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  • Good evening, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. Once again thank you so much for your interests in Thailand and the opportunity to in ASEAN through Thailand Exhibition “ this evening. Last July , our first Lady Prime Minister: Yingluck had made and official visit to France with the accompany of several ministry from Thailand and business delegates to exchange view and discuss trade and investment relateions. This is the good sing of both country ‘s partnership. As France is the fifth largest economy in the world and an important player in the European and global affairs, especially in the field of Trade Fairs industry, There are many flagship shows and world recognition shows in Paris. Many of you may only know Thailand as the leisure destination than business opportunity ‘s point of view, therefore, the purpose of this Forum is to introduce Thailand and ASEAN region to you as well as to reiterate the readiness of Thailand and also highlight the economic potential of Thailand as a regional hub of ASEANl My presentation will be divided into three parts, 1. Introduction about ASEAN and ASEAN connectivity through Thailand, 2. Thailand exhibition outlook and 3. Government Support
  • Thailand lies at the heart of SEA with a sizeable market of 67 million consumers and welcome 15 million tourists a year. Thailand has capitalized on its geographical advantage in being located at the heart of Southeast Asia , makes it a natural gateway to the emerging economies of the Greater Mekong Sub-region, and being the center of ASEAN mainland bloc , making easy access to this fast-growing economic market . And Making Thailand a transportation center for ASEAN Mainland connectivity
  • Asia ‘s economic is growing and and the world mostly recognize China, India, there is another part of Asia which prove to be a dynamic market with over 600 population , this emerging market is “ Southeast Asia region” and are called as the new name and nationality as “ASEAN” (SEA change to ASEAN) By 2015 this ASEAN region comprise of 10 nation will be integrated as ASEAN Economic Community”, joining Single market and one production base as the main characteristics
  • ASEAN also brings opportunities for serving the rest of Asia. With India to the West, China to the north, Japan and South Korea to the north-east, and Australia to the south-east, ASEAN is ideally placed to integrate more widely. Indeed, this is already happening as the ASEAN bloc signs trade deals with its neighbours and becomes a platform for wider Asian integration. Trade between ASEAN and the rest of Asia is climbing sharply, see ASEAN trade with China .
  • The AEC will feature a free flow of goods, services, investment, capital and labor within ASEAN, while creating a Single Aviation Market with an open-sky arrangement. By 2015, the goal is to have created an ASEAN Economic Community – a fully integrated market and production base. The members are Thailand as the center of ASEAN mainland, with the border connected with Mynmar, Loas, Cambodia, Malaysia, 45 mins. To Vietnam, 2 hours to Singapore, Three hours to Indonesia, Phillipines and Brueni.
  • Asean will be a formidable economic power house in the world in the near future if as plan by 2015 onward Asean will be a single country and well connected with 600 million people, it is the world's 9th largest economy. Population wise, it is the world's third largest. As such Asean is the world's 5th largest trading power after the EU, US, China and Germany. As this integration continues, it is creating an economic region with genuine scale. ASEAN as a whole contains 600m people. Its combined economy this year will account for 3.2% of global GDP (by comparison India’s share will be 2.8%), and produce 7.2% of the world’s exports (measured by value).   And ASEAN is growing rapidly. The Economist Intelligence Unit expects ASEAN to grow by an average annual rate of 5% over the next five years, lifting the region’s share of the global economy to almost 4% by 2016
  • Its share of global exports will climb to more than 8%.   ASEAN has long been a strong production base for making manufactured exports. As incomes rise within the region, ASEAN will become an even more attractive place to put factories that not only serve consumers overseas, but also serve domestic consumers within the bloc. The integration of the region is creating economies of scale for such factories by enabling one production facility to serve all 10 countries.
  • With almost 10% of the world’s population, and with incomes rising across the region, ASEAN is also becoming an ever more attractive consumer market.
