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Rakuten Institute of Technology Paris


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Talk given by Laurent Ach during the RecsysFR meetup on March 23rd 2016

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Rakuten Institute of Technology Paris

  1. 1. February 2016 Laurent Ach Rakuten Institute of Technology Paris Projects on Recommendation
  2. 2. Rakuten Worldwide
  3. 3. Rakuten Institute of Technology Boston New YorkTokyo Singapore Paris
  4. 4. Institute of Technology Some Projects About Recommendation in RIT Paris
  5. 5. Institute of Technology Fashion Recommendation Simona Maggio, Lowik Chanussot, Cécilia Lejeune, RIT Paris Using Computer Vision to do recommendation of similar and complementary clothes
  6. 6. Institute of Technology Fashion Recommendation (for PriceMinister) What could I wear with this blouse? #SuitApp: we suggests this outfit. What about those matches? Demo Video: Similarity matching and recommendations based on pictures from fashion magazines Simona Maggio
  7. 7. Institute of Technology Navigation in Feature Spaces Natural navigation in multidimensional spaces of product features Ken Prepin color pattern style fashion feature space same style but far away navigable space close style & color & pattern
  8. 8. Institute of Technology Offline Evaluation of Recommender Systems RecoMix - Platform for evaluation of recommender systems from exported data Robin Swezey User Action Logs WebSite Simulator Recommender System API calls Prior Training Set
  9. 9.