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What can bring library metadata to the web? Trust, links and love


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Talk given by Raphaëlle Lapôtre, BnF, during the RecsysFR meetup on October 6th 2016.

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What can bring library metadata to the web? Trust, links and love

  1. 1. What can bring library metadata to the web ? Trust, links and love. Raphaëlle Lapôtre French national Library
  2. 2. Attention economy Limited human look Limitless source of information
  3. 3. Recommendation systems Faceted classifications Two kinds of economic philosophy...
  4. 4. Two ways of expressing value in information EntitiesLinks
  5. 5. Data modelling
  6. 6. Date (2K) (116K) Place (2M)Author (183K)Concept Work (620K)
  7. 7. Archives et Manuscrits Library of Congress VIAF Dbpedia Wikidata
  8. 8. The good news... that you can reuse our metadata.
  9. 9. ...The question is, why would you want to use library metadata ?
  10. 10. Institutional weight
  11. 11. Validation process
  12. 12. Benchmarking
  13. 13. One use case : Named Entity Recognition
  14. 14. Classification "[Jim]Person bought 300 shares of [Acme Corp.]Organization in [2006]Time"
  15. 15. Linking <ENTITY url=""> Michael Jordan </ENTITY> is a professor at <ENTITY url=",_Berkeley Berkeley </ENTITY>
  16. 16. And may be... recommendation !
  17. 17. Trust, links and love... Thank you for your attention !