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Recruitment training tips

  1. 1. Recruitment Training Tips By Nicky Coffin1 Call: 0845 319 4838
  2. 2. Recruitment Training: How To Choose A Company ToTrain Your RecruitersRecruitment training is important no matter what company you are a part of, ifyour goal is to grow and increase your employees’ skills and abilities. It isespecially important if you own a recruitment agency and have a team ofrecruiters whose key function is to deliver to your clients a steady stream ofappropriate, top flight candidates.So what do you need to consider when choosing from a range of companiesthat can potentially provide recruitment training for your team of recruitmentconsultants and managers. 1. Do they have Recruitment Industry Experience?There are a lot of training and development providers out there, so in essenceyou have a lot of choice. First of all a great question to ask is do they haveexperience in your particular industry. The recruitment sector has its own style.Recruitment consultants have to be goal orientated, driven and yet flexible,making sure candidate and clients are matched. A gung ho approach to sellingis all well and good and yet there needed to be a balance. Increased billingsare important along with account management. A training provider who hasactual experience within this sector will understand this. All you have to do isask them. This leads onto something else. 2. Who are they and what is their experience?So you know that this recruitment training company has experience. Now itis time to find out exactly what it is. Perhaps they have worked as a recruiter orrecruitment manager in the past and have a flair for developing and trainingpeople. This is a good sign as you can be confident that they understand thejob role. Depending on the level of training and development you need do theyhave a grasp of the wider implications of running a recruitment company? Abonus is to find someone who has worked at a senior manager level. Thisindividual will have a range of skills and will have come across a lot of theissues you are facing. 2 Call: 0845 319 4838
  3. 3. Recruitment Training: How To Choose A Company ToTrain Your Recruiters 3. What is their level of training expertise?It is all well and good that someone knows the recruitment industry. Thequestion now is can they teach, train and coach. What is their own skill level inthese areas?Do they have any training qualifications? Maybe specialist skills like MBTI,Business consulting, NLP, advanced communication skills, what are theirperformance coaching abilities? Have they any experience of managementtraining for recruitment companies, vital if your plan is to grow yourcompany to new heights. All questions to ask and get answers to before youmove forward. 4. What are their results in recruitment training?If the companies you are choosing from have ticked box one and haverecruitment industry experience, what results have they achieved? Not just thewarm cuddly stuff either. What were the recruiters or managers able toachieve post the training?How much did their billings increase? How many new candidate CV’s got sentout? How is the team performing? This is usually pretty easy to find out if youare dealing with a professional company. First of all they will have a websitethat you can visit.This will also include information about the range of services they provide andimportantly the results that people are getting. 3 Call: 0845 319 4838
  4. 4. Starting a Recruitment Agency: It All Starts WithAttracting The Best RecruitersStarting a recruitment agency, looking in from the outside, can seem like asimple thing: the staff sit at their desks and answer emails all day frominterested people - smiles are exchanged, and daily working life is easy.Quickly and easily, the recruiters simply and efficiently match the right peoplewith the right jobs, and the hardest thing they ever have to do is answer thephone. Sounds like an easy life, right?Wrong. Starting a Recruitment Agency is a gamble in any economy, andsomething which can throw up more paperwork and HR headaches than youcould ever feasibly imagine.Fortunately, though, its easy to cut down on some of the hassles and createan atmosphere that enables everyone to flourish. So once youve got thefinances sorted and the office is ready, making sure you have only the bestrecruiters is something which should be of paramount importance, dont youthink?The first thing you need to consider when starting a recruitment agency iscosts; in an ideal world, youd be hiring the best recruiters in the area -individuals who have years of experience and know the industry inside-out.Yet here comes the first stumbling block...with a smaller budget than mostcompanies and a weaker public profile, this option is virtually impossible andsomething youd do well to dismiss and accept early on. The best you couldhope to do is attract someone who is doing it for the love of the job, and whilethat sounds possible, it could leave you wondering what else they areexpecting from getting this under-paid role that they are over-qualified for.This leaves only one realistic option: employ recruiters who are goodenough at their job to represent your new company well, and accept that theywill need training. This might sound like a hassle, but the benefit is that you getrecruiters who you can shape with your own ideas, and employees who maybe more open to suggestions and feedback. 4 Call: 0845 319 4838
