaleElectricity Priceof $55/MWhNote: The above revenue numbers include an escalation factor of 3% per year. The 20-40% share of the initial target market for10% power uprates represents approximately 8-16% of the entire projected global market size in 2025.
  27. 27. ®Seth GraeChief Executive Officer & PresidentLightbridge CorporationAmbassador Thomas Graham, Jr.Executive Chairman of the BoardLightbridge CorporationJames D. Guerra, CPAChief Operating & Financial OfficerLightbridge Corporation• Advisor to five US presidents on nuclear non-proliferation and served as SpecialRepresentative to the President for Arms Control, Non-Proliferation andDisarmament• Former senior U.S. diplomat, world-renowned expert on nuclear non-proliferation• Involved in every major arms control/non-proliferation agreement for the past 35years• Former Vice President of Finance for Exelon Nuclear• Former Vice President of Finance and CFO of Exelon Business Services Company• Former Vice President of Finance, Treasurer and Controller of Grupo Dina• Senior management positions with AT&T, Citigroup, and Beatrice Companies5Lightbridge Management Team27• Member of the Civil Nuclear Trade Advisory Committee to the US Secretary ofCommerce• Member of the Suppliers Advisory Committee of the Nuclear Energy Institute• Former Member of the Governing Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists• Former Co-Chair of the American Bar Association’s Committee on Arms Control& Disarmament
  28. 28. ®Sir Ronald Grierson,Chairman of the Committee• Co-Chairman of the Blackstone Group’s International Advisory Board• Former Chairman of the General Electric Company plc (UK) 1968 -1996• Served on the Boards of Chrysler Corp., R.J. Reynolds, Nabisco, W.R. Grace & Co.,British Aircraft Corp., International Computers Ltd.• Former Managing Director of S. G. Warburg5Lightbridge Senior Advisors28Simon Murray, CBE• Non-Executive Chairman of Glencore, the worlds largest diversified commodities trader• Chairman and founder of the General Enterprise Management Services (GEMS), aprivate equity firm in Hong Kong• Former Executive Chairman of the Asia Pacific Division of Deutsche Bank• Former CEO of Hutchison Whampoa• Board member – Vodafone, Richemont and Cheung Kong Holdings, Ltd.Hans Blix, Ph.D.• Served for 16 years as the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency• Former chief weapons inspector and executive chair of the U.N. Monitoring,Verification, and Inspection Commission in Iraq• Former Foreign Minister of Sweden
  29. 29. ®• 33-year veteran of Westinghouse Electric Co. where he was Vice President forNew Plants and was in charge of the successful construction and installation ofnuclear power plants in numerous countries.• Past Vice President for Engineering at Westinghouse, where he directed alldesign, analysis and safety evaluation for new nuclear power plants and newproduct developmentErnie KennedySenior Vice President, NuclearDeployment & Program ManagerGeneration ConsultingJon JohnsonSenior Vice President, NuclearSafety and Regulatory ExpertRegulatory Consulting• Former Deputy Director of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) Officeof Nuclear Reactor Regulation• Oversaw inspection, licensing, assessment, and event response at all 104commercial and 26 research nuclear reactor facilities in the United States• Regulatory agencies around the world have looked to Mr. Johnson for adviceon reactor safety design, operation, and oversight matters, including the UnitedArab Emirates Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation, the Canadian NuclearSafety Commission, and the Japanese Nuclear Safety InstituteSandy McWhirterVice President, Consulting5• Former UKAEA (United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority) InternationalMarketing Director• Developed nuclear projects in locations such as Russia, Ukraine, SouthKorea, and RomaniaAdvisory Services - Leadership29
  30. 30. ®• Four decades of high-level experience in the nuclear industry• Former Vice President, Nuclear Fuel, Exelon Generation where he wasresponsible for procurement (uranium, conversion, enrichment and fuelfabrication) for seventeen operating nuclear reactors - PWRs and BWRsJames MaloneChief Nuclear Fuel Development OfficerAndrey Mushakov, Ph.D.EVP, International Nuclear OperationsRussian Federation OfficeAlexei Morozov, Ph.D.Managing DirectorValeri Kevrolev, Ph.D.Sergei BashkirtsevSenior Nuclear Engineers• Primary liaison between Lightbridge and the Russian nuclear organizations• 10+ years with Lightbridge• Russian employees of Lightbridge International Holding, LLC - Moscow• 2 Ph.D.’s, 1 Master’s Degree In Nuclear Engineering from the KurchatovInstitute• 90+ years combined experience in the Russian nuclear program• Experts in neutronics, thermal hydraulics, nuclear fuel performance andadvanced reactor and fuel designs5Nuclear Fuels Management Team30Norton Shapiro, Ph.D. • 30+ years of nuclear experience at Westinghouse and ABB CombustionEngineering, including former Chairman of Westinghouse’s TechnicalReview CommitteeSam Vaidyanathan, Ph.D. • 30+ years of nuclear fuel research and development experience at GENuclear EnergyAaron TotemeierDirector of Fuel Cycle Technology & Fuel Fabrication• Ph.D. candidate in nuclear engineering at Texas A&M University• Expertise in material aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle including fuel design,fabrication, performance analysis and reprocessing technology
  31. 31. ®Advisory Services – RegulatoryKey Lightbridge Regulatory ExpertiseLightbridge has unique international nuclear talent and experience to meetclients’ specific needs• Regulatory Processes• Inspection Processes and Practices• Safety/Security Analyses Review• Regulatory Organization• Safety Culture• Cyber and Physical Security• International Nuclear Law and IAEAConventions• International CooperationAgreements• Regulatory Management and QualityRequirements• Operator License Requirements• Proliferation Considerations• Nuclear Licensing Issues• Training and Qualifications• Siting Characterization• Import/Export Requirements• Legal Considerations• Design Certification Reviews andAssessments31
  32. 32. ®Advisory Services – Nuclear Generation• Project Development• Project Management• Schedule Development• Technology Assessment• Quality Programs• Safety Analyses• Organization Definition• Risk Analyses• Licensing Engineering• Construction Management• Operations Assessment• Supply Management• Cost Analyses and Estimating• Contracting• Nuclear Liability• Export Controls• Commercial Licensing• Safety Culture• Root Cause Analyses• Site Assessments• Waste Management• TrainingKey Lightbridge Nuclear Generation ExpertiseLightbridge has unique international nuclear talent and experience to meetclients’ specific needs32
  33. 33. ®