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Old orchard beach


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Old orchard beach

  1. 1. Old Orchard Beach By: Taylor Sullivan Old Orchard Beach, Maine is my favorite place to go onsummer vacation. I go to Old Orchard Beach once a year atthe beginning of August. My favorite parts about it areswimming in the cool water, going shopping, and visiting thebeach. Skim-boarding is one of my favorite things to do at thebeach. My favorite part is gliding across the water or theskim. To skim-board you take a wooden oval shaped board andthrow it across the left over water after the wave rolls out orthe skim, then run and jump onto the board while it’s moving.A big part of the sport is falling down, so you have to becareful and be prepared. Swimming is a big part of the vacation there, so if you goto Old Orchard Beach you have to swim. It’s kind of like a riteof passage. The waves are enormous! You have to be carefulnot to get caught in the tube of the wave. If you do, badthings will happen. When you are swimming there may becritters underneath your feet, or even next to you. Justremember to share the ocean! I like swimming in the ocean at
  2. 2. Old Orchard Beach because there’s cool water and the wavesare always immense. Shopping is so much fun at Old Orchard Beach andprobably my favorite thing besides the beach and skimboarding. I just love walking into the different stores andseeing all the items, trinkets, and clothing. But my favoritestores are the puzzle and games store, the street sideairbrushing store and the candy store. The candy shop has candy strung from the ceiling. Thewalls are bright neon colored. The scent is definitely myfavorite fudge, candy, and taffy. The taste on my tongue is thefinest ever. It tastes like sugar and fudge the superb kindsever! One time my cousin and I went to the fudge samplingtable more than 1 time and not one worker noticed. At the puzzle and games store, board games and puzzlesare set up on tables. Jigsaw puzzle pieces and board gamepieces are hung up on the ceiling to decorate the store. Thepieces that are hung up are from games such as Battleship,Sorry, Monopoly, Uno, and Parcheesi. When I play Battleship, Ican feel the pressure of the game wondering where myopponent’s ships are. One year, I bought a Rubix Cube thereand I still can’t figure it out because I twisted it around somuch.
  3. 3. At the street side airbrushing store they sell personalizedhats, t-shirts, license plates, and buttons. They have almostevery color including every neon color and metallic colors too.I watch as they make the hat on a board and have a long andthin airbrush for fine details! It smells like airbrush paint andstale sealant I really don’t like this smell. Next year I will begetting a hat but this year I couldn’t because I had alreadygotten something. I love Old Orchard Beach the skim-boarding,shopping, and swimming are too much fun. I will never stopgoing to Old Orchard Beach. THE END