  5. 5. Starting a Recruitment Agency: It All Starts WithAttracting The Best RecruitersAnother obvious reason why you need the best recruiters possible foryour money is this: you want people to come in the door unemployed andleave employed and happy. Even more importantly, you want those people totalk about your Recruitment Agency down the pub or when out at parties. Inthe beginning you wont have much in the way of money for advertising, butthat doesnt matter as much when you have great word-of-mouth and agrowing reputation as a business which really cares about what it does.The last reason why you only want the best recruiters is simple, and it appliesto all Recruitment Agencies: low staff moral is a very bad thing, and it canliterally finish a company before its even started. It begins with onedisillusioned staff member and spreads alarmingly quickly - within just a fewweeks 3 or 4 people might be leaving, and once that happens in a smallcompany it can very easily be the kiss of death which all RecruitmentAgencies fear.The conclusion: by employing the best and most suitable recruiters to work inyour team, youre ensuring that there are no weak links, and securing a futureas well as you possibly can. Now, doesnt that sound like good businesssense? 5 Call: 0845 319 4838
  6. 6. Training for Recruitment Consultants: Why Your NewRecruiter Needs a CoachTraining for recruitment consultants should be a major priority for anyrecruitment agency. Picture the scene: you run an established Recruitmentcompany - business has been on the up for some time and it shows no sign ofslowing down soon. Then, just at what feels like the height of your success,you get the news youve been dreading: your top recruiter is leaving you.Whatever the reason - pregnancy, a new job or a move into a different industry- nothing softens the blow, and hiring a new recruiter isnt something whichshould be rushed into, no matter how much you need them.Many people believe that hiring a new recruiter should be where it ends. Afterall, theyre trained at what they do, have the right amount of experience andseem an ideal fit. But look at it this way: as gifted as they might be and assuited as their CV might make them seem, can you be certain that they willrepresent your company just as youd like when youre not looking? While youmay have already established a modicum of trust at the interview stage,nothing beats some extra training to ensure that youre both on the samewave-length.Performance coaches are the ideal people to bring in to assist your newrecruiter. Not only are they experts at getting people to fulfill their potential, butthey can see a business with fresh eyes and understand very quickly how anew recruiter will fit into the dynamics that are already present; really, itsabout putting everyone on the same wave-length, and with a performancecoach you get this, plus the added peace of mind which comes with knowingthey have achieved great results before.Another reason for hiring a coach to assist your new recruiter is more simple:we all have different ways of handling things, and a coach will be able toexplain how the new employee can effectively integrate into the way yourcompany does business. An even more important reason why your recruiterneeds a coach is decision making. All businesses hinge on this one importantskill, and by making sure that your Recruiter is doing this well enough, you canbe sure that time isnt being wasted or unnecessarily taken up. 6 Call: 0845 319 4838
  7. 7. Training for Recruitment Consultants: Why Your NewRecruiter Needs a CoachMotivation is also something which performance coaches specialise inhandling and encouraging. If your new recruiter is easily stressed or too easilydistracted, your coach will notice this very early on and offer a number oftechniques which he or she can use. The best thing is that with the advice andinformation coming from a third-party, he or she is more likely to take note andmake long-term changes that translate into working better with the team.Instead of just switching off as you speak - something which is inevitable forthe new recruiter who is bombarded with information - they will engage betterwith what they are hearing. It all adds up to a better working relationship foreveryone and a level of assurance which makes you glad you got aperformance coach in. 7 Call: 0845 319 4838
