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  1. 1. BaseballBy Matt Zuchowski It was a sunny day at the ball park for the final game ofthe district tournament. The game was Northampton versusTurners Falls. We went to the right field to warm up. We stretched andthrew. Then both teams lined up on the first and third baseline.We sang the Northampton team and I were excited. We went out to right National Anthem. Then we got ourpositions and went out on the field. I was playing right field. Our pitcher pitched the ball.Smack! The batter hit the ball. It came to me in right field but Imissed it, and it rolled to the fence. I ran and got the ball. Then I threw the ball to secondbase. Safe! The umpire yelled. The runner got a double. The nextrunner got another double. By the end of the first half inning theTurners Falls team was up by one. My team got up to bat. When I got to bat there was arunner on second base. I got in the batter’s box. I was holding myheavy red bat. Then I looked at the pitcher to show that I wasready for the pitch. The pitcher pitched the ball. Strike! The umpire
  2. 2. yelled. I thought about what my dad who’s the coach alwayssays. “Never give up batting until you have three strikes.” So Ididn’t give up. I looked at the pitcher. The pitcherpitched the ball. Whack! I crushed the ball down the left fieldline. It flew by the left fielder and hit the fence. My dad wasyelling. I could also hear cheers from the crowd. The runner onsecond base ran around third and broke home. Safe! The umpireyelled. I ran faster then I usually do. I got to third base and mydad who was the third base coach said to stay at third. It finally came to the last inning. Thescore was 6-11 we are winning. We just had to hold them for onemore inning. We went to the field. One runner hit the ball withtwo outs and it went to deep left field. The fielder got the balland through it to third base. The runner ran right into the player.Out! The umpire yelled. We had just won the district tournament.Next we got trophies and we got a chance to play in the statetournament. It was a good day.