  • The possibilities for business are numerous. Across the region, huge opportunities are emerging in sectors ranging from infrastructure and construction to fast-moving consumer goods and healthcare services. The rise of a vast middle class is fuelling demand for financial services, for cars, and for other consumer durables
  • Thailand has many positive attributes to induce many international visitors, business travellers and investors to Thailand. Thailand ‘s strategic location as a hub of ASEAN mainland Strong supply chain Liberal investment policy and financial policy Several major infrastructure investment projects and transportation center for ASEAN connectibity Cultural rich and friendly environment Strong government support Value for money with varieties of accommodation
  • Thailand’s ranking improve, amid challenges. Nowadays, Thailand has been ranked a 17 th World’s Largest Manufacturer 30 th World’s Largest Exporter 33 rd World’s Largest Economy 2 nd Largest Economy in ASEAN 17 th Easiest Place to do Business 8 th World’s Most Attractive FDI Destination
  • Thailand’s ranking improve, amid challenges. Nowadays, Thailand has been ranked a 17 th World’s Largest Manufacturer 30 th World’s Largest Exporter 33 rd World’s Largest Economy 2 nd Largest Economy in ASEAN 17 th Easiest Place to do Business 8 th World’s Most Attractive FDI Destination
  • ASEAN connectivity through Geographic Advantage
  • Thailand as center of ASEAN mainland connectivity l if as planned by 2017 to completion of Singapore-Kunming railway link by passing Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Through Thailand as the hub of this railway link, Same as in both the west and east to complete the regional railway network. Opening of Myanmar give Thailand ‘s more opportunity to connect to sub-regional grouping of BIMST-EC (Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Mynmar and Thailand Economic Cooperation. This unique will link between South Asia and Southeast Asia bringing together 1.3 billion people The Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) is a natural economic area bound together by the Mekong River, covering 2.6 million square kilometers and a combined population of around 326 million. The GMS countries are Cambodia, the People's Republic of China (PRC, specifically Yunnan Province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region), Lao People's Democratic Republic (Lao PDR), Myanmar, Thailand, and Viet Nam. The Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) formation, the IMT-GT has grown in geographic scope and activities to encompass more than 70 million people. It is now composed of 14 provinces in southern Thailand, 8 states of Peninsular Malaysia, and the 10 provinces of Sumatra in Indonesia.
  • Thailand is located strategically at the heart of the bloc, sharing borders with Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos. What’s more, infrastructure in all these countries is developing rapidly, such that Vietnam and China are increasingly connected by road and rail to Thailand, enabling products and parts to be delivered swiftly and helping pan-regional supply chains to work cheaply and efficiently. The opening up of Myanmar will further strengthen Thailand’s position. Not only will the country’s low-cost labour complement Thailand’s more sophisticated industry, but a new deep-water port being built at Dawei in Myanmar will provide the nations of Indochina with direct access to the Bay of Bengal.  
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  • In the past 5 years, overall trade fair market in asia has grown by 20.5%, Thailand still grow continuously as the leader in SEA from 2007 with 373,750 sq.m net space sold, till 2011, increase to 462,500 sq.m net space sold, reported by Global exhibition association.
  • Potential Industries in Thailand and AEC , READ the slides
  • Most of trade shows in Thailand are not for Domestic platform, but majority of them are act as int’l platform focus for ASEAN and beyond.
  • Trend of doing business in Trade show now are more on M&A or J.V than cloning the show and organise by oneself.
  • Thailand convention & Exhibition Bureau or TCEB is government agency, under Prime’s Minister ‘s office, dedicate to promote, support and develop the “Meeting industries and Exhibition industries being held in Thailand.
  • Especially through exhibition platform, which plays the key role in developing regional economies through investment and trading via exhibition platform
  • We offer our seamless services besides one stop service and act as facilitators and consultant to make your trade show success in Thailand, we also offer the financial and marketing support. The support aims to bring all trade show being held in Thailand growing both in term of space and visitors both domestically and internationally.
  • - Thank you for your attention and wish this meeting can be a starting point to further strengthen relations and cooperation between Thailand and french organiser. And looking forward to welcoming you and your shows in Thaialnd.
