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Tmc corporate2011

  2. 2. Welcome to TMC• TMC was founded in 1972 by Harrold Annett when he purchased a dormant trucking company called The Mickow Corporation Shop• TMC began with six trucks and an office staff Main Office Shop of two Truck Parking• Today, TMC is the largest privately-held flatbed carrier in the nation with thousands ofTruck Sales Hotel Administration tractor-trailers running coast to coast
  3. 3. Our Culture• The life values of TMC’s founder Harrold Annett are the driving force behind the TMC philosophy. His dedication to honest, hard work and his unyielding commitment to excellence are the core values that we live by. We take great pride in TMC and it shows in everything we do. There is a TMC way of doing things, and these fundamental beliefs have guided us for more than 35 years.
  4. 4. Our MissionThe mission of TMC is to be recognized as thestandard-bearer of quality performance in flatbedtransportation. We will accomplish this by searching outthe very best people, training them in the fundamentalsof quality and empowering them to develop innovativetechniques focused on customer satisfaction. Emphasiswill be placed on continuous process improvement in allmeasurable aspects of our business.
  5. 5. Our BusinessLinehaul• TMCs linehaul division is an ideal solution for your 48 state needs. Our highly-trained drivers, top of the line equipment and unwavering commitment to safety have made TMCs on-time, claim-free delivery percentage the best in the business
  6. 6. Our BusinessSpecialized• TMCs specialized division can provide solutions for your most challenging shipping needs throughout the 48 contiguous states. TMCs specialized equipment includes 53 foot step-deck trailers, and Removable Goose Neck (RGN) trailers. These trailer types enable TMC to accommodate various types of construction and agricultural machinery and other commodities that have additional loading and off-loading requirements• Contact Joe Brannen (515) 256-3950
  7. 7. Our BusinessDedicated• TMCs Dedicated Contract Services division can provide you with the advantages of a private trucking fleet without the investment of equipment or human resources• As your transportation provider, TMCs Dedicated Contract Services enables you to: – Reduce your total transportation costs – Improve your customer service levels – Guarantee driver and equipment availability – Concentrate on your core business functions• Contact Damon Gehrels (515) 974-3497
  8. 8. Our BusinessLogistics• TMC Logistics is able to support and enhance the maximum level of capacity to our customers without compromising on service. We offer our customers the ability to handle all of your transportation needs with one call, increasing your ability to focus more efforts on your core business and leaving the transportation to us.• TMC Logistics has developed strategic alliances with partner carriers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our extensive carrier base helps provide additional support for our customers open-deck, van, and a wide variety of specialized freight needs. Every partner carrier must meet TMCs quality standards, including insurance requirements, Safety scores, and premier service. We understand the need to exceed our customers service expectations and we take pride in partnering with other carriers who uphold the same integrity, quality, and Dedication to Excellence as TMC.
  9. 9. CustomerService
  10. 10. Equipment• Fleet of late model Peterbilt Tractors• A variety of spread-axle aluminum and steel trailers Shop• RGNs and Step Decks for your specialized Main Office Shop loads• TMC equipment is Truck Parking meticulously maintained by our highly-skilledTruck Sales Hotel technicians to ensure dependability and safety
  11. 11. Load Securement
  12. 12. Senior Management• TMC’s senior management has an average of 35 years of industry experience• Steering Committee for TMC is comprised of senior staff members and meets bi-weekly • Process management and improvement • Waste reduction • Customer satisfaction • TMC manages quality by analyzing key process indicators (KPIs) on all critical processes • SPC (statistical process control)
  13. 13. Harrold Annett, Chairman & CEO• Harrold Annett started TMC back in 1972 when he purchased The Mickow Corporation. TMC began with six trucks and an office staff of two. Through innovative Shop approaches to business and a lot of hard work, Harrold has grown TMC into the largest privately-owned flatbed Main Office Shop carrier• Harrold is known for his loyalty and integrity. He believes Truck Parking in a strong work ethic and never expects an employee to work any harder Hotelhim than he works for them. He takes Truck Sales for an extreme amount of pride in watching employees adopt TMC’s culture, and excel in their position
  14. 14. Larry Clark, CFO• A CPA, Larry was a partner in his own accounting firm for 26 years, working closely with TMC from the start Shop• He has extensive experience specializing in accounting and tax services for mid-size businesses, specifically on the transportation side Office Main Shop• Larry oversees TMC’s lending relationships and all areas of the accounting department. He believes TMC’s Truck Parking success comes from the people and the deep-rooted Truck Sales Hotel commitment to quality in every aspect of the business
  15. 15. Glen McCravy, EVP HR/ Risk Management• One of Glen’s primary responsibilities is maintaining a minimum loss experience when it comes to safety on the roads and in the work placeShop• He accomplishes these goals by making sure TMC hires the best people andMain Office then provides them with extensive Shop quality training. He believes TMC’s emphasis on continuous training is one reasonTruck Parking for the company’s success• Truck Sales Glen has been inHotel trucking industry since 1977 and the with TMC for 21 years
  16. 16. Travis Johnson, EVP Operations• A graduate of Iowa State University with a degree in Transportation and Logistics, Travis has 17 years experience in managing fleet operations, 16 of which Shop have been with TMC• Travis believes TMCs success comes from a number of Main Office Shop different areas – the most important being the people that he works with, their dedication and pride in their work. Truck Parking He also attributes the company’s success to its pride in Truck Sales training and motivating its employees hiring, Hotel
  17. 17. Lou Gartner, EVP Business Development• Lou has demonstrated strong management and leadership qualities in the 20 years he has been with TMC. Lou’s responsibilities include the direction of TMC’s Shop Business Development Team and ensuring that quality performance is maintained with the customers. Main Office Shop• Lou’s perfectionist philosophy of doing it right meshes well with the TMC organization. Truck Parking Truck Sales Hotel
  18. 18. Jason Webb, EVP Asset Management• As EVP of asset management, Jason oversees the management of TMC’s inventory of fleet equipment, parts and facilities Shop• One of his key roles is in the company’s fuel management. Jason has extensive knowledge in all Main Office Shop areas of fuel procurement and economy• Jason has served in several roles during his 20 years Truck Parking with TMC and believes that TMC’s success comes from Truck Sales Hotel its people and their dedication to quality and customer service
  19. 19. State-of-the-Art Training• Drivers go through TMC’s comprehensive 6 week training program• All drivers must complete load securement classes• TMC utilizes state-of-the-art driving simulators to evaluate and improve driving skills• SPC (statistical process control)
  20. 20. Safety• TMC is committed to the safety of its drivers, the motoring public and cargo we carry. This is evidenced by TMC’s CSA scores. To view our CSA scores visit• TMC DOT# 87409• 99.97 % Claim Free Delivery• TMC utilizes VORAD anti-collision software in all of its trucks
  21. 21. Technology• Real-Time Communication – All trucks have a Qualcomm satellite system• Customer Online Services – Obtain copies of proofs of delivery and bills of lading – Real time shipment tracking capabilities – Informative carrier performance reports• TMC has an EDI compatible communications system called OMNI
  22. 22. Environmental Stewardship• Member of the Smartway Transport Partnership• TMC is committed to decreasing its carbon footprint by using fuel efficiently – TMC educates its drivers on fuel economy through continuous education classes – All TMC trucks are set at 62mph – Drivers receive incentives through their pay for meeting out of route and idle time goals• TMC reduces paper usage through paperless driver pay system • SPC (statistical process control)
  23. 23. Des Moines, Iowa …Thank You