Fax is read at least once


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Service Type: Fax promotion in your name.
Singapore D/B: ~ 158000 contacts.
Asia D/B: ~600000 valid contacts.
Category listing: Wide range of categories listing.
To Build New Customers: No Cold Call only fax.

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Fax is read at least once

  1. 1. FAX IS READ AT LEAST ONCE<br />Advertise your Company production & activity.<br />Business Database information for fax email or Snail mail with selection possibility. R210710<br />Dear Person-In-Charge,<br />The Best Tool for a Cost-Effective and Targeted Marketing Campaign.<br /> <br />Increase your sales, create product and service awareness….<br />Improve the effectiveness of your marketing….<br />Reduce the expenses on your marketing fund….<br />There is ONLY 1 way FOR you TO reach SELECTED Categories / Activity of potential customer.<br />LAMARSTONE ® Marketing Services<br /> <br />Approximately, ~ 600,000 valid contacts in ASIA Categories / Activity as per following: <br /> <br />ABRASIVES AND RELATED COMPONENTS FOR THE PROCESS OF MARBLE AND STONE ; AGRICULTURAL PRODUCE ; ARCHITECTS; APPAREL, GARMENTS & ACCESSORIES ; AUTOMOTIVE, PARTS & COMPONENTS ; BEVERAGES ; BUILDING CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS & HARDWARE ; BUILDING CONTRACTORS ; CHEMICALS, MINERALS & ALLOYS ; COMPUTER HARDWARE ; COMPUTER SOFTWARE ; CONSUMER & INDUSTRIAL ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS ; DEFENCE PRODUCTS AND EQUIPMENT ; DESIGNERS ; ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC PARTS AND COMPONENTS ; FASHION ACCESSORIES & TEXTILES ; FOOTWEAR ; FURNITURE ; GIFTS, SOUVENIRS AND JEWELLERY ; GLOVES ; HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS ; MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT ; MEDICAL PRODUCTS ; PACKAGING & CONTAINERS ; MARBLE GRANITE STONE AND RELATED ACTIVITY PRODUCER; PALM OIL PRODUCTS ; PLASTIC PRODUCTS ; PREPARED FOOD ; PHARMACEUTICALS, TOILETRIES AND COSMETICS ; QUANTITY SURVEYORS;  RUBBER PRODUCTS ; SEMI PRECIOUS STONE PRODUCER : STATIONERY ; TRANSPORT EQUIPMENT & PARTS TELECOMMUNICATION ; TEXTILES, YARNS & OTHER RELATED MATERIALS ; TOYS AND SPORTS EQUIPMENT ; WOOD PRODUCTS ; etcetera, a wide range of  Categories Listing. <br />Sorted by industry, location, name, Contact information including phone and fax numbers, addresses and e-mail.<br /> <br />The D/B daily well maintained.<br /> <br />Just send us via email or fax:<br />1) Description target of Categories / Activity Listing. We will examine number of record available in our D/B.<br />2) Your text and design setting in Microsoft Word or similar format.<br />We will do the rest for you, ON A REASONABLE PRICE PROVIDING DOCUMENTATION FOR SUCCESSFUL FAX SEND OUT. <br />Why FAX Marketing?<br />Email gets junked by spam-filter!        <br />You prefer to spend less money, the service is provided also via email or snail mail.Advertisement on newspapers and TV is expensive and often missed by your customers.  <br />EVERY   FAX   IS   READ   AT   LEAST   ONCE.<br />1) Cost effective.<br />2) Reaches a large audience instantly.<br />3) Creates new interest in your products/services.<br />4) Drives quality traffic to your website.<br />5) Environment friendly - it saves paper and ink.<br />6) Supports other marketing strategies simultaneously.<br />7) Get ahead of your business competitors<br />8) No Cold Call to Build New Customers <br />We sort the information and listings in any way you wish, from selected Categories / Activity, whether by postal code, Geographic region or by Industry? <br /> <br />Your company will be informed on the quantity of data available for each Categories / Activity selected, with the quotation inclusive of terms, for the fax, email or snail mail shot. <br />Propagation / documentation shot will be done by us in your name. <br />Email will be done using one of your email name and address.<br /> <br />For information, please e-mail us @  info@lamarstone.com.sg<br />EVERY   FAX   IS   READ   AT   LEAST   ONCE.