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RecruitLoop: The First 2 Years - #MyStartupStory


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RecruitLoop: The First 2 Years. #MyStartupStory.

We started in Sydney, solving the problem one entrepreneur had with high cost recruitment.

See how we built our founding team, launched the first product, raised seed investment, nearly missed a wedding thanks to Hurricane Sandy, moved to San Francisco, and have started growing the team.

It's been a fun ride, with more to come!

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RecruitLoop: The First 2 Years - #MyStartupStory

  1. The first 2 years... #MyStartupStory
  2. It all started in Sydney
  3. This is Garry an entrepreneur in Sydney, Australia
  4. Recruitment was killing him How could I pay a recruiter $20K for 20 hours of work?!
  5. He tried doing all hiring himself
  6. Then he found a new option An independent recruiter who charged by the hour
  7. $1-2K per role? Much more reasonable “Hiring at 80% less than traditional costs? No wonder my friends want the recruiter’s details.”
  8. “What about a marketplace of recruiters?”
  9. Garry connects with Denis Developer, designer, all-round product guy
  10. And they start on a prototype
  11. “We have a product concept, but want to build a business” A friend introduces them to Michael
  12. The plan evolves… Every Sunday for 3 months
  13. Let’s Do It.
  14. Solution: Michael moves into the spare bedroom JAN 2011 Problem: This will take some time to do properly
  15. MAR 2011 First 12 recruiters on board We paid a recruiter by the hour to find others. “This really works”
  16. MAY 2011 First customers! “Now we just need customers who aren’t family and friends…”
  17. JUN 2011 We move from bedroom to workspace
  18. AUG 2011 And launch Version 1 of our website
  19. But something isn’t right... We get some attention The company is doing something pretty unique — RecruitLoop’s closest competitor isn’t all that close.
  20. Problem! 3 outsiders building a new recruitment model “We need industry experience”
  21. “You guys should meet Paul”
  22. “I want in!”2 weeks later
  23. And now we are FOUR
  24. FEB 2012 Funding from friends, family, founders SOLD ...including Paul, who was REALLY in
  25. Leads to steady national growth
  26. APR 2012 Now Bay Area Calling
  27. Accelerator in Silicon Valley for non-US startups Including 2 weeks at Blackbox Connect
  28. A ‘shot in the arm’ from the Valley
  29. Next, some inbound international interest Recruiters from US, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia
  30. Including Seral, in Saudi Arabia ...who found our blog on Google, started a web chat, joined as a recruiter, then asked to invest!
  31. Surprisingly, the industry doesn’t hate us Tamara Both Rockstar Recruiters Bernadette
  32. Well, some people do :)
  33. MAY 2012 We release Version 2... Including recorded video interviews
  34. And our first recruiter hits She’s a Rockstar! 50 projects
  35. Meeting, pitching, learning. San Francisco, Round 2NOV 2012
  36. A side trip to NYC... almost ends in disaster
  37. But thanks to a quick escape...
  38. Michael makes it home just in time Unfortunately, there is no honeymoon... NOV 2012
  39. ...he pitches Jason Calacanis instead
  40. Jason Calacanis “You guys should pitch at my conference”
  41. Nah… We’ll move there instead! Fly to San Francisco for a single event? SALE TOTAL
  42. Land in SF, head straight to Launch Festival MAR 2013
  43. Get some sleep, find an office.
  44. Problem: Back in Sydney, Paul doesn’t have enough RecruitLoop in his life
  45. Problemsolved:Anewcar
  46. Including a #HiringHacks event with LinkedIn Exciting growth in a new market
  47. We raise some seed investmentAUG 2013
  48. Problem: Have a bit of money. Needed more humans. Solution: Start hiring. 200 applications and a LONG process: Jenn Steele Nima Elyassi-Rad
  49. Now: Happy Second Birthday! 500+ roles hired. Awesome community of 100 recruiters. 6 countries. 500+ roles hired. Awesome community of 100 recruiters. 6 countries. SEP 2013
  50. What next? w e @recruitloop Stay tuned to find out or get in touch...