How to spot customer service oriented hires


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How to spot customer service oriented hires

  1. 1. How to Spot CustomerService Oriented Hires 2013
  2. 2. The key to having great customer service is to have employees who understandthe importance of connecting with your customers. Even better, finding thoseindividuals that have an aptitude for customer service will serve you well as theywill even enjoy delivering stellar service. Now, what are the traits of customerservice oriented individuals that you can look out for the next time you are readyto hire new employees?The Importance of CustomerServiceCustomer service is the beating heart ofany business, especially any successfulbusiness. The way that your companyinteracts with its customers will determinewhether they decide to continue usingyour products or services thusstrengthening or ruining your business.
  3. 3. Communication“A beautiful thing happens when we start paying attention toeach other. It is by participating more in your relationship thatyou breathe life into it.” – Steve Maraboli• Communication is the key to gaining, building,and continuing a strong relationship with yourcustomer base.• During an initial round of interviews, payattention to how your candidates respond toyou over the various forms of media. Do theycome across as an attentive, intuitive, andcommunicable person over email, the phone,and in-person?• Being able to deliver a response to your querieswith confidence and accuracy says a lot abouthow a potential employee will communicateand represent your products and services toyour customers.
  4. 4. Knowledge“A people without the knowledge of their past history, originand culture is like a tree without roots.” – Marcus Garvey• Customers will expect any customerservice representative to have anunderstanding of the products andservices offered by your company. Ifthis expectation is not met, then thecustomers will lose faith in your business.• The more knowledge a customerservice representative has, thesmoother and more informative theirinteraction with your customers will be.This can contribute to quicker and moreefficient turn-arounds with yourcustomers.• During the interview process, it’s alwaysa good idea to see how familiar yourcandidates are with your industry.Certain skills can be taught, but havingan in-depth knowledge of your industrycan take time that you may not beable to afford.
  5. 5. Proactive“I like to encourage people to realize that any action is agood action if its proactive and there is positive intent behindit.” – Michael J. Fox• Having proactive employees will push yourcompany further. New ideas and solutionswill be shared and issues will be solved.• During the interview process, pay attentionto whether or not your candidates arereaching out to you and seeking information.This is a sign of someone who seeks answersand solutions. Go-getters have thisquality, and it’s a great quality for customerservice oriented employees.• Employees who go above and beyond forcustomers often have the ability to win acustomer’s loyalty, so this is not an attributeto be overlooked.
  6. 6. Listening“Most of the successful people I’ve known are the oneswho do more listening than talking.” - Bernard M. Baruch• It’s true that oftentimes most issues canbe alleviated and solved simply bylistening and truly understanding thecustomers’ issue at hand.• When interviewing your candidates see,how well they follow instructions andadhere to your requests (i.e. bringing ina copy of their resume, a document,etc.). How often do they ask you torepeat your question? Take note of all ofthese things as it will give you a glimpseinto their listening capabilities.
  7. 7. Comprehension & Empathy“Observing and understanding are two different things.” -Mary E. Pearson• Having competent employees willalways be a good thing. You aregoing to want to invest in employeesthat will help your business grow andwho will also grow with the business.• Give your potential hires a small testto get an idea of how well they areable to comprehend yourinstructions. This will display how theymay be able to understand acustomer’s position and go aboutsolving it.• It’s important to customer that they feel like they matter. This is exactly why it’simportant to connect with the customer by letting them know that your companydoes care about them. Look for signs that your candidate has interpersonal and socialskills; it is highly important for them to connect with your customers in order to retainthem.
  8. 8. These are some of the core values that a successful customer service representativefor your business should embody.When interviewing, try to get a sense if your candidate has some knowledge aboutyour industry, listens, understands, interacts, takes initiative, and cares about yourconversations. Your top candidates should be personable by phone, e-mail, or in-person since a great customer service representative should be able to deliver in allmediums.In Closing
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