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Building A World Class Military Program


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Building A World Class Military Program - Fall 2015 Conference

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Building A World Class Military Program

  1. 1. Hilton Worldwide’s Commitment to Hiring Military Veterans and their Families
  2. 2. Tony Palm & Associates, LLC. “Direction for Transition”
  3. 3. Seems like everybody wants to help out!
  4. 4. And it’s working!
  5. 5. Then why is it so hard to hire a vet?
  6. 6. 1. Warfighters try to translate their military experience into a foreign language. 2. Warfighters tend to overestimate or underestimate their value in the marketplace. 3. Warfighters are uncomfortable with the concept of networking. 4. Warfighters struggle with overcoming the ‘Trust Factor’. Navigating the Sea of Good Will Warfighter Issues 5. Conducting a job search is HARD!
  7. 7. • Careerists, 6 – 15 years of service, or 1 tour wonders.  Warfighters are not a monolithic group. The Take Away • Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard • Commissioned, Warrant, Enlisted • Technical/Specialists versus an 11B or 0311.
  8. 8.  Honorable – exceeded performance & personal standards throughout career. Character of Service And Why It’s SO Important  General – Failed to meet expectations AND has received some form of non-judicial punishment.  Other Than Honorable – Found guilty by a Courts Martial of misdemeanor level offences. Veterans benefits limited.  Bad Conduct/Dishonorable – Found guilty by a Courts Martial of felony level offences, generally followed by incarceration in a military prison. All veterans benefits forfeit.
  9. 9. Know the DD-214!
  10. 10. Ask a colleague who is a VET PS. I’m your huckleberry! Need more insight?
  11. 11. Thanks for your kind attention it’! Make it a GREAT day! Tony Palm