  • Paris 22nov TCEB presentation Supawan Teerarat

    1. 1. ThailandYour Business Gateway to ASEAN & Beyond By Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB)
    2. 2. ASEAN, the emerging markets of the 21st century
    3. 3. Why Thailand
    4. 4. Thailand has the world’s 17th Largest Manufacturer 30th Largest Export volume 33rd Largest Economy 2nd Largest Economy By Asia to do Business in ASEAN 23th Largest economy by purchasing power 8th Most Attractive FDI Destination 17th Easiest Place to do Business 16th Largest agriculture output 18th Largest manufacturing outputBy UNCTAD
    5. 5. Thailand is the World’s• #1 produce of natural and synthetic rubber• #1 produce of hard disk drives• 6th Largest exporter of rice• 6th Largest exporter of sugar• 6th Largest producer of automotives• #1 Largest producer of one ton pick up truck
    6. 6. Thailand Exhibition platformASEAN Connectivity to the best business ever
    7. 7. GMS BIMSTEC Greater Mekong Sub Region(Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Myanmar, (Loas PDR, Yunan, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Thailand) Cambodia and Vietnam) Populations 1.3 Billion Populations 320 million IMT – GT The Indonesia- Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) Populations 70 Million
    8. 8. Transportation Center in ASEAN GMS + IMT GT
    9. 9. Easy AccessThe Suvarnabhumi Airport serves more than150 airlinesDirect flight between Bangkok and 191 citiesaround the world56 Countries and 20 other countries can applyfor “Visa on Arrival”
    10. 10. Fastest Growing Market in Asia7
    11. 11. ASEAN 5 Priority Sectors for AEC Key Highlight IndustrieKey potential industry sectors in Thailand Transportatio Education/ ICT Energy Tourism n Culture Automotive/par Construction/In Agriculture/ ts terior/Furniture Rubber/ Food & /OEM/REM , Fitting Supply Chain Machinery/ Medical/ ICT/ IT metal working Pharmaceutical for factory Enerrgy/ Lifestyle/ Tourism Alternative Fashion
    12. 12. Leading international exhibitions in Thailand
    13. 13. J.V Partner with Government Trade showsExhibition space: 20,000 – 40,000 sq.m (gross)Department of Int’l Trade Promotion Agency, Ministry ofCommerce
    14. 14. Department of Int’l Trade Promotion Agency, Ministry of Lifestyle shows
    15. 15. Light Industry show
    16. 16. Industrial Shows
    17. 17. Tourism Authority of Thailand, Ministry of Tourism &Sport
    18. 18. 5 World classExhibition VenuesIn BangkokIMPACT: 140,000 m2BITEC: 50,000 m2QSNCC: 20,000 m2Paragon: 12,000 m2Centara: 10,000 m2Total space ofapprox. 250,000 m2Other destinationsICC Hatyai 15,000 m2Chiang Mai 10,000 m2
    19. 19. IMPACT, 140,000sq.m
    20. 20. BITEC
    21. 21. PEACH Pattay a Chiangmai Convention Center IMPACT Cetara QSNCC PEACHPSUICC Royal Phuket Marina
    22. 22. TCEB your connector forBusiness success through Exhibition platform
    23. 23. Our roles &responsibilities “To support and promote the convention & exhibition industry in Thailand”
    24. 24. Privilege support that enhanceyour business opportunity
    25. 25. TCEB Roles & Responsibilities Our services  Work with local government agencies and the private sector  As advisors and help find suppliers  As facilitators e.g. visa, immigration fast track  Provide site inspection & Fam Trip program  Aid in proposal preparation/ Market study  Help with VIP Guest speaker invitation  Facilitate special venue arrangements  Aid in destination promotionOur supportFinancial support and non financial support i.e.marketing support, Local PR, cultural performances, receptionOther marketing support
    26. 26. Exhibition Department Your gateway to access your business opportunities in Thailand & ASEAN
    27. 27. SupportsFinancial Grant Visitor promotion Visitors By Bringing a trade mission / Organizer visitors group
    28. 28. Learn more about Thailand ExhibitionsLearn more about Thailand Exhibitions 1. Mobile App : iphone 2. word search : Exhibition in Thailand