  8. 8. Recruitment Training: Why Performance CoachingCan Double Your TurnoverRecruitment training is vital if you are in the recruitment sector and want yourbusiness to grow. If youre in the recruitment training part of the company, thechances are that you possess a few key skills which come fairly naturally -things like intuition, the ability to sense a persons hidden skills, anddetermining when someone isnt suited to a certain position. These are allthings which you then pass onto recruiters by way of recruitment training.Going by this logic, then, all recruitment training firms should be made equaland none should be at an advantage. So, with this in mind, how come someexcel while others seem less able to attract success? One explanation couldbe just good luck, but another could well be a difference in technique. Its aknown fact that the firms who do the best in business achieve their goalsbecause they understand every part of what they are doing.The notion that a performance coach will come into your office, only toquestion your recruitment training strategies and way of doing things, isnt anespecially new one - many people mistakenly believe that all performancecoaches care about is implementing their own strategies. The fact, though, isthat this couldnt be further from the truth. In all cases, the role of theperformance coach is to better a companys recruitment training so that thestaff can train others to confidently attract the right people for the right jobswhich best suit their individual skill-sets. It may sound mysterious, but actuallywhat performance coaches do is surprisingly simple.The performance coach begins by identifying the issues that the recruitmenttraining company faces both long and short-term. Seeing things from theoutside, from a fresh, new and unbiased perspective, they are able to clearlysee what the problems are. The company may not appreciate hearing thesenegative points, but performance coaches have a long history of turningcompanies around by suggesting unique, tailor made methods. When theseare adhered to, great things really do happen.Once these negative points have been targeted, its time for the performancecoach to work out why these issues have been allowed to take hold in the firstplace. It may be something simple, like conflict within the training company, orit may be something more-ingrained, like low staff moral which has seepedinto the foundation of the business and affected a number of recruiters. Eitherway, the performance coachs job is to increase the recruitment trainingcompanys turnover by getting the best from all recruiters and makingeveryone able to be better decision makers. 8 Call: 0845 319 4838
  9. 9. Recruitment Training: Why Performance CoachingCan Double Your TurnoverThis inevitably leads to more motivation and a focus on the areas that needwork. Suddenly all hope is not lost and people are smiling. Where problemsconstantly arose, the negative energy that could once be cut with a knife isreplaced with a map of what to do and how to tackle problems if and whenthey arise. The result is less negativity and more positive action. Thisinevitably leads to better communication within the company, which meansthat the business is much more efficient. In the end, it all leads to more goodbusiness being done and more money coming in - something which motivateseveryone to try harder and constantly do their best. 9 Call: 0845 319 4838
  10. 10. Recruitment Consultant Training: 3 Things You MustTeach New Recruitment Consultants in Year OneRecruitment consultant training is vital if you want your new recruiters tosucceed in the recruitment industry. The recruitment business is a great placeto be at the moment as the global economy starts to recover. Companies aregrowing again and with that growth comes the need for more staff. Enter yournew recruitment consultants who full fill a vital role in matching up the idealcandidate with the ideal job role and of course client.As in any profession teach somebody well in their first year and you willrecoup your own recruitment costs for years to come. There are many thingsthat will form part of your recruitment consultant training courses. Includingadvanced selling skills, negotiation and listening skills to name just a few ofthe basic attributes. Here we want to share 3 key ideas that are vital forsuccess in any industry that involves selling and especially recruitment.1. Goal SettingThat is obvious I hear you say. Well maybe and maybe not. Few peopleactually understand goal setting, and how to set it up so it actually works.Imagine the scenario Sam or Sally start with you and you give them their firstbillings target of £20k that month. I am just using this as an example. Now allwell and good and yet leaving it at that will not get you the result you want.The best way to make a goal happen is to break it down into smaller chunksthat will relate to actions that need to be taken. For instance how many newplacements would that mean? What is the average billing? What are thecurrent conversion rates that Sam or Sally has in their past sales roles?Perhaps they are total newbies to the recruitment industry. If that is the caselooking at your past recruitment consultant training what did previous newstarters achieve.This makes it simpler to work out. This way the figure of £20.000 can bebroken down into how many placements that would mean and therefore howmany conversations need to happen. 10 Call: 0845 319 4838
