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How to create a CAREpackage

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  1. 1. How to send a gift CAREpackage
  2. 2. Send a CAREpackage as a GiftOn the Gift CAREpackageform, indicate:• Donation amount• Recipient’s name and e-mail address• Whether you’d like to notify the recipient via e-mail or print the gift certificateNOTE: You also can add a personal message
  3. 3. Send a CAREpackage as a GiftAfter you complete thepayment form, therecipient willreceive a specialcode so they canredeem their giftonline and build theirvery own CAREpackage.
  4. 4. Your Recipient will Build a Personal CAREpackage
  5. 5. Build a Personal CAREpackageThere are 3 groups of itemsto choose from: ● Live ● Learn ● EarnThe recipient canmix and match theitems from eachgroup to build their CAREpackage.
  6. 6. Build a Personal CAREpackageTo learn more about eachitem, just hover over it.The recipient canadd an item to theirpackage by clickingand draging it to theCAREpackage box.
  7. 7. Build a Personal CAREpackageOnce added, the recipientwill be asked how much they-want to contribute.They can eitherdonate the defaultamount or enter anew amount by usingthe slider.
  8. 8. Sending and Editing Your CAREpackageWhen the recipient hasfinished putting all the itemsinto their CAREpackageand has indicatedtheir donation amount,it’s time to send it.Click on “inside yourCAREpackage” or“send your CAREpackage” to send.
  9. 9. Sending and Editing Your CAREpackagThe recipient can thenreview what is insidetheir CAREpackage.On this screen theycan change thedonation amount ofan item or evenremove it all together.
  10. 10. Sending and Editing Your CAREpackageAfter they review, they canchoose to send theirCAREpackage, orclick “save changesand keep building.”NOTE: If there are anychanges made on this screenclick “Save Changes.”
  11. 11. When you send a Gift CAREpackage,both you and your loved one join CAREin empowering women, families andcommunities to escape poverty aroundthe world.