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Sports and entertainment


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Sports and entertainment

  1. 1. Sports and Entertainment By David Alicea and Nik Smith
  2. 2. Sports <ul><li>The Ancient Egyptian people played sports similar to sports we play today such as ball games similar to handball baseball. They wrestled and boxed in the nude. Other sports they played included javelin throwing, archery, and chariot racing. One last stamina challenging event that they performed were extremely long marathons of many miles. </li></ul>
  3. 3. Archery The first Egyptian bows, as elsewhere in the world, were horn bows, made from two curved animal horns, in this case antelope horns, with a wooden section in the middle. By the beginning of Dynastic times, recurve bows made entirely of wood had replaced horn, though animal remains were still used for glue, and for the bowstring, which was made from sinew. Plant material began to be used for bowstrings during the Old Kingdom, but sinew was still preferred, and the plant material was found to be more useful for the manufacture of arrows.
  4. 4. Wrestling The Ancient Egyptians also wrestled. Since around 3000 B.C. Like modern rules the athlete need to throw the opponent down. 3 throws were necessary to win. Biting was not allowed. Attacks such as breaking your opponent's fingers were permitted. All contest took place on one day. In most events the athletes participated in the nude. 
  5. 5. Swimming Swimming was the favorite sport of the ancient Egyptians, who made use of the River Nile to practice it. The Nile was not the only place for swimming contests. Noblemen's palaces had swimming pools in which princes learned the sport. The calm waters of the Nile encouraged youths to hold swimming competitions in which they could show their skills.
  6. 6. Hocky Ancient Egyptians played a game that is similar to our present-day hockey. Drawings on tombs at Beni Hassan in Menia Governorate show players holding bats made of long palm-tree branches, with a bent end similar to that of the hockey bat. The hockey ball was made of compressed papyrus fibers covered with two pieces of leather in the shape of a semicircle.
  7. 7. Closing Hope you learned a lot about Ancient Egyptian sports from this PowerPoint, thanks for watching.