  11. 11. Recruitment Consultant Training: 3 Things You MustTeach New Recruitment Consultants in Year One2. FocusNext is the buzz word of the moment. It does not matter how intelligent orqualified your new recruitment consultant is they must know how to focus.Focus is the secret weapon to delivering outstanding results when it comes totraining your recruitment consultants. When you have new people in anycompany, recruitment agency or not there are lots of distractions going on.If you can keep your new consultants focused on exactly what they need to doto deliver results you will be amazed at what they will achieve. If you have notgot your own recruitment training manual or are unsure of the best steps eithercreate one or outsource the training. This training can then be followed as ablueprint. Leaning any new skill takes focus and determination and havingstep by step instructions that are followed with focus over the first few monthswill make a huge difference.3. Self-AppraisalThis is a technique few people think to build into their recruitment consultanttraining and yet it can be the difference that makes the difference. At the endof each call get your new consultants to ask themselves a few simplequestions. What went well? What went not so well? What can I do differentlynext time to make it even better?By doing this on a regular basis your recruitment consultants will becomemore aware of what is working for them. What they need to get better at andwhat they can do more of to increase the results they are getting. 11 Call: 0845 319 4838
  12. 12. How to Start a Recruitment Agency: 3 Steps You MustTakeHow to start a recruitment agency? A good question. Recruitment agencyowners are usually driven, full of ambition and embodied with enough self-assurance to make good snap decisions about anything related toemployment.Sound like you? Well, the good thing is that you dont need to be born intothis job. With technology and the need for more skilled workers somethingwhich is never likely to slow down, starting your own recruitment training issomething within the grasp of many people, and a vocation which can be asrewarding as any other top-flight profession. The key is how you do it, and toget a good idea you could do much worse than consult these 3 steps tosuccess:1) Research and training: if youre looking at how to start how to start arecruitment business then consider your skill-set. If you have good inter-personal skills and the uncanny ability to see things from the employersperspective then this is definitely the job for you! Begin by researching howother company owners did it, then look for courses in your area which trainyou in all the areas necessary to make an impact.These include understanding staff PAYE and general duties, as well as tax,VAT and relevant legislation. Alongside this youll be unravelling the legal,commercial and ethical responsibilities of starting a recruitment agency andonline recruitment training. Finally, with professional help youll develop abusiness plan and create a structured concept which will work seamlessly withpeople who know they have the skills for their required job but need yourassistance to make it happen. Recruitment consultant courses areeverywhere, and at all budgets too!2) Once youve completed your training youll be in the perfect position tomove swiftly forward. Your first stop is to read up even more on theRecruitment Agency subject. Following that, youll need to consider yourfinances before you go and see the bank manager about your new venture. Ifyour computer skills are lacking, and you have little experience of managingpeople and HR, dont panic! There are countless courses and books out there,along with computer resources which are available at an instant. Thankgoodness for search engines. 12 Call: 0845 319 4838
  13. 13. How to Start a Recruitment Agency: 3 Steps You MustTake3) Now its time to start thinking about a location for training in recruitment.This is where youll gather all the knowledge youve amassed over the pastfew months and use it to get a venue which works in your favour. Parking isgreat if you can find it, and once youve done this youll need to consult anaccountant - if you dont have one, get one - to make sure that all yourpaperwork is in order and your business is starting on a clean slate. Finally, itstime to start thinking about your very first Recruitment Agency marketingcampaign.Good at social networking? Fancy a go at direct mail or an email campaignwith an innovative twist? In that case, its quite possible that youll be able tonetwork your business efficiently enough that youll never struggle to findclients. If youd rather hire a professional then thats no problem either - thereare literally thousands of companies up and down the UK who specialise inpromoting businesses both on and offline. Once youve done all that, its timeto take that final leap of faith and open your company doors to the world. If youhavent got any Recruitment Agency stationary or business cards in-hand thengetting them sorted now is a very good idea! 13 Call: 0845 319 4838
  14. 14. About Centred ExcellenceCentred Excellence specialise in the field of recruitment training, leadership,development and business growth. We work with many companies in therecruitment sector that want to transform their performance and results.From recruitment training courses, performance coaching and development forrecruitment managers, through to how to start a recruitment agency. CentredExcellence provides it all.Our recruitment industry knowledge and expertise means that we help eachrecruitment agency we work with achieve rapid results when it comes toincreasing their business performance.To find out about us and pick up our free training CD 14 Call: 0845 319 4838
  15. 15. 15 Call: 0845 319 4838