Google Adsense for beginners


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Google adsense for beginners

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Google Adsense for beginners

  1. 1. A online way of making money through blogs and websites. A secondary option for individuals or groups or professional bloggers besides full time work. To be get involved in Adsense you should be familiar using blogs like BlogSpot or WordPress that supports HTML code. BlogSpot is considered to be more user friendly and easy to use when compared to other blogs like WordPress. Easy to design, optimize for search engines, blogs are best when compared to professional or corporate websites. As these blogs are free, many users depend on these sites for Adsense and for affiliate marketing. Why blogs rather than corporate websites. 1. Free or negligible cost 2. Search engine friendly 3. Unlimited post that supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, and even CSS3 4. Easy to edit 5. Social media integration for virality
  2. 2. Google Adsense Approval Unique Contents Watermark images Copied contents Only Images Unique Images Atleast 20 post < 6 months old blogs General information for users Defamation and Porn Negative Contents Disapproved
  3. 3. Disadvantage of Google Adsense • Very strict Policy • Doesn’t work for all • Extreme difficult to promote the blogs or website • Not everybody clicks the “Ad” • Takes too much of time for virality • Ads get disabled if unable to make money of 10 dollars within 6 months. • Unique content and similar topic is required for blogs of content atleast 500 words for popularity and need to be expert in the domain that you post. • Requires atleast 500 blog post for 1 blog and with unique content to earn. • Requires social media sites and other marketing techniques to promote the blog that results more time consuming and you feel frustrated.
  4. 4. Blog promotion Not every blog you post get popularity but luckily some blogs gain popularity itself even without promoting the blog that depends how search engine works. Here is the Tips 1. Social media sites – Twitter, Slideshare, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube , LinkedIn are best for blogs. 2. Email Marketing – Blog links 3. Forums, Guest Blogging, Commenting But social bookmarking, blog directory submission, article submission is of no use. It is better to go for social sites to promote your blog, and it takes 3 to 5 years for virality To get involved in Google Adsense, make it clear that you have spent enough years to popular your blog.
  5. 5. Tips for Contents No one looks for your content how you write nor your spelling. Google Adsense doesn’t care of spelling mistake and it is myth that the blogs gets disapproved because of spelling mistake. To attract users, you should express the content in such a way that readers find really useful. Content copied and re-writed definitely is of no use for readers as they already read from other blogs or websites. Unique content means you already had experienced on it and that you have converted to content. Say for example, if you have practically experienced how to handle crying babies then you can experience it in the way of content. The more experience you have the more post you do. Avoid similar expression of words even if the content is unique in nature. Pick the topic of your interest and experience you had and convert them into content. Readers always look for content that somebody had experience and they have expressed their feelings in the way of content.
  6. 6. Tips for Contents • Post the content of 520-550 words, and never write too lengthy contents of 800 words • Strictly write each contents of unique word expressions. • Keep atleast 2 hours per day on blogs and social sites. • Learn HTML side by side. • I recommend, write contents at your convenient place i.e. sea shore, hills, gardens etc so that your mind is free and you get more ideas. You can use pen and paper to write. • Write for audience not for Adsense. • Give meaningful and positive information for readers.
  7. 7. Most Common Mistake • Similar expression of words even though the contents are unique • Too many links on single post • Multiple domain contents in single post ( finance, media, mobile etc) • More post with similar expression of words. • General contents ( readers already know it ) • Too much design with lot of coloring • Irregular arrangement of contents ( navigation bar )
  8. 8. Advantage of Google Adsense • Earnings are high when compared with others • Payment delivery are accurate and fast • No errors • Google looks for quality and unique content but not visitors • Corporate Ads, as Google is head reputed. • “Ad” as per contents with geography targeted • “Ad” price are high of UK and Canada, if clicked you're lucky to earn.
  9. 9. Who can earn More Writers who express the feelings of their own in the way of content for blogs earn money online. Each post they write are totally different with unique expressions and readers find interesting contents. There is some trick involved but organically. It takes too much of time for publicity even the writer is expert in content writing. So take it secondary option to earn money but not wholly depend on it you feel frustrated. No blogs get virality within a year, if it does, it is very rare. Some writers earn wonderful amount of money. It is possible to earn upto 50k per month when you have multiple blogs for single Google Adsense account but handling one blog is damm difficult. If you’re one blog gets huge popularity, you can go for creating other blog of different topic. You require lots of patience and free mind to be successful.
  10. 10. Skills required for blogging No technical skills required for blogging but some basic knowledge of html for seo. If your expert in coding then you go for CSS, JavaScript, Jquery. Google never looks for complicated code, it just look for unique contents and html. Readers always look for information not your code nor design. So contents are main for successful blogging. Skills required for blogging 1. Choose blogspot or Wordpress for blogging 2. Creative writing skills 3. Basic HTML for SEO optimization 4. Social Media Networking
  11. 11. Blogging as a Professional Career If you are successful in blogging then you can move ahead building your company if you earn handsome money. You can recruit 1. Content writers 2. HTML Programmers 3. Web Analyst 4. Social Media Executives. You can create up to 500 blogs for single Google Adsense account. Also alternative method of adsense are 1. Affiliate Marketing ( Amazon, Clickbanks etc) 2. Professional Ads
  12. 12. My Story of Blogging I decided to write blog about recruitment since I have theoretical and practical knowledge and I decided to take this topic. So far I write 40 articles. First I sent request for approval after 6 months of opening my blogspot business and I got rejected and after the gap of 3 months i.e 8 months old of my blog finally I got approved on 26 april of 2014. The earnings of my blog is big zero because of very low visitors of hardly 3 per day. Now I am trying to go upto 500 post of unique articles that is very much difficult to me to write the content. I have to earn 10 dollars in 6 months and if not I am going to loose my google adsense account. Now I am trying to promote my blog through slideshare, youtube, pinterest, and linkedin.