<br />It is the perfect tool for any organization that is trying to reach out in Singapore with business opportunities and ideas.<br />a) Your bid US$ 8.98 is a Down Payment for the examination of above Categories / Activity listed referring to the utilization of our Business Database.<br /> <br />b) Your Company prepare material for the fax or email marketing, submit to us for consideration and study <br />There are 3 solutions:<br />a) Fax                                 suggested by us “ EVERY FAX IS READ AT LEAST ONE”.<br />b) Email                              “ GETS JUNKED BY SPAM-FILTER! “<br />c) Singapore Postal Service, Snail mail on A4 size one side or both side colour printed paper. <br /> <br />In your question, or request of information Please include your Contact Details, Company Name, Address, and Tel. Inclusive of Person to Contact. We will revert back the soon as possible.<br /> <br />Once the fax, email, snail mail is successful, your Company will be contacted directly.<br /> <br />Visiting Singapore! <br />Assistance will be provided on a moderate cost based on the job specification finalised and approved.<br /> <br />In the fax transmission will not appear any reference to LMDS as fax number etc.Just give us you document will fax it and you will get the result.<br />Once again note:LMDS charge only for successful faxes and provide a report for the unsuccessful.<br />Best regards Andrea (Mr.) Maoro <br />La Mar Diamant (S.E.A.) Pte Ltd  Singapore ACRA reg.197402044N<br />Managing Director  <br />Computer division Web Application <br />SALES/PROMOTION/CATALOGUE ON USB Flash Drive We offer on a convenient price effective promotion of your products in selected country or worldwide.<br />Singapore is + 8 h. GMT / UTC   office hours 10:30 to 17:30 7/365 <br />Skype   a.g.maoro<br />MSN voice contact: ma_lamarstone<br /> HYPERLINK " http://www.lamarstone.tel/" http://www.lamarstone.tel/Click or copy in your browser the above blue http:// hyperlink there are the co-ordinate for your information.<br />We are an eBay Italian store retailer of unique item based in Singapore, serving Asia and the rest of the World.http://stores.shop.ebay.com.sg/CONDOTTI-LAMARSTONE <br />http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330453825837&ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:US:1123<br /> <br />In today fast-paced marketplace, successful companies rely on agile business processes and collaborative work environments to stay ahead of the competition.<br />Best regards <br />Andrea (mr) Maoro<br /> http://www.wiziq.com/andrea<br />The last audio video presentation referring this Case it is f.o.c open it: @<br /> HYPERLINK " http://www.wiziq.com/online-class/311914-every-fax-is-read-at-least-once" http://www.wiziq.com/online-class/311914-every-fax-is-read-at-least-once<br />Click or copy in your browser the http:// hyperlink,<br />Synopses<br />H:ALPHAINFORMEBAY STORYUP FOR SALECost-Effective and Targeted Marketing CampaignFAX IS READ AT LEAST ONCE.docx<br />PDF:<br />FAX IS READ AT LEAST ONCE.pdf<br />BARAONDA<br />http://files.meetup.com/526742/FAX%20IS%20READ%20AT%20LEAST%20ONCE.pdf<br />EBAY<br />http://files.meetup.com/796090/FAX%20IS%20READ%20AT%20LEAST%20ONCE.pdf<br />LAMARSTONE<br />http://files.meetup.com/798297/FAX%20IS%20READ%20AT%20LEAST%20ONCE.pdf<br />Cost-Effective and Targeted Marketing Campaign<br /> HYPERLINK " http://www.wiziq.com/tutorial/79998-Cost-Effective-and-Targeted-Marketing-Campaign" http://www.wiziq.com/tutorial/79998-Cost-Effective-and-Targeted-Marketing-Campaign<br />Location in eBay<br />http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330453825837&ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:US:1123<br />Listed in category: <br /> * Specialty Services ><br /> * Advice & Instruction ><br /> * Business & Computer<br />Current one Item specifics<br />Service Type: Fax promotion in your name.<br />Type: EVERY FAX IS READ AT LEAST ONCE. <br />Singapore D/B: ~ 158000 contacts.<br />Asia D/B: ~600000 valid contacts.<br />Category listing: Wide range of categories listing. <br />DOCUMENTATION charges: FOR SUCCESSFUL FAX SEND OUT.<br />To Build New Customers:  No Cold Call only fax.<br />