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Thesis presentation updated


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Thesis presentation updated

  1. 1. Horizon Projects Workshop Professor KlinkowsteinThesis Presentation (A-Young Lee) Craftopia: Finding Handmade Treasures
  2. 2. Horizon Projects WorkshopThesis Presentation A-Young Lee) This hypothesis presents the concept that the handmade crafts tradition can inform and improve upon itself through contemporary communication design. This is in contrast to the overwhelming presence of digital tools, such as the infinite use of …. , that offer virtually no influence in the design process, and serve only to showcase products. Such a hypothesis would encourage both the crafters and consumers to communicate openly with one another and collaborate on the processes of their designs through active information channels, leading to overall better products for both the consumers and crafters alike.
  3. 3. Horizon Projects Workshop Definition of Craft Craft [ kraft, krahft ] -noun 1. an art, trade, or occupation requiring special skill 2. skill; dexterity 3. the members of a trade or profession collectively - From
  4. 4. Horizon Projects Workshop In 18th Century: ‘The craft’ had the meaning of power and secret knowledge.
  5. 5. Horizon Projects Workshop In 19th Century: Art and Craft movement proliferates. Decorative art is in the process of being disenfranchised from fine art.
  6. 6. Horizon Projects Workshop In 20th Century: Contemporary craft diverge from design in the 1920s. ‘Craft’ becomes isolated from the pursuit of beauty (art) and purpose (design).
  7. 7. Horizon Projects Workshop In 21st Century: DIY movement - Handmade craft meets Online social network.
  8. 8.  Influenced and shaped modern contemporary design.  Borrowed from other styles to establish guidelines.  Crafted by individuals or smaller groups of artists.  Graphically-oriented style.  Crafted individually based on imagination or experiences. Contrasting crafts with Design
  9. 9. Horizon Projects Workshop • DIY as necessity • DIY as self-expression • DIY as perfection-seeking • DIY as leisure activity • DIY as therapy
  10. 10.  An appreciation and the systems that make it possible.  An opportunity to use your hands and your brain.  A connection to other people.  A path to freedom. Horizon Projects Workshop
  11. 11. What do crafts offer to contemporary design? Joana Vasconcelos, Lisbon
  12. 12.  Every design is crafted, but what makes a craft isn’t as important as how it defines the world it is in.  Adds a style that is borrowed from multiple sources, while remaining an individual piece of contemporary craft.  Purposefully designed in contrast to the functionality of its traditional equivalents.  Hand-made objects, free of commercial production, offer an individual, artistic touch.  Often non or partially-functional and is created to look complicated, difficult, or even aggressive.  In contrast to the safe and stable look of store-bought designs.  Personality and artistic spirit in a world of commercialization and mass-produced sameness.
  13. 13. What is next step? Still thinking about it…>:P See you in the Spring~